Pete Davidson & Jack Harlow Explain NFTs in Eminem Inspired SNL Music Video

Saturday Night Live returned with an all-new episode this weekend, with server Maya Rudolph and musical node Jack Harlow. possibly the break sketch from this latest edition of the late night drollery tackles the hot keyword NFTs. What are they and what does it mean for the on-line art global ? Pete Davidson broke out his Eminem inspired fictional character to explain it all aboard Jack Harlow .

NFT stands for non-fungible token. At its most basic form, an NFT is an code digital key signature that allows for the bribe and trade of digital artwork. Chris Redd joined Pete Davidson and Jack Harlow in breaking down this subject that has overtaken the art world in holocene weeks. Though possibly a short date in its parody, the NFTs music video recording from Saturday Night Live is presented as an old school Eminem-inspired pat .

Pete Davidson is parodying the hit Eminem song ‘Without Me ‘, which hit MTV means back in 2002, about twenty years ago. At a time when NFTs did n’t even exist. Pete Davidson does climb into Eminem ‘s iconic Robin costume to drive the comedy base. The sketch kicks off with Davidson interrogating U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellin, attemtping to get a better grok on the digital course that has exploded in the on-line digital art universe. Pete Davidson raps the pursue lyrics .

“ What the hell ‘s an NFT ? / obviously cryptocurrency / Everyone ‘s making so much money / Can you please explain what ‘s an NFT ? ”

This is all done in Pete Davidson ‘s Slim Shady impersonation, which he first debuted around Christmas time three months ago with the music video Stu, which took on the classical Eminem track Stan. The video recording had Pete Davidson taking on the fictional character of Stu, who writes a letter to Santa Claus begging for a PS5. At the clock time, many complained that the music video cartoon was incredibly dated, since the master song came out over two decades ago. But the cartoon besides got a lot of love, adequate so that Davidson is back in Eminem manner this week. His rap continues .

“ It ‘s like real-life Monopoly / Everyone ‘s doing it, like Gronkowski / Can you please help me make an NFT ? ”

Chris Redd breaks out his morpheus character from The Matrix, which is a little more timely as The Matrix 4 is arriving in theaters and HBO Max former this class. even if Morpheus is n’t in the sequel. Redd fires off a list of wyrd NFT collectibles that have hit on-line these past couple of months. There ‘s a photograph Chuck E. Cheese on the Supreme Court. And we get to see a twerking Thanos from Avengers : endgame. Jack Harlow arrives on the scenery as a Janitor, and does his best to describe NFTs for the hearing .

“ Non-fungible means that it ‘s singular / There could only be one, like you and me / NFTs are insane / Built on the blockchain / Built on a digital daybook of transactions / It records data of what ‘s happening / When it ‘s minted, you can sell it as art / And this concludes my rap share. ”

Jack Harlow is right. If SNL was sol tend, they could take his scene from the music television and sell it as an NFT. Quite a few artists have gotten into the motion. Kings of Leon are releasing their latest album with an NFT package. Grimes has besides gotten in on the NFT fad selling her on-line artwork. even Sophia the Robot sold an NFT of her self portrait. And Arrow headliner Katie Cassidy has auctioned off nudes as NFTs .
Maya Rudolph did n’t have a big part in the NFTs music television, but she did break out her Beyonce impression for a Hot Ones sketch, and besides tackled vaccines in the cold open. And of course, she returned with a full Kamala Harris sketch. You can check out the rest of the sketches below .

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