Surprising Facts About Eminem’s Most Controversial Lyrics

While most of Eminem ‘s lyrics are plainly ways to play into his persona or facetiously temper, some have drawn major criticism. Eminem is no stranger to controversy. Despite years of diss tracks, drug addiction, relationship challenges, and personal challenges, Eminem was recently named Best Rapper Alive by a Vibe Magazine poll. even with his controversial lyrics and character, he ‘s staying relevant, even two decades former .
When it comes to controversial Eminem lyrics, there ‘s no dearth of examples. While many are plainly ways to play into his person or banteringly temper, some have drawn major criticism .
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here ‘s a front at the back story behind some of his most controversial lyrics .

7 “The Way I Am”

My tank is on evacuate, no solitaire is in me
And if you offend me, I ‘m lifting you ten feet in the vent
I do n’t care who was there and who saw me barely call on the carpet you
Imagine you see person kissing your significant other. There would be a flash of confusion, hurt, and then fury. According to a report by Today, Eminem ‘s rage at seeing person kiss his wife went to another degree. He reportedly pistol-whipped the man. “ The Way I Am ” references this and goes on to allude to the man calling his lawyer. While there is merely anecdotic attest of this, it makes for some great lyrics .

6 “Stan”

sometimes I even cut myself to see how much it bleeds
It ‘s like epinephrine, the trouble is such a sudden rush for me
Eminem ‘s song “ Stan ” tells the fib of a sports fan who becomes so obsessed with the rapper that he takes his fraught girlfriend ‘s life. many have questioned the truth of this fib, but according to Grunge, the history was more conceptual than reality. Vice explores the concept of craze fans ( stans ) in the context of “ Stan ” and how they are represented in the birdcall. They said it “ exists as a cautionary narrative to fans about taking everything your idol says literally, angstrom well as an examination of our tendency to lay the province of a tragedy at an artist ‘s doorsill because that ‘s easier than addressing any deep-rooted social issues that may actually have caused it in the foremost space. ”

5 “Fall”

go from addict to a workaholic, word to Dr. Dre
In the first marijuana tape — think I got a chronic lawsuit ( Yeah )
And I ai n’t precisely blowin ‘ smoke, ‘less it ‘s in your ma ‘s confront
In “ Fall, ” the character to Eminem ‘s substance abuse issue is intelligibly laid out. It references his six-year addiction to prescription pills, according to Genius. Eminem reportedly abused Ambien, Valium, and extra-strength Vicodin. He told MTV, “ It ‘s no hidden I had a drug problem … If I was to give you a phone number of Vicodin I would actually take in a day ? Anywhere between 10 to 20. diazepam, Ambien, the numbers got so high I do n’t even know what I was taking. ” After an overdose on methadone, Eminem got the avail he needed and has since focused on his sobriety .
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4 “Unaccomodating”

But I ‘m contemplating yelling “ Bombs away ” on the game
Like I ‘m outside of an Ariana Grande concert waiting
These lyrics fall under the “ bad preference ” category. In his sung “ Unaccomodating, ” Eminem makes a free-and-easy reference book to the Manchester Arena suicide bombing during an Ariana Grande concert in 2017. NBC News reported on the event, stating that 22 people were killed in the event, while more than 50 were injured. The bombard took the lives of children a young as eight years old. To make such a calloused reference to it did not go over well, even among the Eminem fanbase .

3 “Kim”

never knew me cheating on you would come back to haunt me
Be we was kids then, Kim, I was only eighteen
That was years ago, I thought we wiped the slate clean

That ‘s fucked up !
“ Kim ” is fully of controversial lyrics, specially related to domestic violence. One of the biggest reasons it ‘s an significant birdcall in the Eminem playlist is that it very bluffly refers to Eminem ‘s ex-husband, Kim. In the song, we learn about Kim cheating on Eminem, purportedly as vengeance for some indiscretion, he had ten years before the sung was written. The other more controversial part about “ Kim ” is the fictional account of the pair going for a ride, during which Eminem unleashes hateful jab at her as she becomes increasingly more fearful. In a late sung ‘s music video recording, we see Eminem digging a shallow grave, purportedly after having killed Kim .
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2 “Love The Way You Lie”

I know I ‘m a liar
If she ever tried to fuckin ‘ leave again, I’ma tie her
To the go to bed and set this house on fire
In this collaboration with Rihanna, Eminem talks about his deep love for person, though the relationship seems toxic. As his lover continues to leave and come back, he finally breaks down, saying he would “ set this house on fire ” if she ever left again. As shocking as these lyrics were when the song was inaugural released., they are fabricated a far as the life of Eminem is concerned. however, according to Genius, the lyrics could be a reference to the 1984 movie The Burning Bed, which brought to animation the true fib of a woman who killed her conserve by setting fire to their theater and trapping him inside .

1 “Who Knew”

I ‘m deplorable, there must be a confusion
You want me to fix up lyrics
While our President gets his cock sucked ?
No one is immune to Eminem ‘s jab, not even the President, or in this case, erstwhile President. In “ Who Knew, ” Eminem makes a point citation to the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal. In 1995, discussion came out that the President at the time, Bill Clinton, had engaged in intimate acts with a White House intern in the Oval Office. The scandal was huge and led to an impeachment test. Among the most lurid pieces of evidence : one of Lewinsky ‘s dresses that had Clinton ‘s dry semen on it .
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