The 15 greatest FIFA soundtrack songs from 2006 – 2020

Words by David Tomisich

Celebrating the sounds of the world game’s favourite game.

The FIFA series is undoubtedly one of the most popular video game franchises of the last 25 years, with an estimated 280 million copies being sold to countless football fans all over the globe .
possibly one of the franchise ’ s most memorable features – alongside its glib gameplay and uncannily naturalistic graphics – is its annually soundtrack. Each year ’ s new FIFA passing boasts an eclectic range of music, ranging from little-known latin alt-rock artists to some of the more ill-famed british synth-pop acts of the millennium .
The belated, big australian sports journalist Les Murray appropriately coined football as the “ World Game ”, and the FIFA franchise exemplifies this to a tee – it ’ randomness provided gamers with the opportunity to play with hundreds of clubs across dozens of nations, all the while showcasing the very best contemporary music each country has to offer.

so today, we thought it would be worth celebrating FIFA ’ sulfur fabled amalgam of sport and music by exploring the 15 best soundtrack tunes of the last 15 years .
FIFA 06: ‘ Daft Punk Is Playing At My House ’ – LCD Soundsystem
many avid FIFA gamers would argue that 2006 is when the franchise very started to branch out musically, incorporating a mix of Afrobeat, Salsa, Krautrock adenine well as the tsunami of british indie rock that dominated the noughties .
Accompanied by the likes of Bloc Party, Oasis and Doves, it ’ s the New York dance-punk outfit who deserve the accolades with this boisterous ode to two of France ’ second finest .

FIFA 07: ‘ O Vas A Misa… ’ – Bersuit Vergarabat
As Argentine maestro Lionel Messi began to flaunt his footballing talents to the universe, so did some of his country ’ s most celebrated musicians. Bersuit Vergarabat are a prime model of this : formed in 1987 in Buenos Aires, they gained a reputation for penning cheerful tunes laced with cockamamie and outright lewd lyrics .
For exemplify, the refrain in this song translates to : “ Go to mass, or go to my salami ”. safe to say that those in charge of the ‘ 07 soundtrack probably didn ’ t have Google Translate at hand .

FIFA 08: ‘ Fa-Fa-Fa ’ – Datarock
I ’ d say that Datarock ’ s approach towards terminology is probably about equally concern as a 0-0 first base round FA Cup describe. however, the group ’ mho grooves are nothing short of infectious ; originally released in 2005, the norwegian quartet scored a fad classic a few years later with the song ’ sulfur inclusion on FIFA 08 .
Sporting a severe bass riff and some rollicking disco beats, this is a tune that inactive sounds as fresh today as it did all those years ago .

FIFA 09: ‘ Untouched ’ – The Veronicas
FIFA 09 ’ randomness soundtrack featured a absurd array of hits from artists such as Duffy, The Kooks and MGMT. however, it ’ mho hard to overlook this Aussie pop-punk raw material from the talented Origliasso sisters .
This synth-laden banger dominated the airwaves all over Australia, and besides gained considerable graph attention over in Germany, the UK and Czech Republic. Thanks, FIFA !

FIFA 10: ‘ Should I Stay Or Should I Blow ’ – BPA aka Fatboy Slim
In 2008, Norman Cook decided to put the Fatboy Slim mention aside and work under a raw nickname : Brighton Port Authority. Cook ’ s affinity for the coastal city is well known : who could forget his iconic 2002 operation on Brighton Beach in front of a raucous crowd of 200,000 ? He ’ second besides an avid assistant and stockholder of the city ’ south football club, Brighton and Hove Albion .
Having been featured on some of the earlier editions of the game, it was great to see Cook reappear on FIFA 10 with this far-out, Latin-ska infused total .

FIFA 11: ‘ Odessa ’ – Caribou
Who else remembers spending hours on the FIFA 11 discipline ground, fierily attempting to finesse a long shot into the top corner with this sung play in the background ?
It ’ s pretty difficult to create a track vitamin a soporific as ‘ Odessa ’, but canadian electronic pillar Dan Snaith absolutely nails it here : the Madchester-style tambourines and minimalistic melodies give this track a vibration that tied the most astute electronic producer would struggle to emulate .

FIFA 12: ‘ Got It All ( This Can ’ t Be Living immediately ) ’ – Portugal. The man
For most people, Portugal. The man are synonymous with their 2017 hit ‘ Feel It still ’, which garnered more than its bazaar partake of airplay throughout the ensuing 18 months .
however, years before PTM went mainstream, they released possibly one of the most scheme psychedelic rock albums of the decade : In The Mountain In The Cloud. ‘ Got It All ’ – one of two singles from the LP – is nothing short of a symphonic gem, with its dulcet production sounding top pass, even through that icky LCD monitor connected to your Xbox 360 .

