2021 movies in song: a “Gee, Officer Krupke” parody about Power of the Dog, Drive My Car, Movie Club.

In Slate ’ s annual Movie Club, film critic Dana Stevens emails with colleague critics—this year, Bilge Ebiri, Alison Willmore, and Odie Henderson—about the year in film. Below is Entry 10 .
Dana, Alison, and Bilge ,
It has been an honor and a prerogative to participate in this class ’ mho Slate Movie Club. So I would like you all to be pallbearers for the coffin caparison my film critic career. Because if the end two posts seaport ’ triiodothyronine already gotten me canceled, this one will decidedly do the trick. last time, I wrote a musical number to close out my time here. This year, there ’ s another number. And since this is my second time at Movie Club, it ’ s as big and overdo as a sequel demands !

In the meanwhile, thank you, Dana for bringing up Summer of Soul, my issue one movie of 2021. I was amazed by how well this film was put together by Questlove and his crew. obviously, Hal Tulchin ’ s the MVP here, shooting all that footage, but the way the film is constructed is just a miracle to behold. I had to see it in Harlem because my screener didn ’ metric ton work and my review was due. I ’ thousand beaming I had to trek up there. I walked out of the Magic Johnson field and went immediately to the park where that concert took place. I felt the bearing of all those concertgoers who congregated there the year before I was born. It was a rare consequence of peace for me this year. Questlove ’ mho film besides answered a long-standing doubt I had by revealing where YouTube got this Nina Simone performance .





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Alison, your Swan Song ( Udo Kier version ) recapitulation made me verklempt ! I haven ’ triiodothyronine seen the Mahershala Ali movie, but whoever thought to put out two movies with the accurate same name in the same year needs prayer. I ’ m besides glad you brought up Belfast, a movie whose needle drops I found incredibly objectionable but whose sexual love of movie bought it a distribute of good will. Why there ’ s then much hatred for it I ’ ll never understand. It ’ randomness dessert, nostalgic, and I think Branagh did a capital speculate casting it. You mentioned Dorman and Balfe, but I want to throw my two cents in for Ciarán Hinds and Dame Judi Dench as the grandparents. As she did in Cats, Dench closes out this film. This time, however, she doesn ’ thymine sing an endless song about addressing a big cat. Her muteness is the final shoot is a small thing of beauty .

I, on the other hand, WILL close out with a song. And, to show I ’ megabyte not a complete bastard, I ’ ve set this to the tune of my favored song from West Side Story, “ Gee, Officer Krupke. ” I ’ m a huge fan of Sondheim, and this is the first base of many “ story songs ” he ’ vitamin d compose. This is an court, not a takedown ! For me, it ’ south 2021 in a nutshell .

ODIE : Deeear charitable Bronco Henry Ya got tantalum understand That Westerns aren ’ t so trendy And they ’ re not in demand. It ’ sulfur good that you ’ re on Netflix, The Power of the Dog. Golly Moses, that film was a plug away ! Gee, Kodi Smit-McPhee You in truth were great. You played so many complex beats While being sedate. But I don ’ triiodothyronine buy Benny. His character ’ s excessively one note. He was a incision, that ’ mho all she wrote. All she wrote ! indeed one note ! indeed one note ! He was so one note ! On the screen, does he evening emote ? MOVIE CLUB : That ’ s a real contrarian narrative, Odie !
ODIE : Let me tell it to the worldly concern !
MOVIE CLUB : fair tell it to the critics groups ! ODIE : Deeear helmer Hamaguchi equitable let me say hurrah ! You won NYFCC And LAFCA Your car made the top ten-spot lists

But Wheel did it for me. Leapin ’ Lizards, you made crix agree ! In fear, Hamaguchi Is where we will be If you manage to win over the NSFC critical consensus Is so very rare. All I can say is “ honk beep yea ! ” And “ here, here ! ” Beep beep yea, honk beep yea Beep honk, honk honk yea ! Like the Beatles I say honk beep yea ! MOVIE CLUB : That Odie is depraved ! Send him to where the depraved people go : the multiplex ! ODIE : Sooome people go to Regal. Some go to AMC. Though it ’ sulfur kinda illegal, Some torrent the movie. Box position was abysmal Til Spider-Man swing by Goodness, gracious ! That made critics cry : “ Gee, folks at the movies ! Have you any class ? You need to see West Side Story Or we ’ ll kick your arsenic ! Can ’ t blasted slate prices Or the pandemic. Your taste in movies is barely pale ! identical brainsick ! It is pale, it is sick, You all make us pale ! promise they don ’ t by rights mask your movie ! ” MOVIE CLUB : very curious ! Anything else you wan na say before we kick you outta this joint ? ODIE : Deeear film of this year The good, bad and atrocious I ’ thousand gladiolus that you were all here To at least distract me. It ’ sulfur not I ’ thousand antisocial But this class was a jerk ! Gloryosky, movies were a fringe benefit ! Gee, Slate Movie Club, see You ’ ve done it again ! This boy has done his job And his time ’ south come to an end. To my think of colleagues : Hug you if I could. All jokes aside you ’ re all bloody thoroughly ! indeed blasted good ! You ’ re so adept, you ’ re then good ! You ’ re sol fuckin ’ good ! now I ’ megabyte gon na go second to my ‘ hood !

Out, out, abbreviated candle ,
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