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Have you ever watched the end credits and wondered what precisely do all those people do ? Well, today we ’ ll break down the credits and explain who ’ s who on a major film production. First off, the jobs and titles we ’ ra going to cover nowadays may change from one movie to another, we ’ ll describe the jobs that are common, but know that each movie is its own beast and each film maker may have a prefer organizational structure. To begin, jobs are divided into two uncut categories based on a movie ’ s budget top sheet, above the tune and below the line. The jobs above the telephone line are the people that get paid and negotiated laid rate or share of gross regardless of how many blast days or scenes are ultimately required for the film. intend of them as fixed costs. below the pipeline are the jobs that are contracted out depending on the needs of the product, variable costs, depending on the handwriting changes. above the note jobs include but are not limited to the producer, the director, writers and actors, while everyone else is below the trace .
so let ’ s start with the lead emboss, the producer. People much think that the director is the top andiron in product, but it ’ s the manufacturer that hires the director. so what does a manufacturer do ? Well, that ’ s a big doubt that can be involved with selecting the script or the material to be adapted. Picking the director and the cast, raising the money organizing distribution, all of it or lone some of it. The manufacturer is basically the person that champions a film from the get down to the end. And that ’ s the reason why the producer is the matchless who accepts the best movie academy award at the Academy Awards. now there are variations of producing credits .
For theatrical films, the executive producer is the person secured at least 25 % of the finance, or played a meaning character in the shape of the fib and the script. in television, the executive producer is more of a big upper boss like the creator of the show. associate producer is a title given at the discretion of the manufacturer to anyone they feel has played a winder function in any part of the production. A screenwriter is the person that writes the script, and that all scripts are created from scratch by a lone writer. There are basically two kinds of writing credits, there is a floor credit rating, and a screenplay credit. The fib is the plot characters and themes.

Whereas a screenplay is the execution of those ideas in actual screenplay with scenes dialogue and transitions. When you see a written by that means the person wrote both the floor and the screenplay. When you see a story by it means a person either wrote a treatment that ’ s a prose interpretation of the narrative of the movie, or wrote an original screenplay that was completely rewritten, only keeping the plot characters and theme. When the fib is from a previously published work you ’ ll see a based on a novel or based on the shimmer by recognition. sometimes you ’ ll see a based on the characters by in sequels or long standing characters like James Bond or Sherlock Holmes .
now writing teams are designated with an ampersand, whereas writers working individually use the spelled out give voice. And there are lots of rules for from the Writers Guild regarding rewrites for determining who gets credit for the screenplay, and arbitration process for disagreements. But getting a mention on the credits isn ’ t just vanity .
It ’ randomness besides a matter of the author ’ s more rights and rights to residuals and that means money. once you have a script, or sometimes even if the script international relations and security network ’ thymine wholly done, a producer will choose a film director. The film director is responsible for all the movie ’ s aesthetic and dramatic aspects, visualizing the script and guiding the crew and actors toward fulfilling that vision. now, the conductor may besides go back and bring in new writers and alter the handwriting and evening rewrite the script themselves. now, DGA rules stipulate that there can entirely be one person serving as the director on a film At one meter, which is why you see joel Coen credited as the film director on their older films, even though he always directs with his brother, Ethan Coen .
now they have an exemption as a direct team. Although we may give all the credit to the director, thanks to our go theory, the kinship between the film director and the producer is probably the biggest influence over a movie as it could be where a lot of the creativity happens. When we think about credits and bill, we by and large think of the names of the actors in the production of the rules for charge are not as clearly defined as they are for say, the conductor or screenwriter, so each movie or television show can be negotiated in a different way depending on the stars contract .
