200 Best Background Music for Videos [Free Download][2021]

200 Best Background Music for Videos [Free Download]

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Dec 23, 2021• Proven solutions
Looking for free background music for video recording editing download ? Background music adds up life to the television, particularly when you have shot a special occasion. Or, besides when you need to make your video recording entertaining that you ’ re plan to publish over YouTube channel .
You may have been wondering where to find the best background music for video, right ? well, there are ample sources available over the internet where you can look up for royalty-free background music for television .

And for this purpose, we have specifically tailored this post to help you find the best background music for video editing for complimentary .
But before we get on to the sources, let ’ s first base understand the significance of background music for video recording and how to identify the right background music for television. furthermore, we have besides featured a democratic and pro method acting with which you can add background music to videos without any harass .
You will Learn :
Let ’ s research !

How Background Music Matters?

well, let ’ s suppose a hypothetical site in this case. Imagine a world without sounds or music, and on the early hand, you live in a global that has music everywhere ! Which one would you actually prefer to live in ?
similarly, foreground or background music for video plays a critical role. It is a key component to draw the attention of your viewers that may finally convert into likes or subscribes or purchases. Incorporating background music in YouTube videos or secret video recording is an excellent way to create betroth and compelling content .
here ’ s a agile fact for you !
Do you know ? “ 13 hours of video contented is published every individual minute over the celebrated YouTube platform ! ” And a huge lump of these endearing television generates a brawny impression on entertain viewers only because of the corporate catchy setting music .

Key Takeaways to Choose the Right Background Music

now that you ’ ve understand that how best background music for video matters, Step one ’ s complete. It ’ mho fourth dimension to move to Step two, i.e. opting for the most appropriate background music for your television. It seems to be a simple job but is actually a lot heavily .

How to opt for perfect background music for videos?

now the questions snip up, how you can choose the arrant background music for video recording ?
Let ’ s again take a hypothetical situation. You wish to paint a wall of your home to serve as an accent. now, you just don ’ t equitable rush to the Home Depot and start to browse every paint swatch available, right ?
Since there are a million colors and shades available that will simply make you baffled. finally, it may take up forever to decide the final matchless. rather, what you should actually do is narrow down your search by first deciding the color that you wish to get the dialect wall painted with. After that, you then move on to opt for the appropriate shade .
alike, the lapp principle applies to filter out the background music for your video recording. First, you need to understand the juncture that you ’ re making the video for. then, you can actually focus on the most suitable beats for your television .

Understanding the occasion

now, let ’ s talk about ‘ how would you understand what music is appropriate for the occasion ?
well, that entirely depends on the climate and affair for which the television is being created .
here we have listed some of the vital questions that you must ask yourself when it comes down to understanding the temper and juncture before you begin to opt for the best background music for your video recording .

  • What is the theme/occasion/topic of your video?
  • What sort of emotions do you wish your viewers must feel while watching your video?
  • What is the preferred role of the music in your video? Do you want your music to be in the background or at the forefront?
  • Most of all, understand your audience. Do some research about what music type they most probably respond to?

Since the answers can vary depending upon the affair and the target hearing. We just can ’ t answer these for you but yes, we have listed both the most popular and royalty-free background music for video in the latter part of the article .
Before we move on to that, let ’ s first get to know the ideal means to incorporate background music in your videos without any hassles .

How to Add Background Music to Video with Filmora

speaking of adding unblock background music in video recording edit, we all look for a better and professional tool that can be of great avail and provide a finish output signal. And to look for the one that possesses suitable features a well as leaves the audience belly laugh can be unvoiced for many people .
however, gaining a pro feel in a less complicate manner has become easy with a promising tool namely Filmora. This does precisely what your video desires for editing. And hence, here we are going to explain how to add the best background music to videos .

Step 1: Download Filmora and install it

First things foremost, head to the official web site of Filmora and then download your copy of it. Install it and launch the cock subsequently .

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

Step 2: Import your original videos

now, from the main shield of Filmora, you need to hit on the “ Import ” drop-down menu available on the forget top corner. now, choose for the “ Import Media Files… ” option to import the video files from the hard magnetic disk storage of your computer to the User ‘s album. once added, you can entree all the imported video clips from the leftover media pane .
alternatively, you can merely drag and drop the compulsory video files to the Filmora interface window from your personal computer.

note : If you wish to add images to the User ’ randomness album, you can inactive get it done with the Import function .

