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Flight of the Conchords returned to HBO with an all new limited in 2018. This follow the play of their serial from 2007-2009. Both members of “ New Zealand ’ s fourth most popular comedy-folk duet ” found enormous solo success since the serial ended, with Jemaine Clement becoming a Hollywood star and Bret McKenzie winning an academy award, but we ’ ll always love them together the most. so to celebrate their glorious return, we judged every song* from their perplex HBO appearance based on musical timbre, how well they worked within the sequence, and how funny story they are on their own. That ’ second right—it ’ randomness time to get down to clientele. The business of ranking. Ranking Every Song from the FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS TV Show_1 *With only a few exceptions we ’ ra not including songs from the prove the band performed primarily in the “ real ” world. So no “ Doggy Bounce, ” “ Femident Toothpaste, ” “ Rock the Party, ” “ She-Wolf, ” “ Epileptic Dogs, ” “ The Broadway Musical, ” and “ Rap ( Is not identical good ). ” We ’ re besides omitting their non-lyrical numbers, like the composition song, “ Bret ’ s Angry Dance, ” “ Everyday Sounds Musical Montage, ” and the series-ending shepherds ’ jam.

They are all amaze, but they are excessively unlike from the “ fantasy world ” songs that define the series, so it ’ mho about impossible to compare them—a sung like “ Rock the Party ” is then good because it ’ randomness intentionally bad. And since we are only judging the interpretation of songs that were included in the series, we aren ’ metric ton ranking “ Jenny ” from their amazing One Night Stand, but it ’ second still one of their all-time bests. 41. “Oh, Dance, Baby“ A korean song presented in karaoke form is only curious if you can see the hilariously bad english transformation. 40. “Petrov, Yelyena, & Me“ A russian folk music song about three people lost at sea, with two of them turning to cannibalism, never actually bites. 39. “Stay Cool“ This West Side Story spoof works in the context of the episode, but it ’ mho besides on-the-nose to stand on its own. FotC is at its best doing apt parodies and homages rather than “ cool ” imitations .

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19. “Hurt Feelings” (and Reprise) Bret and Jemaine doing a pat song about people being mean to them is probably the point on this list where you can listen to any of these songs on duplicate and not get tired of them. 18. “Bret, You’ve Got It Going On“ Yes, this technically is a “ real universe ” song, but since it is good the two of them it fits the cosmopolitan vibration of their fantasy populace songs. Plus it ’ sulfur excessively good to be excluded from this list. The last section is one of the show ’ mho funniest moments. 17. “Leggy Blonde“ Murray ’ s other sung is great musically, and one of the funniest from the show. That ’ s actually why it doesn ’ t rank even higher, because the lyrics and the conclusion ( when Jemaine comes in to do a dance breakdown ) exploit so much better in the context of the sequence. Jemaine ’ randomness unfinished lyrics might be the unmarried best wages to any joke in the series. I wish I could watch this episode for the first clock again .

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But what does your list attend like ? What should have been a fortune higher ? What should have been a batch lower ? What do you have number one ? Tell us in the comments section below. Images : HBO

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