But there are a few trends, a major star will get an above the entitle placard, that means their name comes before the orifice title, the film, and above the championship on the poster. then the cast is listed normally by the importance of the character to the history, with the leads inaugural and the supporting roles following in corps de ballet pieces alphabetically or by order of appearance .
now, sometimes stars will negotiate to be the final examination list and get a with credit or an and as credit. These credits go to parts that aren ’ thymine precisely leads, but possibly filled by an actor with some status, or a quality that equitable has become a fan darling if we ’ re dealing with a television testify. now these leads and supporting actors would be considered above the line, although at this point, the distinction may not be so net. below the occupation actors include backdrop actors and day performers. Background actors are what you imagine they ’ re there to fill the background of a scene. The most basic are general background actors for filling crowd shots. For the most function, they will go uncredited .
A background actors that have to perform a special skill stunts or speak a line of dialogue will get upgrade to a day performer. The sag AFTRA rules department of state that if a cast of stallion production is under 50 performers than all 50 performers must be credited. If there are more than 50, then it ’ s up to the discretion of the producer, which 50 performers will get on screen door citation. stunt performers acting as doubles do not need to have the name of the function they ’ ra doubling identified.
From here on out, we will be discussing jobs that are considered below the agate line .
Of course, this distinction may change depending on the movie or output we ’ re talking about. The engine behind every movie is the production office, the production function is in charge of making certain everything comes together. At the head of the production agency is the agate line producer. The line producer is in charge of handling the budgetary needs he or she is responsible for every lineage on the budget as involved with the logistics of everything from output to post production, including hiring crowd members are one of the foremost hires is the UPM, the unit product director and sometimes created as product coach on mugwump films .
The UPM is in charge of overseeing the day to day operations, including timecards. Reviewing the production reports, and approving call sheets, the UPM can hire aid, the production office coordinator or pboc. The pboc handles the details of the production staff. Some larger production studios have a permanent pocc position, who acts as a affair between the individual production office and the big overall studio apartment. Depending on the size of the product, the pboc can have aid called adjunct production office coordinators .
And of run in a small production, all of these offprint roles may be combined into good one person. now working in the production office can be a number of function production assistants office dad who answer phones, make copies do runs basically keep the office running smoothly. big character of the logistics of a movie is transporting an entire company to and from different locations .
here you ’ ll have a transportation office supervisor and coordinators who oversee drivers who move both people and equipment about. Because there ’ s a lot of money and paperwork. You ’ ll see accountants and lawyers in the credits as their key to handling accounts. account payable and drafting contracts for the crew. Although those services are hush needed after a film is arrant to handle sales and license deals, equally well as setting up royalties to those who have a profit share narrow .
Before the cameras can roll, the manufacturer, director and trace producer or UPM must plan out the production in pre production. now there are some specific roles to pre production. now some directors like to pre visualize their script good idea what it will look like earlier actually shooting it. This is the job of the storyboard artist. If these storyboards are animated, they ’ re sometimes called animatics, or previous, and you can see credits for former artists, and even previous supervisors and editors .
Depending on how complex those sequences get for the casting a product or rely on the work of a draw director. a casting film director is responsible for finding the talent to fill the roles in a production. And this can include holding auditions and working with talent agencies, casting directors can have aid called vomit associates. To find locations and good stages for the production, producers will use the services of a localization coach, which is sometimes called a location lookout .
location managers must understand the producers needs and negociate with locations, a well as making surely that the film has all the proper permits. When a product is in operation, the person in charge of running the arrange is the first base adjunct conductor or first ad. now this can be confused with the assistant to the film director of job, which is precisely like it sounds and assistant to the director. But first ad is more of a management function. They start working during pre production to figure out how to schedule a script .
During the production. The first ad is in charge of the day to day operations, running the floor, keeping things on agenda and safe, so that the director can focus on making creative decisions. The foremost ad is broadly not everybody ’ second friend. The job requires an authoritative personality, and could deal with the major stresses of a big production. Beneath the first ad is the second ad. The second ad is normally in charge of handling the background actors and frequently directs background action. A moment moment ad may be needed for films with a lot of background people. beneath a second ad are the set production assistants or set pascal is one of the cardinal jobs of the assistant film director team is to call the roll.

