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Stan Twitter is a community of Twitter users that post opinions related to music, celebrities, television shows, movies, and social media. The community has been noted for its especial shared terminology but besides for incidents of harassment and bullying. normally, Stan Twitter revolves around discussing actors, singers, rappers, or anyone that fits in the definition of a fame, such as influencers .

Background and description [edit ]

stan.[1] Rapper Eminem do ; his song “ Stan “ is frequently credited with the origin of the contemporary usage of the parole The origin of the term stan is much credited to the 2000 song “ Stan “, about an obsessed fan, by american english knocker Eminem featuring british singer Dido. [ 1 ] [ 2 ] The parole itself was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2017. [ 3 ] [ 4 ] The term was primitively a noun, but over time evolved and began to be used as a verb angstrom well. [ 5 ]

Stan Twitter has been noted by The Atlantic as one of the “ tribe ” of Twitter. [ 6 ] Polygon has described Stan Twitter as “ an overarch solicitation of assorted fandoms ”, [ 7 ] and additionally as a community that “ [ signifies ] individuals congregated around certain, specific interests ranging from gay identity to K-pop groups, and added that “ Stan Twitter is basically synonymous with fandom chirrup. ” [ 8 ] The Daily Dot wrote that “ Stan Twitter is basically a community of Extremely Online like-minded individuals who discuss their respective fandoms and what they ‘stan ‘. ” [ 9 ] Stan Twitter has besides been noted for its common overlap with LGBTQ+ Twitter communities. [ 8 ] [ 10 ] The Guardian noted, for case, that “ Gay male culture has always coalesced around female pop stars, from Judy Garland to Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. ” [ 10 ] Mat Whitehead of HuffPost described stans as “ volcanic ”, and added that they are “ organize, … dedicated and—at times—completely unhinged. ” [ 2 ] Whitehead went on to describe stans of recording artists, writing “ stans are n’t good superfans, they ‘re a community of like-minded souls coming together, unified under the banner of wanting to see their chosen fame thrive. Friendships are made, bonding over a shared love of an artist, their work, their achievements. ” [ 2 ]

polish [edit ]

[11][12][13] Singer Ariana Grande ( pictured in 2020 ) has been noted to have a very give fanbase, and is frequently mentioned by media articles about stan culture. Stan Twitter has been noted for its highly fanatic polish and behavior. [ 14 ] [ 15 ] Vanity Fair highlighted american pop singers Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and Korean groups BTS as artists who have “ extremely fanatic fanbases ”. [ 11 ] Vanity Fair besides credited those fanbases and “ stan culture and its consociate engines ” with helping propel the popularity of music video recording for those artists. [ 11 ] Stan Twitter has besides been highlighted for normally sharing memes within respective communities and utilizing a particular slang and terminology. [ 8 ] [ 16 ] Online stan accounts are frequently run by ardent teenagers, and they can “ take on a corporate flat on par with many singers ‘ own excursion. ” [ 14 ] An artist ‘s fanbase is much attached to a nickname used in the media, and in some cases given by the artists themselves. [ 15 ] [ 17 ] [ 18 ] Some outlets have besides touched on stans being “ toxic ” in their fanaticism. [ 19 ] The subculture has been noted by the BBC for displaying a swerve of “ toxic fandom ” which includes fans joining to bully or harass others in the name of an artist. [ 20 ] [ 21 ] Entertainment Weekly cited Jordan Miller as stating “ [ Stans ] will eat their own ” ; Miller runs, “ a pop music web site that for many years was the premier Britney Spears fansite. ” [ 15 ] El Hunt of NME wrote “ most of the time, stanning is harmless. It ‘s antique fandom for the internet long time. But much, stanning manifests as a kind of blind, unquestioning devotion – the kind of thing that leads the BTS Army to talk about their idols like they ‘re gods on ground who ca n’t be criticised, ” and added that “ at its worst, [ stanning ] can lead to threatening behavior, mob-handed bullying and it can even turn on the object of affection. ” [ 19 ]

Memes and terminology [edit ]

A common natural process that those in the Stan Twitter community prosecute in is sharing memes with each other and onto their chirrup accounts. Polygon wrote about how those in Stan Twitter share memes with the belief that the memes have an insular timbre to them. [ 8 ] One meme, “ Stan Twitter, do you know this song ? ” was noted by media outlets as particularly popular among Stan Twitter, being able to intersect more specific communities. [ 7 ] [ 9 ] Polygon described that the meme “ seems identical cockamamie at beginning glance, ” as it is “ expressed through an excessively objectionable all-caps exclamation, [ and ] pairs the sentence with composition songs from early ’90s television shows, random YouTube television, anime tracks, High School Musical remixes and random one hit wonders. ” [ 7 ] Polygon foster noted that the meme was “ designed around nostalgia-baiting people who love to bring up beloved childhood memories. [ 7 ] The terminology used by the Stan Twitter community has besides been the topic of discussion. much of the community ‘s slang originated in African-American Vernacular English ( AAVE ), [ 22 ] with respective sources writing about how many Stan Twitter users have appropriated AAVE terms. [ 23 ] [ 24 ] The terms tea and wig have been attributed to african-american LGBTQ communities ; the term wig particularly has been attributed to the drag community, specifically from the phrase “ wig snatched ” used by the black LGBTQ ballroom culture of the 1980s. [ 22 ] [ 25 ] The Daily Dot and Billboard cited american singer Katy Perry ‘s custom of the term on American Idol as helping propel its popularity on-line. [ 22 ] [ 26 ] The popular Internet meme of Kermit the Frog sip tea has besides been frequently paired with the tea term. [ 16 ] The term stan itself is used as both a noun and verb with many variants, including “ [ I or we ] stan ”, which is a phrase used for one to express a liking of, a well as praise or back of, any person or artistic work. [ 27 ] aside from the condition stan itself, coarse words and phrases used in the community include :

