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Stoner comedy film series
Friday is a stoner drollery film franchise created by Ice Cube and DJ Pooh. [ 1 ] The series takes position in South Central Los Angeles and follows the exploits of constantly unemployed people Craig Jones, who along with his friends and relatives, are jab into versatile issues that happen to occur on a Friday. Three films have been released. The first gear film, Friday ( 1995 ), was a sleeper murder and has garnered a large cult following. The film ‘s success led to two sequels, Next Friday ( 2000 ) and Friday After Next ( 2002 ), which were besides box office successes. A ephemeral animated serial based on the films debuted in 2007 on MTV2 and lasted 8 episodes .

Films [edit ]

Friday ( 1995 ) [edit ]

The movie takes a look at one unmarried Friday in the life of two friends, Craig Jones ( Ice Cube ) and Smokey ( Chris Tucker ), in South Central LA. Craig has recently been fired from his speculate while attempting to collect his wages, as he was allegedly caught on television camera stealing cardboard boxes from UPS, although he claims purity. Throughout the day, friends and local vicinity characters pass through, including the hulking neighborhood strong-arm Deebo ( Tommy Lister, Jr. ). The movie ‘s subplot focuses on drug dealer Big Worm ( Faizon Love ), who warns Craig and Smokey to collect $ 200 worth of cannabis they smoked ( which was supposed to be sold ) no later than 10:00 that flush, or Craig and Smokey will be killed.

In the end, Craig manages to overcome all of the day ‘s tribulations, save for finding use ; he and Smokey are able to pay Big Worm, he confronts Deebo and successfully beats him after all of his blustery to everyone else, and he and his reasonably neighbor Debbie ( Nia Long ) hook up .

Next Friday ( 2000 ) [edit ]

following Friday is a 2000 stone drollery film, and the sequel to the 1995 film Friday. This is the first film to be produced by producer Ice Cube ‘s movie production company Cube Vision. The film is directed by Steve Carr, and stars Ice Cube, Mike Epps, Don “ D.C. ” Curry, John Witherspoon, and Tommy “ Tiny ” Lister Jr. In the sequel, Deebo has sworn retaliation against Craig for beating him up and putting him in imprison for four years. He is joined by his small brother, Tyrone ( Sticky Fingaz ), whom he escaped jail with. Craig ‘s church father, Willie decides to send him up to Rancho Cucamonga and hot with his uncle ‘s class until Deebo is back in imprison. It ‘s there, he learns about the fiscal problems that Day-Day and his don, Elroy, face. He is besides informed by their korean neighbor, Mrs. Ho-Kim ( Amy Hill ) with the problems of Karla ‘s older brothers : Joker ( Jacob Vargas ), Lil ‘ Joker ( Lobo Sebastian ) and Baby Joker ( Rolando Molina ). When Craig learns about the drug money hidden in a shriek retain in Joker ‘s board, Craig conspires with Day-Day and Roach to steal it so they can use the money to pay off the debts .

Friday After Next ( 2002 ) [edit ]

At 3:37am on Christmas Eve, Craig ( Ice Cube ) and Day-Day ( Mike Epps ) are robbed by a fudge Santa Claus ( Rickey Smiley ) as he stole their presents, Craig ‘s candle collection, Day-Day ‘s baby pictures and a big sandwich. Craig and Day-Day get jobs as rent-a-cops in a strip promenade where Willie ( John Witherspoon ) and Elroy ( Don “ D.C. ” Curry ) opened up a rib joint, called “ Bros. BBQ ”. They owe economic rent to their apartment build ‘s director, Ms. Pearly ( BeBe Drake ) who threatens the two with the attentions of her beefy gay son, Damon Pearly ( Terry Crews ). Craig is in beloved with Donna, the girlfriend of a pander named Money Mike ( Katt Williams ) who treats her ill and Craig and Day-Day throw a rip party to get the money for Ms. Pearly .

Last Friday ( TBA )

[edit ]

According to John Witherspoon, the fourth episode of the series has been greenlit as of April 2017. [ 2 ] DJ Pooh reveals in an interview on Drink Champs that he ‘s working on Last Friday with Ice Cube. [ 3 ] As of April 2018, Ice Cube stated “ properly now we ‘re calm writing the movie, making certain that ‘s ahead of the curl and not behind the curl. But I believe we ‘ll start shoot, hopefully by the end of this year. ” [ 4 ] In May 2018, Mike Epps posted a video and trope on Instagram with Ice Cube, teasing fans, and they assumed that the film is in production. [ 5 ] however, the footage was for the Friday film inspired Big 3 season 2 commercial, and it teased what last Friday would look like. On April 29, 2019, Ice Cube stated that the script has been completed, and hopes for it to be released on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the original film, which would be 2020. “ We are pushing for it, we finished the script, we are getting notes from the studio and it ‘s going back and forth, ” Cube said. “ Get into pre-production and begin lease. It would be nice for this to come out on the twenty-fifth anniversary. ” [ 6 ] On June 21, 2019, Ice Cube stated that the movie is coming and he ‘s presently doing a rewrite with DJ Pooh. [ 7 ] Four months late, on October 29, 2019, John Witherspoon died, which leaves the destiny of his character unknown. [ 8 ] On November 14, 2019, Ice Cube blamed New Line Cinema for not committing to getting the film made while Witherspoon was alive. [ 9 ] Ever since Witherspoon ‘s death, Ice Cube stated that the movie was presently on hold although he hopes to get it back on track in the near future. [ 10 ]

On December 19, 2020, in the wake of Tommy Lister Jr. ‘s death, Angela Means claimed on a podcast that the undertaking was cancelled. exchangeable to Ice Cube, she besides blamed New Line Cinema for not devoting themselves to the movie ‘s production stating “ You let our legends die ”. [ 11 ] A day later, on December 20, Clifton Powell expressed hope that the film would inactive be in product and that it will include a tribute to John Witherspoon and Tommy Lister Jr. [ 12 ] On May 7, 2021, Ice Cube opened up about two potential scripts he had written for the film. The first one would have focused on Craig and Day-Day trying to survive in prison after having their Cannabis Dispensary stolen by a Flash throng. They both would have then found themselves in a Rehabilitation hospital run by Smokey. Cube did not give any accurate details on the second script, although, he stated it would have focused around a love report. [ 13 ]

television [edit ]

Friday: The Animated Series ( 2007 ) [edit ]

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