That is the call on a series of specific cues before it take to bring the cast and crew together including calling for Quiet on the set and roll healthy and Roll camera. big productions may have multiple units. The film director may designate sealed scenes often special effects, antenna shots or even minor scenes to a moment unit. Depending on what the needs are. A second unit can have the same film director team structure with a second unit director and second unit ad.
The head of the camera department is the film director of photography or displaced person .
The displaced person is in charge of crafting the attend of the film in collaboration with the director using lenses, lighting and television camera movement. A displaced person may or may not actually operate the camera so you may see a television camera operator claim as the person who actually works the television camera. The first assistant television camera or beginning AC pulls the focus and assists the operator and the DP. The moment AC assists the first AC but besides does the film tongue calls out the scene numbers and fills out the television camera reports now productions will shoot with from more than one camera .
In this case you will have operators first and second ACS for a camera B television camera and even see camera. If a celluloid movie cameras being used, you will see the name of the movie stevedore who has to make certain the uncover film is safely taken out and raw negative is loaded correctly into the television camera. Digital productions are starting to use a digital version of that a digital image technician that makes surely all the footage is downloaded from the television camera ’ s memory and safely backed up normally in triplicate. nowadays you will see some particular camera credits including steady cam operator who, as you imagine, operates the sweetheart cam or a similar device .
Motion Control Tech ’ sulfur are for gesticulate command Dolly systems. onset photographers can be listed in the credits a well from photographers who are shooting behind the scenes imagination to continuity photographers taking photograph to ensure that a set or costume looks the same over a period of days. And the like vein you have on set videographers who are documenting the behind the scenes for the sound department. The production legal mixers serves as the department head as responsible for recording all the location heavy in the product .
Under the sound mixer are the boom operators who are in charge of operating the microphone smash, and utility good technicians who run cables and make sure everything is operating by rights. The heading of the lighting department is the gaffer now this side works closely with the director of photography to plan out the fall of a film and in some productions is called the lighting couturier. working under the foreman is the best boy electric a not gendered term. even when a charwoman fills a spot she can be called a best son. The best son handles the day to sidereal day management including the rent, scheduling and management of lighting crowd and the renting ordering inventory and return of lighting equipment .
The under the best boy electric are the ignition technicians who set up and operate the lights. The grip department which is the Department for not electrical components of lighting setups such as stands, flags, rigging and bounces deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as camera moving equipment is structured similarly to the ignition department. The head is the key grip and below that is the best boy clasp who manages the day to day operation and oversees the stay of the grips. If the grips are operating the camera Dolly than they will be credited as Dolly grips .
The origin of the condition best boy may come from the studio days where the line between lighting and grip was not thus rigid. When one department needed a temp worker, the department oral sex of one would equitable go to the other and asked for their best boy basically the second in control. A best male child may besides have its roots in early sail and whaling crews as sailors would frequently work on the rig in theatres when they weren ’ thyroxine at sea .
With actors cameras sound and lights and place nowadays we fair have to figure out what to put in front of the camera and that is the job of the art department. The Art Department is headed by the production couturier who worked with the director and the conductor of photography to figure out the expect of the production from the sets, the costumes and the props. Under the general artwork department is a submarine Department called the art department headed by the artwork conductor .
The artwork director oversees artists and crafts people such as the fructify designers, graphic artists and illustrators who work on the look of a film and its commercialize. Once the art department designs the set, it is the role of the construction department headed by the construction coordinator who manages all the construction needed to build those sets. Reporting to the construction coordinator is the forefront carpenter who leads a gang of carpenters and laborers .
This may besides include crafting custom-made props, construction is besides responsible for breaking down a hardened after the production is over. once the specify is created, it needs to be filled in. This is the subcontract of the sets department headed by the set decorator working under the adjust interior designer are the buyers who purchase or rend pieces for the set leads Minh or leads person who oversees the set dressing crew, much referred to as the swing gang .
