10 Things You Didn’t Know About Eminem’s Friendship With Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre was responsible for kickstarting Slim Shady ‘s career. But there are some things about this friendship in Eminem ‘s animation that might surprise ! The electrifying chemistry between Dr. Dre and Eminem is undeniable. During the old age when Vanilla Ice was considered the standard barroom for vanilla rappers, Dr. Dre was the lone one who took Eminem seriously. After a serial of rap battles, an Interscope intern picked up Eminem ‘s Slim Shady EP cassette and passed it to Dr. Dre and Interscope CEO, Jimmy Iovine, and the rest is history .
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Over the years, Eminem has been a patriotic buddy to Dr. Dre, and in return, the Doctor always backs the troublemaker up. From the meter when the two were at the lowest point of their career to their little-known movie cameo, here are ten facts you might not have known about Dr. Dre & Eminem ‘s relationship.

Updated on December 1, 2021, by Michael Chaar: Eminem and Dr. Dre are regarded as some of the best in the business, and rightfully indeed. The two first crossed paths binding in 1997 when Eminem performed a freestyle at The Wake Up Show, which Dre remembered. Since then, the two have produced, written, and performed together over the course of the last 25 years. Eminem reportedly wrote for Dre sooner on in his career and even convinced Dr. Dre to sign 50 penny to his label ! Since their time together, fans have regarded Relapse as their best collaboration together, and we ca n’t help but agree !

10 At First, Dr. Dre Didn’t Want To Sign 50 Cent But Em Convinced Him

Eminem made 2002 his playground, and the climax of this was the sign of 50 cent in a 50-50 bargain between Shady Records and Aftermath Entertainment label Dr. Dre. In fact, Dre was reluctant to sign 50 at foremost. The New York rapper was dropped from Colombia Records two years earlier and blacklisted from the industry, but Eminem convinced Dre to sign him in a joint share .
then, 50 paid off their loyalty. 50 ‘s 2003 debut album, Get Rich or Die Tryin ‘, became one of the highest-selling albums of the year by a debutant and is now 9x-Platinum certified .

9 Shady Records Was Born Because Dr. Dre Didn’t Want To Sign Eminem’s D12 Group To His Aftermath Label

Eminem ‘s boutique label, Shady Records, was launched in 1999 following the successful introduction of The Slim Shady LP by the rapper himself and longtime friend/manager Paul Rosenberg .
After achieving mainstream success, Eminem fulfilled his promise to his D12 bandmates to sign them and shape their career. D12, consisting of six of Detroit ‘s illest emcees, went on to sign with louche Records as the label ‘s first act. initially, Eminem wanted Dre to sign the group but late decided to do it independently .

8 Eminem Announced His Sobriety In The Same Year Of Dre’s Son’s Death Of Accidental Overdose

After a series of controversies and the death of his best ally, Eminem succumbed to severe meaning pervert and an overdose in 2007. After that, he took a little dance step spinal column to rehab and regained consciousness until he announced his soberness in 2008 .
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unfortunately, Dr. Dre ‘s son, Andre, died of an overdose of heroin and morphine that same year. Both Em and Dre have had to endure each other during such unmanageable times .

7 Before ‘8 Mile,’ Eminem & Dre Starred In A Lackluster Comedy Called ‘The Wash’

The Wash is a DJ Pooh-produced comedy starring Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg as the main casting and Eminem as a mentally brainsick hood seeking retaliation. Released in 2001, The Wash met lackluster reviews from the critics, calling it a ‘sloppily-made, amateurish, and scarce on laughs ‘ movie .
Eminem went uncredited because he would make a significant character introduction in 8 Mile a year late .

6 Eminem Used To Ghostwrite For Dre For Several Times

It is coarse cognition that Dr. Dre uses ghostwriters sometimes. During his prison term with NWA, Dre served as the group ‘s lead producer, and Ice Cube by and large wrote his rhymes. Eminem wrote his lyrics in Forget About Dre and 50 Cent-assisted Crack A Bottle from Eminem ‘s Relapse album .
evening indeed, it does n’t underestimate its shock on hip-hop culture. Dr. Dre is the most advanced sonic producer, and on acme of that, the owner of the successful label that launched the careers of Eminem, 50 cent, Kendrick Lamar, and others .

5 Dre Inspired Eminem To Go Over-The-Top On The Mic

Eminem is known for his screamy voice on the mic, but it ‘s Dr. Dre who inspired him to go wholly ballistic. If you have n’t noticed, Eminem does n’t scream much on his early albums, like the old Soul Intent tapes or Slim Shady EP, until Role Model from The Slim Shady LP, “ Do n’t you wan na grow up to be just like me ? ”
“ My throat was hurting, ” Eminem recalled about recording that character of the song. “ Dre would be, “ Again. Do it again. ” And we stacked a few tracks to make the chorus. ”

4 Despite Its Heavy G-Funk Influence, Dre Only Produced 3 Songs From ‘The Slim Shady LP’

After enlisting Eminem as Aftermath Entertainment ‘s modern power station, Dre did n’t take the time to collaborate with his newly rapper. The result is The Slim Shady LP, a beautiful 14-song repugnance album that unleashes hazardous beasts in Em ‘s Slim Shady ‘s violent cartoon alter self .
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Although G-funk influences can be heard on this album, Dre ‘only ‘ produced three of the songs : My name Is, Guilty Conscience, and Role Model, all of which were made for the album ‘s individual. The production process is by and large handled by Detroit-based producer duet, Bass Brothers .

3 Eminem Wore A ‘Bright F*****g Yellow Sweatsuit’ When He Met Dre For The First Time

HBO ‘s 2017 docu-series Defiant Ones details Eminem and Dr. Dre ‘s very first confrontation .
“ so, Eminem comes in this bright, scandalmongering f*****g sweat suit. Hoodie, pants, everything. It ‘s bright f*****g yellow, Dre recalled their first meeting and how Eminem was starstruck in awe .
A couple of seconds went by, Eminem freely spat the ill-famed hook of My Name Is. The two ended up producing My name Is and Guilty Conscience on that very lapp day .

2 Dre Almost Gave Up On Signing Eminem

unfortunately, things do n’t always go smoothly between the two. Dre about gave up on signing Eminem because of the Detroit knocker ‘s peel tinge. “ I did n’t know how many racists I had around, ” Dre said. “ My general director had these eight by ten pictures of him, and he ‘s like, “ Dre, this son got blasphemous eyes ! What are we doin ‘ ? ”
After hearing the conversation, Eminem flew back from California to Detroit, thinking that it would not work. He was recently kicked out of his home plate, and the two of them are at the lowest point of their lives .

1 ‘Relapse’ Is Eminem & Dre’s Most Collaborative Album

After falling from grace due to his deteriorating health condition, Eminem returned to the blame bet on in 2009 with Relapse. Although the album split fans in half, primarily due to its overuse stress, Dr. Dre ‘s divine production can be felt throughout the album .
As of this writing, Relapse is the most collaborative project between the two of them, and Dr. Dre ended up producing all the songs, including the relapse : replenish expansion .
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