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÷ Tour
tour by Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran Divide Tour.jpg promotional image for UK and Ireland shows in the first european leg
Associated album ÷
Start date 16 March 2017
End date 26 August 2019
Legs 14
No. of shows 260
Attendance 8,908,150
Box office $776,200,000[1]
Ed Sheeran concert chronology
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The ÷ Tour ( pronounced “ Divide Tour ” ) [ 2 ] was the third universe concert tour by English singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran, in confirm of his third studio album, ÷ ( 2017 ) ( pronounced “ divide ” ). Comprising 260 shows, it officially began on 16 March 2017, in Turin, Italy and ended on 26 August 2019, in Ipswich, England. Ticket sales started on 2 February 2017. [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] The tour set world records for the highest-grossing concert tour and the most tickets sold by a go. [ 6 ]

Development [edit ]

On the dawn of 26 January 2017, the European dates of the tour were announced through Sheeran ‘s social networks. Hours subsequently through the same networks were announced the dates for Latin America. Tickets for the enlistment sold out quickly, prompting new dates to be added in London, Turin and Santiago. On 13 February 2017 it was announced that he would be part of the tune up for a week of gigs at the Royal Albert Hall in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust taking position on 28 March 2017. [ 7 ] On 22 February 2017, Sheeran announced that Anne-Marie and Ryan McMullan would be the opening acts for the european dates. [ 8 ] On 8 March 2017, Sheeran announced the north american leg. [ 9 ] James Blunt was announced as the opening act, except for Indianapolis and Cleveland, where the undoer was Joshua Radin. On 10 May 2017, Sheeran announced the Oceanian branch. [ 10 ] The enlistment was in the first place slated to have seven shows, but requirement was high, the branch became eighteen shows. [ 11 ] On 8 June 2017, Sheeran announced the asian leg of the enlistment, which was in the first place planned for October 2017 until November 2017. [ 12 ] however, due to bone fractures in his arms from a bicycle accident, he had to postpone and cancel parts of the asian leg. Rescheduled shows in Manila, Osaka, and Tokyo occurred in April 2018, but Taipei, Seoul, Hong Kong, and Jakarta were cancelled. [ 13 ] Lauv served as the opening act in Asia in November. On 28 June 2017, Sheeran announced a stadium tour across Europe. After the initial announcement, tickets sold cursorily, which prompted new dates in Cork, Dublin, Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle, London, Cardiff, Amsterdam, Paris, Gothenburg, Munich, Zürich, Vienna, and Warsaw. [ 14 ] Anne-Marie returned as the open work, while Jamie Lawson was added, and Beoga was added for Ireland. On 22 September 2017, Sheeran announced a stadium tour across North America. [ 15 ] On 6 February 2018, Sheeran added dates to the leg with new cities that were n’t in the initial announcement, and second shows in Toronto, Foxborough, and East Rutherford. [ 16 ] Snow Patrol was announced as the main opener for the north american stadium branch, along with Anne-Marie and Lauv in selected dates. [ 17 ] On 25 June 2018, Sheeran added two dates, performing in South Africa in March 2019. [ 18 ] On 19 September 2018, Sheeran added more 2019 dates to the enlistment, performing in stadiums across Europe and the UK, starting in May 2019. Due to high necessitate, numerous extra dates were added to the go path. Sheeran late added even more 2019 dates to the Divide tour, performing in Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina in February 2019. He besides announced that he would be returning to Asia in April 2019, performing the long-awaited dates that were scheduled to take home in fall 2017 but were cancelled and rescheduled due to bone fractures in the arms from a bicycle accident. The cities that were affected by the cancellation were Taipei, Seoul, Hong Kong and Jakarta. Sheeran will perform three Asia 2019 dates in Singapore, Seoul, and Bangkok. Since Sheeran has been adding sol many 2019 dates to his tour recently, it is expected that he will announce dates in Taipei, Jakarta, and Hong Kong, seeing as he will be in the region for the beginning time since April 2018, when the rescheduled dates for Asia took space, and he has already announced that he will perform in Seoul, a date that was cancelled in former 2017. Sheeran late announced a moment date in Cape Town, South Africa at Cape Town Stadium, scheduled for 28 March 2019. On 28 November, Sheeran added dates in Tokyo, Osaka, and Jakarta. On 10 January 2019, Sheeran added dates in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur.

For the last four shows, Sheeran played at Chantry Park in Ipswich in what was advertised as a return hardening of gigs. For each of the four nights, a unlike extra accompaniment act performed – three were chosen by BBC Music Introducing in Suffolk and one by Hoax, all of which were local clandestine artists. The local acts that performed were Bessie Turner, Caswell, Salvador and Piers James. [ 19 ]

commercial performance [edit ]

In Ireland, more than 300,000 tickets for seven shows across Cork, Belfast, Galway and Dublin were sold in a unmarried day, making history with Sheeran being the entirely artist to ever do such feat in irish territory. [ 20 ] due to the phenomenal demand, extra dates were added in both Cork and Dublin, with three dates for each city in sum. [ 21 ] Sellout status occurred once again in Santiago during his first concert on 15 May, prompting to add one more date. [ citation needed ] In Oceania, the tour broke the official commemorate for the most tickets sold, at over 1 million ( previously held by the Dire Straits Brothers in Arms Tour of 1985, with around 950,000 ), angstrom well as most stadium shows by a single artist on one tour ( 18, once held by AC/DC at 14 ). Sheeran besides broke records for the biggest stadium enlistment of Australia and New Zealand, venue record for highest accumulative attendance on one go and venue record for highest attendance for a single show. [ 22 ] More than 710,000 tickets were sold within a single day of general populace sale. In Sydney, a full of 243,513 tickets were sold for three shows at the ANZ Stadium, which rolled out over three consecutive nights from 15 to 17 March 2018. The attendance per usher was 79,726, 81,752 and 82,035, respectively. This set a modern record for aggregate attendance at a series of stadium concerts in NSW, smashing the old benchmark of 213,045 set by AC/DC during their Black Ice World Tour in 2010. [ 23 ] According to Billboard, Sheeran ‘s enlistment has grossed $ 551.8 million and sold 6,209,122 tickets across 201 dates reported so far, from 16 March 2017 to 31 October 2018. The enlistment was the eighth highest-grossing tour of 2017, accumulating $ 122 million and selling 1,408,681 tickets. [ 24 ] The Divide Tour became 2018 ‘s highest-grossing enlistment with $ 429 million, setting all-time records for the highest-grossing solo tour and highest year-end gross always. [ 25 ] It then broke the all-time highest-grossing record of $ 735m for any tour set by the U2 360° Tour before it finished, despite playing by and large in smaller venues and intentionally keeping the ticket price relatively low with no VIP areas. This is ascribable to the larger number of shows ( 255 ) in the enlistment, and it besides became the most serve tour of all clock with over 8.5 million having attended in 43 countries with promote dates to play. [ 6 ]

Set tilt [edit ]

This plant list is from the concert on 5 August 2017 in Glendale. It is not intended to represent all shows from the tour. [ 26 ]

Cancelled shows [edit ]

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