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season Title Original air date 13 1 “The Real Battle of LA/Queen Mary Menace” September 28, 2011 ( ) Ben’s team tries to recreate a photograph taken of an unknown object in the sky, surrounded by searchlights and anti-aircraft fire, over Los Angeles, California, on the night of February 25, 1942 — an incident that became known as the “Battle of Los Angeles.” Meanwhile, Bill’s team goes aboard the RMS Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, to investigate a video of an alleged ghost walking down a corridor. 14 2 “Fire in the Sky/Thermal Theater Ghost” October 5, 2011 ( ) Bill’s team goes to Jacksonville, Florida, to investigate a video of a ghostly figure captured by a ghost hunting team at the Florida Theater. Meanwhile, Ben’s team tries to recreate a video of a fiery light that splits into three and then hovers in the night sky over El Paso, Texas. 15 3 “Raining UFOs/Ectoplasmic Pic” October 12, 2011 ( ) Ben’s team examines night vision video of a fiery UFO taken by a police helicopter over Long Beach, California, on Christmas of 2004. In the next segment, Bill’s team tries to recreate photographs of supposed ghostly ectoplasm taken in the 1920s by a Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, doctor named T.G. Hamilton. 16 4 “Playground Poltergeist/Alien Intruder” October 19, 2011 ( )

Bill’s team goes to Firmat, Argentina, to investigate video taken of a playground swing that seemingly moves on its own while the other swings around it remain still. Meanwhile, Ben’s team goes to Milton, Florida, to investigate an amateur video of alleged alien visitation in the middle of the night. 17 5 “Dashcam Chupacabra/Nightly News Alien” October 26, 2011 ( ) Ben’s team goes to Nordheim, Texas, to investigate a 2008 police dash cam video of a strange dog-like creature that some believe to be a chupacabra. Meanwhile, Bill’s team go to the Patagonia region of Argentina where a local news video was shot depicting a humanoid creature walking behind a reporter. 18 6 “Whaley Ghost House/Muck Monster” November 2, 2011 ( ) Bill and his team try to recreate photos of purported ghostly apparitions taken at the historic Whaley House in San Diego, California. Meanwhile, Ben’s team travels to Jupiter, Florida, to investigate a video of an unknown river creature referred by locals as the “muck monster”. 19 7 “UFO Crash Landing/Graveyard Ghost” November 9, 2011 ( ) Ben’s team goes to Anthony, New Mexico, to recreate a 1996 video, supposedly leaked out of the White Sands Missile Range, of an alleged flying saucer crash. Meanwhile, Bill’s team goes to Tonopah, Nevada, to investigate a ghost hunting video of an alleged apparition appearing in a cemetery. 20 8 “Area 51/Cajun Apparition” November 30, 2011 ( ) Bill’s team goes to St. Francisville, Louisiana, to recreate a 2001 video taken at the historic Myrtles Plantation of an alleged ghost apparition. In the next part, Ben’s team goes to Rachel, Nevada, to recreate a UFO video allegedly sneaked out of Area 51 and follow up their investigation with a nighttime sky watch of the base. 21 9 “Sinister Spirals/Flying Saucers” December 7, 2011 ( ) Ben’s team goes to Santa Ana, California, to recreate a series of photos taken in 1965 by Rex Heflin of an alleged flying saucer, a case with supposed connections to the mysterious Men in Black. In the next part, Bill’s team heads to Joplin, Missouri, to investigate a video of rods – elongated insect-like creatures created by video artifacts. 22 10 “Asylum Apparition/Mystery Over Mexico” December 14, 2011 ( ) Ben’s team investigates two videos from Waverly Hills Sanatorium near Louisville, Kentucky, of two alleged apparitions moving in a hallway and of a ball that appears to move around on its own. Meanwhile, Bill’s team investigates a video of an alleged fleet of UFOs flying over Guadalajara, Mexico. 23 11 “Old West Hauntings/Freeway Flyer” January 4, 2012 ( ) Ben’s team goes to the Bird Cage Theatre in Tombstone, Arizona, to recreate a 2008 video that allegedly captured a figure of a man in a coffin appearing in a mirror. Meanwhile, Bill’s team tries to recreate a strange light flying over a freeway in Los Angeles. 24 12 “Bar Fright/Mexico City Cave Witch” January 11, 2012 ( ) In the season finale, Bill’s team travels to Colburn’s Bar in Humble, Texas, to investigate video of an exploding ashtray allegedly caused by poltergeist activity. Meanwhile, Ben’s team travels to Calacoaya, Mexico, to investigate a video of an alleged flying witch. 25 13 “The Grim Sleeper/The Real Mr. Freeze” January 18, 2012 ( )

