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2017 single by Eminem

2017 one by Eminem featuring Beyoncé

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Walk on Water “ is a birdcall by american knocker Eminem sport vocals by american english singer Beyoncé. It was released on November 10, 2017 as the run one from Eminem ‘s ninth solo studio apartment album Revival ( 2017 ). The song was written by Eminem, Skylar Grey, and Beyoncé, and produced by Rick Rubin and Skylar Grey. It has reached the top 10 in Australia, Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom vitamin a well as the top 20 in Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Lebanon, New Zealand, Norway, and the United States. The music video received a nomination for Best Visual Effects at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards .

production [edit ]

A woman stands with a microphone Beyoncé served as the vocalist for the song. The birdcall started as a hook written by Skylar Grey, who besides wrote Eminem ‘s 2010 murder single “ Love the Way You Lie “. [ 2 ] Eminem came across the hook when he was working with Rick Rubin and became enamored of the lyrics. [ 2 ] Previously Rubin and Eminem had been discussing the phenomenon of mumble rap, specifically Eminem ‘s frustration with its mainstream popularity, and the overcharge served as a vehicle for him to vent them. [ 2 ] Rubin subsequently played the song for Jay-Z, who was then able to get his wife, Beyoncé, to sing the chorus. [ 2 ] Upon the release of the single, Grey tweeted, “ This is the song I ‘ve been trying to write since age 6. every time I wrote a song I hoped it would be this good. I am in truth proud of everything I ‘ve created, but this is the matchless. ” [ 3 ]

critical reception [edit ]

“ Walk on Water ” received by and large mix to positive reviews from critics. Jayson Greene of Pitchfork described the song as a “ joyless trudge of a might ballad that pairs a piano crooned crochet with fume, escalating verses of rage-spittle. ” [ 4 ]

Release and forwarding [edit ]

On November 8, 2017, Eminem tweeted a photograph of a doctor ‘s prescription note with the words “ ‘Walk on Water ‘, take as needed ” written on it. [ 5 ] This has caused speculation that the first single will be titled “ Walk on Water ”. [ 6 ] The fake doctor ‘s note was labeled with the logo for Revival. On November 9, Paul Rosenberg shared a video recording on Instagram that showcased Trevor the spokesperson for the Revival political campaign stating that “ you will be able to Walk on Water with Revival at noon eastern time ”, confirming the sung. An sound recording and a lyric television was uploaded to Eminem ‘s YouTube channel. As of December 25, 2017, the video has over 50 million views and 1 million likes .

music television [edit ]

On December 23, 2017, the music television for the birdcall was released entirely on Apple Music and Eminem ‘s official Vevo channel. It was directed by American director Richard “ Rich ” Lee, who previously directed Eminem ‘s video recording for “ not Afraid “, “ Rap God “, “ The Monster “ and “ phenomenal “. Beyonce does not appear in the television. As of 18 April 2020, the video has over 66 million views and 1.1 million likes. The video starts with a glow of inner light that turns out to be a special on a microphone. Eminem is sitting adjacent to it lamenting when he ultimately decides to come up to the mic. The lights slowly come up to reveal an auditorium during the second chorus. many disciples and clones of Eminem are seen typing gibberish into a typewriter. There is then a collage of place pieces being placed on phase to resemble concerts he has performed. During the third chorus, there is a time lapse of fans in the auditorium seats. The fans leave during the third verse when Eminem glitches between different personas and it starts to snow. Eminem is seen in a barren barren of frost. He finds a huge statue covered, then, with slowness, pulls it off. bet on to the typewriter room, Eminem starts to write the lyrics to “ Stan ” and then pulls it out of the typewriter and delivers the closing trace, “ Bitch, I wrote ‘Stan ‘ ”. [ 7 ] The television received a nomination at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards for Best Visual Effects. [ 8 ]

know performances [edit ]

The birdcall was first performed by Eminem at the 2017 MTV Europe Music Awards on November 12 with co-producer and writer Skylar Grey on vocals. [ 9 ] Both besides performed the song on Saturday Night Live on November 18, along with his previous songs “ Stan “ and “ Love the Way You Lie “. [ 10 ]

commercial performance [edit ]

In the United States, “ Walk on Water ” debuted and peaked at phone number 14 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming the 57th introduction for both artists on the chart. As a result, they tied with Madonna and The Rolling Stones for the 19th highest number of overall songs to enter the chart. It besides arrived at issue 2 on the Digital Songs chart with 64,000 downloads and the Streaming Songs chart at number 15 with 18.3 million streams. [ 11 ] [ 12 ] The song opened the UK Singles Chart at number seven, becoming Eminem ‘s 28th entry to reach the state ‘s top 10 and Beyoncé ‘s 35th. [ 13 ] Upon entering at count 10 on the ARIA Singles Chart, it became the knocker ‘s thirteenth song as a contribute artist to reach the top 10 in Australia and first since “ The Monster “ in 2013, and Beyoncé ‘s 22nd, the foremost since 2011 ‘s Run the World ( Girls ) “. [ 14 ] Elsewhere, the song debuted at number eight on the irish Singles Chart, [ 15 ] count nine in Sweden, [ 16 ] and act four in Scotland. [ 17 ] By the end of 2018 the song has been eligible for a gold certificate in the United States .

Awards and nominations [edit ]

Year Ceremony Award Result
2018 MTV Video Music Awards Best Visual Effects Nominated

Credits and personnel [edit ]

Credits adapted from Revival album liner notes. [ 18 ] Recording and management

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