Eminem Really Was Visited By the Secret Service For Song Lyrics Threatening Ivanka Trump

When Eminem dropped Kamikaze in August 2018, it did n’t take long for fans to notice that its go single, “ The Ringer, ” had an concern little anecdote in it. “ Cause Agent Orange just sent the Secret Service, to meet in person to see if I in truth think of hurtin ’ him, ” Eminem rapped in the birdcall. At the time, it equitable seemed like another braggadocios rap from Eminem, and the unavowed overhaul refused to confirm or deny the knocker ‘s allegation. But immediately the truth finally comes out. BuzzFeed News looked into the accuracy of the lyric, and it turns out Eminem ‘s narrative is true : The rapper was visited by the Secret Service investigating some previous lyrics about the Trump family.
This week, after a drawn-out request process, the Secret Service released 40 pages of documents to BuzzFeed regarding the organization ‘s question of the knocker in early 2018 about his sung “ Framed. ” The song in doubt appeared on his album Relapse, and included the stick to lyrics :

Woke up, it was dawn, musta knew somethin’ was wrong / Think I’m becomin’ a monster ’cause of the drugs that I’m on / Donald Duck’s on, there’s a Tonka Truck in the yard / But dog, how the fuck is Ivanka Trump in the trunk of my car? / Gotta get to the bottom of it to try to solve it / Must go above and beyond, ’cause it’s incumbent upon me / Plus I feel somewhat responsible for the dumb little blonde / Girl, that motherfuckin’ baton twirler that got dumped in the pond / Second murder with no recollection of it

The Secret Service began looking into Eminem after a TMZ reporter contacted the agency asking, “ I want to know if your agency is investigating Eminem for his threaten lyrics about First daughter Ivanka Trump. ” According to the documents, when he was visited by the Secret Service, Eminem rapped along with the lyrics in interrogate as Secret Service members read them out to him. Released under the Freedom of Information Act, the documents besides include the knocker ’ mho aliases, arsenic well as the original electronic mail from the TMZ reporter, linking out to a post about the lyrics from The Hill.

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In addition to an think murder of Ivanka Trump in “ Framed, ” the organization besides noted early questionable lyrics and a Vulture interview where the knocker said that the president of the united states made his “ blood boil. ” After the probe, it was deemed that Eminem was not a terror, with the casing being “ NON-REFERRED to a federal prosecutor. ”

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