  • bop – used in reference to a song that is deemed good. Other terms include banger, grit, or saying that a song slaps.[28]
  • cancelled or over – Stan Twitter often partakes in cancel culture: if a celebrity or influencer does something controversial, fans may call for a boycott of them (“cancelling” them) or for them to apologize, and in a majority of cases, attempting to trend a hashtag celebrating such a boycott or trying to force an apology. (e.g. #CelebrityIsOverParty or #ChannelOneApologize).[27][29][30]
  • fancam – a fan-recorded or brief sample of a video, or an edit, that is very frequently attached to a Twitter user’s posts with the intention of promoting an artist and/or their music or accomplishments. Initially originating within the K-pop fanbase, the trend eventually spread around the varying genres of music to visual entertainment and celebrity culture. This trend has been criticized and scrutinized by some users, including “locals” and average users due to a constant spamming of such tweets, unintentionally igniting hate towards the artist involved as well.[31]
  • keysmash – A seemingly random and unintelligible string of characters as produced by a literal smashing of the keyboard. Often used as a substitute for laughing. (e.g. SJKDJSKJDKS).[32]
  • local(s) – mostly used by Stan Twitter to refer to the general public outside this community.[6]
  • moots – a slang described as a shortened term for mutual followers (or simply “mutuals”), referring to people who follow and generally actively engage with each other on social media. It has been often considered as a synonym for internet friends.[33]
  • naur – the word “no” in a stylized Australian accent.[16]
  • OOMF – an acronym for “one of my followers”; in reference to a Twitter user’s followers. Or can be “one of my friends.”[16]
  • periodt – an alternate spelling of the word “period”; The additional “t” is used to add a more forceful tone to the statement or argument. Other words often have a “t” added for the same reason.[23]
  • shade – a comment with an insulting intent towards an individual or group; similar to trash talking.[24]
  • sis – a shortening of “sister”.[22]
  • skinny or skinny legend – a term to show praise and endearment toward a celebrity or individual, that most likely originated from the Lambs (Mariah Carey stans). Memes may include a photo of an artist whose body is severely or poorly modified to look unrealistically squashed for humorous purposes.[34]
  • sksksk – a more frequently used keysmash; associated with the VSCO girl trend. Though before the trend it was used often by someone in the same context as “-_-” (a face of disappointment) as someone said something they found inconvenient or annoying.[35]
  • spill – to share or reveal something, often used in conjunction with the term ‘tea’. (e.g. spill the tea)[36]
  • tea – a synonym for gossip, or relating to drama.[16]
  • wig – often used in the context of something being exciting or shocking that someone’s “wig” falls off; other variants include wig snatched or wig gone.[16][22]
  • yassss – a different spelling of the word yes, usually used to express positive affirmation.[37]

A key component of the Stan Twitter polish is its contrast with Local Twitter ; individuals deemed partially of Local Twitter are colloquially referred to as plainly locals. [ 6 ] [ 8 ] [ 38 ] The Verge likened local to past terms such as square and normie. [ 39 ] The issue wrote that “ much like being basic, but on-line, ‘local Twitter ‘ describes person who loves decidedly, even painfully mainstream things. ” [ 39 ] The Atlantic described local Twitter as a group of “ by and large white, well-adjusted suburban teens who share stale platitudes of the kind that some Internet users might call ‘basic ‘. ” [ 6 ] Local Twitter is besides sometimes referred to as Bare Minimum Twitter. [ 38 ] Polygon defined Local Twitter as the “ general population of Twitter—people not congregated around specific interests or in defined communities. ” [ 8 ] In the context of Stan Twitter terminology, local is like to a dyslogistic terminus. Stans are noted to view locals as a group that lawsuit memes and jokes to lose their humor. ” [ 6 ] [ 8 ]

controversial incidents [edit ]

Artist–stan relationships [edit ]