This swing gang is made up of set dressers who fill in all the stuff you would normally see on a fixed of a set needs plants, you will see a greens man who handles all the implant material, sometimes real and sometimes artificial. If a film has a significant sum of greens, this may be its own bomber department with its own organizational heirarchy. The items that the actors interact with that are not partially of the scenery are called properties or props and are under the legal power of the property master who may have aid below him or her as some projects will have a weapons matter which will work specifically with guns, swords and early weapons, both in pander for the set up and in coach in their proper safe function. not technically part of the art department, but related are the costume and hair’s-breadth and makeup .
The fountainhead of the costume department is the costume designer. Under that side is the costume supervisor who works on the day to day management of the costumes vitamin a well as overseeing the customers, buyers and renters who work in that department. The head of the haircloth and constitution departments are the key constitution artists and identify hair. Both positions will work on haircloth and constitution for the leads and oversee adjunct constitution artists who work on the early actors. particular effects makeup artists may be brought in adenine necessary. an outgrowth of the art department is the special effects department .
now limited effects are the effects that happen in the camera, the practical effects team, a limited effects team can have a like eriko social organization to the art department. And that ’ mho headed by a limited effects supervisory program, with a gang knob or construction foreman under him or her overseeing all kinds of technicians from pyrotechnicians to sculptors to model and miniature technicians backing up the art department and actually all other departments as well is the continuity supervisory program sometimes called handwriting supervisory program. The function of the continuity supervisor is to make sure that things that need to look the same look the same from sidereal day to day that the sets the costume haircloth and makeup stay coherent over a long shoot .
How before we wrap up the production crew lease ’ s not forget the craft services and catering positions. Napoleon said that an army marches on its digest and a film gang is no different. Craft services or crafty is little snacks, drinks and coffee that is delivered to the different departments to have while they ’ re working to keep them happy. A catering is a more courtly meal where the cast and crew take a fracture and sit down and corrode. Union films are contractually obligated to have a meal every so many hours even on the smallest budget not union film, it ’ s best not to skip that meal because this is where the shed and gang can alliance creating a better working environment .
once the production is done, and all the shots captured, the post output team comes in and a film is overseen by the post product supervisor. The editorial department is headed by the editor program who will be assisted by respective assistant editors who do a fortune of the log and unionize of the footage with the aid of the television camera reports generated by the second base a seat. The legal department is headed by the supervising legal architect. Under the audio architect are the dialogue editor who works on cleaning up the dialogue tracks and ADR editor program who works on replacing noisy sound recording that was recorded on put with clean negotiation recorded in the studio.

Foley artists who create reasoned effects for the film music supervisors who work with composers to score the film orchestra contractors who bring in musicians to perform the score recording engineers who record the soundtrack and then sound mixers who bring everything all binding together again. in mail production we besides have the ocular effects department which can be a animal of its own. The ocular effects are effects not done in camera Think Green Screen compositing or CGI. now the organizational chart of a VFX department can look a bunch like the product crew with a ocular effects manufacturer at the top sour with the movie ’ mho director and DP and deciding how shots will be done. Under the VFX producer is the creative director who controls the creative decisions. And below that is the ocular effects supervisory program who organizes and coordinates a team of digital artists, painters, animators, programmers, riggers rotoscope artists as a job where they have to cut up the plates frame by frame and compositors the person who brings different ocular elements together into a individual frame .
now film will much use respective different ocular effects companies for different shots. So you ’ ll see many of these different positions listed over and all over again. Once the picture is edited, and the ocular effects added, the end affect is to color correct and color degree. Everything else is done by the colorist working in collaboration with the director and sometimes the Director of photography .
Wow. So you can see why a big budget movie can cost millions and millions of dollars. sol hopefully immediately you have a better understanding of who does what on a film. Some of these positions will be different from picture to mental picture. But the next time you ’ re at the field, stick around and watch the end credits, and then assemble your own team and go out there and make something capital .

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