George Michael’s friend reveals what ‘really’ caused singer’s death

On the fifth anniversary of pop legend George Michael ’ s death, his childhood ally has spoken out about their time in concert — and the life-changing personnel casualty which he believes is responsible for the singer ’ s early death .
“ George was the love of his life sentence and if he hadn ’ t died, I think George would inactive be here, ” Andros Georgiou, a boyhood friend of Michael ’ mho, told the Mirror of the Wham ! star ’ sulfur greatest sleep together, brazilian apparel graphic designer Anselmo Feleppa .
Feleppa — for whom Michael ’ sulfur song “ Jesus to a Child ” is a tribute — died in 1993 after contracting AIDS. He was 33 and a year into his relationship with Michael .
“ After Anselmo, he didn ’ thymine find very love, he had a lot of sex and met lots of people but he never found what he had with Anselmo, ” said Georgiou.

george michael first loveGeorge Michael in 1985. Getty Images
“ I saw how glad they were, ” added Georgiou, who grew up calling Michael his cousin because their families were so close, but fell out ahead of Michael ’ mho Christmas Day death in 2016, at 53. “ I think he was quite lost after Anselmo died, it hit him hard. ”
Of Michael ’ s sex life, Georgiou besides recalls him sleeping with some of the world ’ s most beautiful people — women included .
“ sometimes George got with women excessively. In the early days he was bisexual. I can ’ t name her but he slept with the circus tent model in the world, ” Georgiou revealed to the publication. “ There was a fortune of sex in clubs in New York and London. Cloakrooms and stuff. It was fun and I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate regret a second of it. I was the luckiest man in popular because I was with George and George was gay and there were queues and queues of models. There were a-list models, a-list crop up stars. ”

Georgiou says he is however in mourning for his friend, but that the recent addition of an engrave plaque on Michael ’ sulfur grave at North London ’ s Highgate Cemetery has brought him some catharsis .
“ I went to see George ’ mho grave and finally I was glad to see a plaque along with his mum and baby, ” he said. Michael is buried following to his mother, Lesley, and his baby, Melanie, who died three years to the day after George, at just 59 .
george michael first loveGeorge Michael in 2005. Getty Images

“ It was identical emotional because it made it real, ” added Georgios. “ I ’ thousand very happy this has happened. It took so long. For a while now I have felt that he has been forgotten. ”
In addition to visiting Michael ’ sulfur scratch, Georgios commemorated the anniversary of his acquaintance ’ s death by playing a lot of his music on London Calling Radio FM .
“ This clock time of class is always incredibly hard for me. December is a write-off, ” said, but on Christmas Eve, “ I did a radio prove and played all of his hits. ”

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