Reddit Toppled Hedge Funds — Now It’s Time to Take Down Finance Bro Style

stopping point week, Reddit ’ second r/WallStreetBets exposed what hedge funds actually are — wolves in sheep ’ s clothe. That said, I can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate give you a nuanced psychoanalysis of what ’ s happening with the stock marketplace. It took a Survivor doctrine of analogy for me to ultimately get a nucleotide understand of why hedge funds are bastards. thankfully, my colleague Miles Klee has a good explainer .
What I do know about is vogue — namely, that these hedge fund dudes preceptor ’ thymine have any. These Wolves of Wall Street ( truly, Mopes of Midtown ) masquerade as debonair businessmen. however, behind the soft wool vests and satiny khakis is… nothing. about all finance bros dress precisely the same .

finance bro stylus — besides known as banker bro or business bro — is the tendency for clear white dudes to walk around in wool Patagonia vests, pastel button-downs, ill-fitting khaki and brown loafers. Swap out the footwear for Allbirds if they work at a startup. You can spot these screaming hyenas in their natural environments : talking excessively forte on Bluetooth headsets in business districts, metro cars and the carrel next to you. If two are together, the alpha will have their capitalist caller ’ randomness logo embroidered on their clothing .
These fits have come to represent a certain breed of fellow more concerned with his investing portfolio than the everyman he ’ sulfur screwing over by short deal stocks. It ’ s the type of guy who idolizes Succession ’ s Kendall Roy. And therefore, since we ’ re taking down hedge funds these days, it ’ s alone right we besides burn their Barbour, Bonobos and Vineyard Vines overdress. In the Reddit Revolution, there ’ s no room for gingham.

unofficial uniforms dominate every industry, signifying you ’ ra part of the team. Media people love to show in Everlane slacks and Uniqlo job coats, while stores like J.Crew and Banana Republic thrive off casual commercial enterprise wear for the everyday corporate worker — retiring polo, crew-cut sweaters and slimming puffer jackets. even in the pandemic, where sweatpants are now professional, Entireworld ’ s sportswear rose to the top. They make you feel like you ’ re still trendy, despite the fact that no one on your work Zoom will see them .
however, in the pandemic, the finance guy ’ s sartorial endeavors aren ’ thyroxine faring besides well. Don ’ thymine worry about his money : The top billionaires still added $ 931 billion to their web worth. But when they ’ rhenium working from home, there ’ s no Sweetgreen server to berate or SoulCycle teacher to hit on. His overcharge vests are useless and no longer demand they be taken seriously .
surely, not every dandy who works in finance is an entitle buttocks. But the clothes we wear signify to the universe what our personalities might be : Just as a MAGA hat says you ’ re a Trump assistant or Carhartt beanie implies you vape and probably don ’ t call your ma rear, a Patagonia sheepskin vest connotes a certain toxic masculinity. besides, these dudes call everyone, “ Bro. ” Nor is the exit here that brands like Brooks Brothers or J.Crew are inherently conceited and aggressively masculine — you can surely find timbre basics at both stores. It ’ randomness just that their most common consumer has ruined any goodwill their logo and name once held.

But for guys who ’ ve donned the business bro aesthetic to fit in, there ’ s a path out of this polish that however allows for you to appear professional in traditional workplaces. Swap out the fleece vests for entire jackets ( not zip-ups ). Better so far, take a gamble and tire merino wool. It ’ south warm, more slimming and better for the environment .
As for pants, invest in actual slacks, not icky chinos or khaki pants. Doing so is cost-efficient. You can dress them up with a blazer for a post-pandemic casual marry or scale them down with well-fitting T-shirts for a casual date night .
in truth, these finance bros have set the bar so depleted that anything is better than the Midtown uniform. It ’ second time to stop giving off the impression that you enjoy listening to ODESZA while typing annual reports and wearing your high school lacrosse jersey on casual Fridays. The economy can ’ metric ton handle it, and neither can I.

Joseph Longo

Joseph Longo is a culture and entertainment journalist whose work has appeared in The Associated Press, Entertainment Weekly and more. He ‘s still trying to understand what it means to be a Gemini Rising .

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