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1999 single by Fatboy Slim

1999 single by Fatboy Slim
Praise You “ is a sung by british adult exhaust musician Fatboy Slim. It was released as the third individual from his second studio album, You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby ( 1998 ), on 4 January 1999. It reached issue one on the UK Singles Chart and in Iceland, phone number four in Canada, number six in Ireland, and number 36 in the United States. As of 1999, it has sold over 150,000 units in the US. [ 1 ]

Samples [edit ]

WhoSampled states a full of six samples were used in the sung. The song features a big vocal sample from the open of “ Take Yo ‘ praise ” by Camille Yarbrough, a well as a outstanding piano sample distribution from the lead “ Balance and Rehearsal ” from a test album entitled Sessions released by audio electronics company JBL. The sung besides features a guitar sample distribution from the possibility of “ It ‘s a humble World ” from the Disneyland Records -released album Mickey Mouse Disco, the theme from the cartoon series Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, [ 2 ] the organ riff from “ golden man ” by Steve Miller Band, and the cram outwit from “ Running back To Me ” by Tom Fogerty .

music video [edit ]

The accompanying video recording for “ Praise You ” was directed by Spike Jonze with Roman Coppola. [ 3 ] Spike Jonze starred in the film, under the pseudonym Richard Koufey, along with a fictional dance group : The Torrance Community Dance Group. [ 3 ] The video presentation described it as “ A Torrance Public Film Production ”. [ 4 ] The video recording was shot guerrilla -style – that is, on location without obtaining license from the owners of the place – in presence of puzzle onlookers outside the Fox Bruin Theater in Westwood, Los Angeles, California. [ 5 ] In the video, Jonze and the dance group, acting as a brassy gang, dance to “ Praise You ”, much to the humiliate of a theater employee who turns off their portable stereo. One of the actor-dancers in the fabricated dance group, Michael Gier, documented the make of the “ Praise You ” television on his web site. [ 5 ] The “ Praise You ” television was made only because Jonze, unable to work with Fatboy Slim on the video for “ The Rockafeller Skank “, recorded and sent his own alone dancing video of “ Skank ” as a endow ; Jonze ‘s ‘alternative ‘ music video recording was indeed good received by Slim that Jonze ‘s fictional Torrance Community Dance Group was green-lighted for the official video for “ Praise You ”. [ 6 ] Cook has said he liked this music video more so than The Rockafeller Skank ‘s, which he hated. [ 7 ] cook himself is briefly seen in the video as one of the many onlookers, with the clearest scene shown at the conclusion of the video, while Jonze claims his “ b-boy moves ” came from live in New York. Cook curiously peers over Jonze to catch a glimpse of the television camera before walking off to the mighty. The video recording reportedly cost entirely US $ 800 to produce. [ 8 ] The video won three major awards at the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards : Breakthrough Video, Best Direction ( awarded to “ Torrance Community Dance Group ” ), and Best Choreography ( awarded to “ Richard Koufey & Michael Rooney ” ). It was besides nominated for, but did not win, Best Dance Video. The group besides put on a dance operation to the birdcall at the awards. [ 9 ] In 2001, it was voted issue one of the 100 best video recording of all clock, in a poll to mark the twentieth anniversary of MTV. [ 10 ]

Charts and certifications [edit ]

Release history [edit ]

Region Date Format(s) Label(s) Ref.
United Kingdom 4 January 1999 ( )
  • 12-inch vinyl
  • CD
  • cassette
Skint [45]
United States 23 February 1999 ( ) Astralwerks [46]
9 March 1999 ( ) Contemporary hit radio [47]

other versions [edit ]

  • A 2017 version, arranged and produced by Jennifer Ann Keller, was recorded by Hannah Grace and the London Contemporary Voices Choir for a Lloyds Bank advertising campaign.[48][49][50][51] Grace’s version of “Praise You” has been used in numerous TV programmes, including The X Factor, and has sold in excess of 60,000 copies in the UK. Grace’s version includes an extra refrain which includes lyrics from Camille Yarborough’s original song.
  • In 2018, a remix by Purple Disco Machine was released,[52] which made it to number one on the US Billboard Dance Club Songs chart.[53]

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