Eminem ponders Machine Gun Kelly beef again on surprise album

Eminem surprise dropped the album Music to Be Murdered By stopping point nox on Jan. 16. While secretly writing, recording and dropping an album is significant in its own right, the album adds another point to the Machine Gun Kelly gripe that has been brewing for closely two years .
In two songs on Music to Be Murdered By, Eminem calls out Machine Gun Kelly by mention. Just last calendar month, MGK retired his sung “ Rap Devil ” which was his clap back at Em ’ s original dis in “ not Alike ” from Kamikaze .
To catch everyone astir to speed, Eminem dropped a diss towards MGK on his 2018 album Kamikaze. Upon hearing it, Kelly immediately recorded his own cut “ Rap Devil ” which was a reference to Eminem ’ s Marshal Mathers LP 2 single “ Rap God. ” Eminem fired back with a unmarried diss track of his own titled “ Killshot. ” A few months late, MGK alluded to that killshot with Hotel Diablo track “ FLOOR 13. ”
A debate still rages in the music community in regards to who actually won the battle.

Listen to all three of the tracks below .

Machine Gun Kelly retired “ Rap Devil ” at a vacation usher just last calendar month saying he ’ sulfur excited for the future .
“ I ’ m so excite for all the things to come ahead and we ’ ra going to leave some denounce behind in this decade, ” MGK told the Wolstein Center push. “ So the first gear fourth dimension we always performed this song was in his home department of state in Michigan. And the survive time I ’ meter going to perform this song is right field hera in Cleveland tonight in my home state of matter. Let ’ s go, this is the last clock we ’ rhenium going to do this. ”

Flash forward to nowadays, Eminem ’ s track “ Unaccomodating ” address the gripe with MGK and Em seems to be over it .
“ But when they ask me is the war finished with MGK ? / Of course it is/ I cleansed him of his mortal sins/ I ’ megabyte God, I ’ m the Lord/forgives tied the devil worshippers ! ” Em raps on the song. The religious references however again appear in regards to the “ Rap God ” and “ Rap Devil ” songs .
Eminem besides mentions MGK in another track on the new album titled. “ Yah Yah ”. “ I ’ m a batch to see, but you can see from the hoop I ’ molarity wearing/Me and this game, we got marry already, ” Em said. “ Had the prenup ready, fuck, all that ’ s ever seen her belly/She scantily was three months pregnant/Bitch had to give me a baby, we named it Machine Gun Kelly. ”
You can listen to both songs and Eminem ’ s new album in the area below.

What do you think of the Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly gripe ? Sound off in the comments below !

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