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Flying Horse Slot Machine

If you thought pigs were the only farmyard animals that could fly, think again – they can ’ metric ton. Neither can horses for that matter, except in slots designed by Ainsworth. The software company ’ s 5-reel extravaganza sees horses fly and all manner of other charming happen as you strive to win more money than you could bank in a year of good graft. Whether you succeed in that enterprise remains to be seen, but no matter : whatever the consequence, you should have a bang play Flying Horse, that a lot is guaranteed. Some slots companies produce kitsch-looking games because that ’ s all they ’ ra able of ( certain Eastern European devs in particularly seem to specialise in crafting unironically naff video slots ). Ainsworth are classier than that ; their games are typically shrill, smart and cringe-free affairs, so why does flying horse resemble the jacket overlay of a 1970s adolescent fiction novel ? The best estimate is it ’ s a debate ploy from Ainsworth ; their Flying Horse game, with its scorch-effect letter, is retro because they wanted it that way. Whatever the case, it ’ second surely an attention-getting plan, one that you ’ ll silent be seeing in your sleep long after you ’ ve pocketed your call and your head ’ south hit the pillow.

Equine Equity

With a brilliant crimson and gold sunset and a horse leap across the face of the adjust sunday, Flying Horse surely isn ’ triiodothyronine elusive. Likewise with the reels, where winning symbols are illuminated in flashing frames of neon blue sky and orange. once you ’ ve catch past the brassy discolor palette, the foremost thing that ’ ll strike you about this crippled is how long it takes the reels to stop spin. If you ’ re an impatient sort, you ’ d be advised to get your kicks elsewhere. If you don ’ metric ton mind the wait, however, Flying horse can more than justify the time spent getting to grips with its quirks and features. Across the bottom of the screen, your sum cash, bet floor, total of lines and total bet are displayed. Above that, there are three buttons with which to control the game settings. The spinning arrow that serves as the begin clitoris needs no initiation – pay attentiveness to the smaller plus symbol alongside it however. This allows you to adjust autoplay by setting a loss limit and specifying the act of spins to be made. To adjust the stake and line level, you ’ ll indigence to click the gear picture to the bequeath. The bet level can range anywhere from €0.01 to €100 and the number of lines from 1 to 100.

Flying Reels and Leaping Mares

The game ’ s lower value symbols, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A, are adorned with thoroughly luck charms including a pair of die on the A and a rose on the tabby. All of these symbols are worth the same sum, a sum that will vary according to the bet level. After A, it ’ s on to the proprietary symbols that are to be found in Flying Horse, starting with a canyon which has a swollen river rushing through it. Next up is a diamond, followed by a horse outlined against a setting sunlight. After that it ’ s the turning of red 7s and then a flame eagle, which precisely leaves the particular symbols. Scatter appears as a fly Flying Horse badge. There ’ s besides a particular version of this symbol, adorned with the parole WILD. Wild flying horse will substitute for any of the regular play symbols, helping to turn little wins into well larger ones. With the bet degree set at €100 per spin, it ’ s actually possible to win €1,000,000 by landing 5 flying horse symbols.

The other symbol to look for is that of another leaping horse, this time overlaid against a aristocratic flip with a splinter of sun peeking out. Depending on where it appears on the reels, it has the power to turn other symbols wilderness, upgrading flying horses to wild flying horses .

Super Fly

If the give voice ‘ Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate estimate a book by its cover ’ could be applied to a video time slot, that slot would be Flying Horse. That ’ south partially because this game literally looks like a book cover, but besides because its slightly naff design belies a crack up game that ’ s full of action. With multiple ways to win major money, playing this Ainsworth slot is anything but predictable. Those reels might take their odoriferous time, but when they finally come in, there ’ south cash to be had. Horses fly and jackpots happen. You ’ d better believe it .

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