Eminem Gives Pete Davidson His Flowers For ‘Saturday Night Live’ Spoof Of His 2000 ‘Stan’ Video

Eminem surprised Saturday Night Live fans earlier this calendar month when he popped up during a parody of his own “ Stan ” video .
Starring SNL actor Pete Davidson, the skit featured a crazed Santa Claus-obsessed man mention Stu who ’ s begging for a Playstation 5. When letter after letter to Santa goes unanswered, he hops in his car and attempts to take matters in his own hands, lone to meet his demise .

During a late consultation with Apple Music ’ s Zane Lowe, Eminem was asked about the skit and he revealed he was impressed by Davidson ’ s delivery — but wasn ’ metric ton then sure he ’ five hundred be into the mind at first.

“ I remember they sent me the lyrics to it and I was reading them on paper and I was like, ‘ Oh, I don ’ t know if this is going to be that full, ‘ ” he explained. “ And then the weight, when he said it, I was like, “ Holy shit. ” He said it so good that he sold every single thing. You can ’ t… First of all, everybody ’ s raps look awful on wallpaper, right ? Because you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate inevitably know unless you ’ re a knocker yourself .
“ You don ’ t inevitably know where… tied if you are, you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know where they ’ re going to hit the beat at, what pocket they ’ re going to choose. Yeah. And he was in a ill pouch. He was like, he was kind of going and he ’ five hundred go a little fast and then he kind of slowed down so you could catch what he just said the beginning time you hear it. Yeah. His delivery was for sure actually on point because it was not what I expected when I saw it. I was like, ‘ Man, this is actually actually good. ’ The unharmed thing was big. ”

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elsewhere in the interview, Eminem broached several other topics by and large related to ’ 80s and ’ 90s Hip Hop — from Run-DMC and Rakim to Naughty By Nature ’ s Treach and 3rd Bass .
“ Hip Hop, I feel like in its infancy stages, a much as it ’ sulfur evolved and it ’ s went through all these transitions and stool, I feel like a set of these kids won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate understand the experience of Hip Hop in its infancy stages, ” he said. “ And everyone … the younger kids are going to … everyone ’ second going to think their earned run average is the best earned run average, but this actually was to me … the golden era of Hip Hop was the best era to me just because it was so new. ”

Eminem continued, “ You ’ five hundred never heard it before. I know that I saw and heard a lot of people say that it wasn ’ triiodothyronine going to be anything. You know what I ’ thousand saying ? Like it wasn ’ thymine going to last or whatever. here we are what, 40, 50 years former ? It ’ second crazy. And it ’ s the biggest music. If I ’ megabyte not mistaken, it ’ s the biggest genre. ”
Watch a nip of the interview up lead and revisit the master “ Stan ” below .

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