FIFA 13: ‘ If So ’ – Atlas Genius
By now, the FIFA franchise was gaining unprecedented grip with the origin of its insidiously addictive Ultimate Team, not to mention the huge expansion of its leagues and stadiums .
But possibly more importantly, FIFA was starting to incorporate more australian releases as separate of its soundtracks. ‘ If So ’ slots in beautifully within ‘ 13 ’ south cheerful catalogue, with the Adelaide four ’ south preference for memorable hooks and vibrant synths pricking the ears of those over at EA Sports HQ .

FIFA 14: ‘ My Number ’ – Foals  
If there ’ s a set whose music embodies bluff athleticism, it ’ randomness Foals. Their exist performances are nothing short of adrenaline-charged, thanks to the disdainful stage presence of contribute singer Yannis Philippakis. This tune, murder 2013 ’ mho Holy Fire, is a stand-out : the besotted, interlocking guitar parts, funky rhythm section and active lyric refrain make it a number you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate forget .

FIFA 15: ‘ Walk ’ – Kwabs
Ask any FIFA crippled what their all-time front-runner soundtrack tune is, and you ’ re probably going to hear this one come up a fair morsel. Born Kwabena Adjepong, British singer/songwriter Kwabs released ‘ Walk ’ in 2014, and its inclusion on the subsequent class ’ randomness edition only sought to bolster its worldwide popularity .
At its core, it ’ sulfur signally simpleton yet attention-getting, with a piano ostinato and vocal melody that ’ s surely etched into the soul of everyone who bought the game .

FIFA 16: ‘ Dreams ’ – Beck
While it ’ s no 2020, I think most of us can agree that 2016 was a strange class in its own right : Brexit, exploding smartphones, creepy clown sightings and a world television receiver personality being elected US President are fair some of the events that punctuated the utter bamboozlement that was 2016 .
But a bully dance-pop cut by the differently understated Beck being featured on a FIFA game ? Don ’ thymine remember anyone would ’ ve believed that in their wildest dream .

FIFA 17: ‘ Bye Bye ’ – SAFIA
possibly one of the more dominate songs on 2017 ’ s edition of FIFA, this track by Canberra electronica three SAFIA is likely the most fascinate lash-up to have emerged from the capital in late memory. The lyrics detail the narrator ’ s on-line harassment via social media, all the while accompanied by a far-out, Montuno-inspired piano part .

FIFA 18: ‘ L ’ Hiver Indien ’ – Baloji
Throughout the last 20 years, Congo-born belgian knocker Baloji has amassed a formidable reputation ascribable to the blunt, semi-autobiographical nature of his music .
‘ L ’ Hiver Indien ’ – translated to ‘ The indian Winter ’ in English – is a prime exemplar of his art : whistle from the perspective of a refugee life in Europe, it uses the weather and deepen in surroundings as a metaphor for the culture shock and struggles to adapt to their adopted base. The chipper, ‘ 70s-style Afrobeat guitar provides the arrant backdrop here for a sung that most surely merits a revisit .

FIFA 19: ‘ Beat 54 ( All Good nowadays ) ’ – Jungle
For those inclined to toke up before partaking in a game or two of FIFA, 2019 ’ mho edition offered up what can only be described as a request soundtrack. It ’ s relatively more chilled out than many of the preceding editions, with songs such as Childish Gambino ’ s ‘ Feels Like Summer ’ exemplifying said vibration .
however, ‘ Beat 54 ’ has got to be the most laid-back song hear on the franchise to date, featuring some clammy outspoken layers and a funky, buoyant bassline that ’ ll leave any pit crippled in a act of a daze .

FIFA 20: ‘ Rushing Back ’ – Flume ft. Vera Blue
When it comes to collaborating with the cream of the local crop, no one does it better than Harley Streten, aka Flume. ‘ Rushing Back ’ showcases the song talents of NSW-based artist Vera Blue, and the birdcall deservedly found itself on the approaching FIFA 20 soundtrack.

Streten ’ s glitchy synth-work demonstrates his aptness to discover sounds one never knew existed, while Blue ’ s laughably across-the-board vocal range is on full expose : this is surely a tune that ’ ll evoke some serious FIFA nostalgia in years to come .

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