The culture of Stan Twitter has been noted by media outlets and celebrities as “ toxic ”. Huffington Post noted that singer Alessia Cara lamented over the “ perniciousness ” of Stan Twitter ; she was quoted, “ This whole earth of stan acculturation, while it ‘s amazing and great and connective a fortune of the time, it can be very deleterious. ” [ 40 ] There have been respective instances of celebrities deactivating or taking a break from using their social media accounts due to harassment directed at them from their own stans. In 2016, Normani of Fifth Harmony briefly quit using Twitter due to Fifth Harmony stans. [ 2 ] In 2017, American rapper Cupcakke besides opted to stop using Twitter because she received death threats from BTS stans, after she made a sexual remark about member Jungkook. [ 41 ] [ 42 ] Millie Bobby Brown, an actress most celebrated for her character in Stranger Things, besides deactivated her Twitter bill due to a meme popular in the Stan Twitter community. [ 8 ] The meme falsely attributed crimson and homophobic lyric and behavior to Brown. [ 8 ] Critics of the meme expressed that the meme bullied Brown. [ 43 ]

aside from deactivating their accounts, artists have besides addressed their fans, requesting them to not go after those perceived to be critical or damaging to the artist. [ 15 ] In a blithe post, country and toss off singer Bebe Rexha mentioned her father ‘s critical take on her more “ risqué scenes ” in her “ last Hurrah “ music video. Some of her stans posted “ base ” comments about her founder in reaction, which resulted her in express, “ Do n’t say beggarly things about my dad, please. ” [ 19 ]

Media–stan incidents [edit ]

NBC affiliate WMAQ-TV in Chicago was the target of an on-line political campaign by BTS and Shinee stans, using the hashtag # NBCChicagoApologize, in December 2017 after mistakenly running a television of BTS, from their appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in November, while reporting on the death of Shinee ‘s establish member JongHyun. The station apologized for the error on the morning newscast and on the station ‘s social media accounts the future sidereal day. [ 44 ] A like incident happened with the australian Nine Network program 20 to One when on June 19, 2019, the presenters cracked several jokes at the band ‘s expense, including comparing their popularity to the explosion of a north korean nuclear bomb calorimeter. BTS stans demanded an apology from the presenters, causing them to drift the hashtag # ChannelNineApologize, for which Nine issued an apology the next sidereal day saying “ We apologize to any who may have been offended by last night ‘s episode. ” [ 30 ] [ 45 ] Newsweek and The Inquisitr covered a 2018 incident involving the Barbz ( a diagnose for stans of Nicki Minaj ) sending hate mail and death threats to blogger Wan na Thompson after Thompson suggested Minaj release more suppurate music. [ 46 ] [ 47 ] Thompson described the messages, stating “ You have these stans camped out on Twitter and [ Instagram ] with person else ‘s face in their [ profile painting ] hurl insults because they can. ” [ 46 ] Minaj replied to the situation, citing “ Pills newton Potions “, “ Bed of Lies “, and “ All Things Go “ as examples of mature music in her discography. [ 48 ]

other controversial incidents [edit ]

In June 2019, Nicole Curran, the wife of Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob, was the target of on-line harassment and death threats by Beyoncé stans. [ 21 ] This was the consequence of a video which showed her leaning past Beyoncé to speak to Jay-Z during a Warriors game. [ 21 ] In an Instagram post, Beyoncé ‘s publicist addressed the incident and stated, “ I besides want to speak hera to the beautiful BeyHiVE. I know your love runs deep but that love has to be given to every human. It will bring no gladden to the person you love so much if you spew hate in her name. ” [ 21 ] In October 2019, the now-defunct pop hood band Yellowcard were the target of social media backfire from Juice Wrld stans using the hashtag # FuckYellowcard after early members of the group sued the knocker for $ 15 million, claiming that his reach birdcall “ Lucid Dreams “ copied the melody of their song “ Holly Wood Died ”. [ 49 ] Most of the backfire had been from the dance band extending “ a deadline for defendants to respond to the lawsuits ” into February 2020 following Juice Wrld ‘s death in December 2019. [ 50 ] In the wake up of April 2020 reports of north korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un having potentially died, many Twitter users were noted by media outlets as stanning his baby and speculated successor Kim Yo-jong. [ 51 ] [ 52 ] [ 53 ] Some users were besides noted to post fancams of Kim Yo-jung. [ 51 ] While some users defended their post as jokes, media outlets and early users criticized the stanning of Kim, even if done in jest. [ 53 ] [ 54 ]

political activism [edit ]

In 2020, Stan Twitter, in finical K-pop fan accounts, received media attention over its affair in american politics. During the George Floyd protests, many hashtags opposed to the Black Lives Matter motion, including #AllLivesMatter, #WhiteLivesMatter, #WhiteoutWednesday, and #BlueLivesMatter, were flooded with images and videos of K-pop artists to drown out those using them. similarly, when the Dallas Police Department asked people on Twitter to submit videos of protesters, its iWatch Dallas app was alternatively flooded with fancams. [ 55 ] K-pop stans and TikTok users besides took recognition for falsely requesting tickets to President Trump ‘s Tulsa rally on June 20, 2020, leading to a disappoint siding. [ 56 ] US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez commented on the consequence, tweeting “ KPop allies, we see and appreciate your contributions in the fight for justice excessively. ” [ 57 ] The New York Times noted that “ the late turn toward political activism in the United States besides follows a concert effort by K-pop fans in holocene years to make incontrovertible change en masse, in depart as a reaction to the groups ‘ reputations as superficial, pathetic and even menacing throng ”. [ 58 ]

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