Bill’s team goes to Atlanta, Georgia, to investigate a video of a woman who appears to levitate off a bed. Meanwhile, Ben’s team goes to Los Angeles, to test the superhuman claims of Dutch stuntman Wim “The Iceman” Hof who appears to be able to withstand prolonged exposure to extreme cold temperatures. 26 14 “Bay Area Hysteria/Jersey Shore Haunting” January 25, 2012 ( ) Ben’s team goes to Bodega Bay, California, to investigate a video of a bright light hovering over the bay. Meanwhile, Bill’s team travels to Paramount Theater in Asbury Park, New Jersey, to investigate a ghost apparition captured on a thermal camera. 27 15 “Vanishing Victim/Sky Serpent” February 1, 2012 ( ) Ben’s team travels to Droitwich, England, to investigate a video of a woman who appears to vanish during her sleep allegedly caused by alien abduction. In the second part, Bill’s team goes to Stratford, England, and then to Oxford, England, to recreate a video of a fiery serpentine object flying through the sky. 28 16 “Pride House Specter/Bluegrass Bigfoot” February 8, 2012 ( ) Bill’s team goes to Jefferson, Texas, to recreate a photograph of a ghostly figure on a staircase taken in the Pride House. Meanwhile, Ben’s team investigates a possible Bigfoot captured on video and a photo taken by a trail camera in Jefferson County, Kentucky. 29 17 “Battleship/UFO” February 15, 2012 ( ) Ben’s team travels to Wilmington, North Carolina, to investigate both a photograph and video evidence of ghostly apparitions aboard the USS North Carolina. Meanwhile, Bill’s team travels to Warren, Michigan, to recreate a video of an alleged UFO. 30 18 “Reptile Rampage/Gasoline Ghoul” April 5, 2012 ( ) Ben’s team travels to Bishopville, South Carolina, the home of the Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp, to investigate damage caused to minivan that has been attributed to the creature. Meanwhile, Bill’s team goes to Parma, Ohio, to debunk a gas station surveillance video that captured a mysterious apparition. 31 19 “Glowing Gargoyle/Phantom Feline” April 12, 2012 ( ) Ben’s team goes to Beckenham, England, and joins Destination Truth host, Josh Gates, to investigate a video of a small creature perched atop some playground equipment. Meanwhile, Bill’s team heads to Bardstown, Kentucky, to investigate a video of an alleged ghost cat. 32 20 “Florida Woodland UFO/Black Forest Entity” April 19, 2012 ( ) Bill’s team heads to Pensacola, Florida, to investigate a supposed UFO video taken around an alleged UFO hot spot. Meanwhile, Ben’s team goes to Pagosa Springs, Colorado to investigate a private home allegedly plagued by glowing orbs and strange noises, some of which are allegedly caught on video. 33 21 “Graveyard Lightning/Truck Stop Terror” April 26, 2012 ( )

Bill’s team travels to a boarded-up truck stop in Union, Missouri, to examine video and photographic evidence taken by a group of paranormal investigators. In the next part, Ben’s team travels to Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, to recreate photographs of lightning-like entities appearing in a cemetery. 34 22 “Into the Vortex/Tavern Shapeshifter” May 2, 2012 ( ) Ben’s team travels to Gold Hill, Oregon, to investigate the mysteries of the Oregon Vortex, a roadside attraction known for strange optical activity attributed to the paranormal. Next, Bill’s team goes to Penrith, England, to recreate a video taken in a pub of an alleged shape-shifting entity. 35 23 “Surveillance Specter/Morgue Mystery” May 9, 2012 ( ) Bill’s team travels to Leicester, England, to investigate ghostly images seen on video surveillance at the reportedly haunted Belgrave Hall. Later, Ben’s team goes to Louisville, Kentucky, to investigate a mysterious image in a photo and strange happenings on video from the Baxter Avenue Morgue. 36 24 “Iceland Worm Monster/Stonehenge Secrets” May 16, 2012 ( ) In the season finale, Ben’s team goes to Iceland and joins Destination Truth host, Josh Gates, on the hunt for an aquatic creature. In the next part, guest WWE wrestler Kofi Kingston helps Bill’s team investigate a Stonehenge mystery.
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