Step 3: Download the preferred background music for videos

now that the videos have been imported, it ’ s now time to download and import the favored background music for television to the Filmora interface .
We have mentioned an entire list of both the most popular and royalty-free background music for videos properly below this section. You can either get the music from there or if you have already downloaded the music already, get it imported to the Filmora interface and proceed to the next step .
Note: Apart from several features that Filmora offers, one luminary benefit is that there is a huge collection of royalty-free sound recording libraries. This library includes background music and sound effects for different moods/genres .
thus, just in case you ’ re not a pro and can ’ metric ton receive and download music from websites .
Simply, get into the Audio Library of Filmora and then, opt for the desired music by tapping over the thumbnail in the media pane. To use the music, barely drag and drop the compulsory backdrop music to the track in the timeline pane .

Step 4: Add video to the timeline track

adjacent, you need to drag the imported video available in the User ’ s Album to the Timeline track. once you have the video placed in the timeline, proceed with dragging and dropping the command background music for your video to the chase above the video recording track .
notice : If you ’ ra adding multiple videos to the timeline track, ensure to arrange them according to the play order and without overlapping .
fair in character the duration of the background music is greater than that of your video racetrack, you can trim the music track down and adjust its position to match up with your television length. besides, you can do a real-time arrest while setting up the position in the preview window to fine-tune your determine .

Pro Tip for Editing Audio:

When it comes to editing audio/background music, you merely need to double-tap over the music chase in the timeline to crop up the audio editing empanel. here, you not precisely can edit your audio/background music but besides can add effects like fade in/fade out, tune the sales talk, align volume, set up Audio Equalizer, etc .
furthermore, with Filmora, you ’ re besides enabled to change the audio rush individually in order to create slow-motion or a fast-forward effect. On peak of that, you can even apply the reverse accelerate effect to playback the music track in reverse .

Step 5: Export your video with a music file

once you have everything in home and are satisfied with your settings and the result, it ’ second time to process the television and export it over your computer storehouse. For this, hit the “ Export ” option, and then from the appearing pop-up book window, choose for the desired charge format, hit “ OK ” subsequently to begin with exporting your video .
thus, let ’ s raise the bar with this trendsetting cock .

List of Best Background Music for Videos: for Popular Needs

In this part, you will find the best and most democratic background music that can be used in video for weddings, presentations, educational tutorials, and videos made for children, friendship, change of location, sports, and sol on .

Background music for wedding video

Free background music for video presentation

Free background music for educational video

Background music for children’s video free download

Background music for friendship video

Background music for travel video

Background music for sports video

List of Best Background Music for Videos: for Different Music Style

There are numerious style of music, some are sad and emotional but some are inspriting. In this part, you will find the best background music used in videos are cheerful, implemental, cushy, funny story, cool, and indeed on .

Upbeat background music for video

Instrumental background music for video

Background music for drone video

Soft background music for video

Funny background music for video

Chill background music for video

Best Background Music for Videos: For Festivals

Festivals play authoritative function in our life. people lionize and make video for memories, or make television for marketing campaign. To help you out, we list some hot background music for Chrismas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, St. Valentinie ‘s Day, Easter, Mother ‘s Day, Father ‘s Day, and indeed on .

Background music for Christmas

Background music for Thanksgiving

Background music for Halloween

Background music for St. Valentine’s Day

Background music for Easter Day

Background music for Mother’s Day

Background music for Father’s Day

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Final Words

Phew ! That was highly comprehensive information about the best background music for video for several occasion types. It ’ mho nowadays all up to you to choose which of the popular background music for YouTube videos or your private video fits your requirements .
By any luck, if we missed mentioning any of your favorite occasions please feel complimentary to let us know in the gloss section below. We ’ ll be more than felicitous to listen about your experiences with the video creation action .
And, if you like our efforts, we suggest you please share this information with your friends or people in your r-2 who you think will benefit from the data. After all, Knowledge grows when shared !

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