What Makes A Song A Good Song?

When you think of a effective song, you think of something that ’ sulfur easy to remember and fun to listen to. There are many reasons we consider a song to be good, or why we love them and want to listen to them. possibly it is because you can relate to the lyrics or it helps you to feel good, a great song from the pop music music genre that uplifts you when you are sad, or the song good has a great tune. possibly you just enjoy listening to the singer, or the sung itself is truly attention-getting and stays with you even after it is over. Think about your darling sung. Why is it your favorite ? Can you think of some reasons ?

There are many factors that go into what is considered to be a great song. What are they ? What makes a effective birdcall ? Let ’ s explore some important qualities, songwriting tips, and how a songwriter might utilize these qualities when writing their own original birdcall.


Chord progressions throughout the music are a key part of making popular songs. part of this is making consumption of repeat, with the verses using the same chords, and then having the melody or chorus using the lapp chord progressions. This gives it more catchiness since it will be easy to pick up on the notes and chords.


good lyrics besides have to go with the chords. A song can ’ t connect to its consultation on notes entirely, though implemental or non-lyrical music does evoke emotions and there can be hit songs that have no lyrics. however, when you are able to pair the melodies with some dear lyrics as well within a sung, you create a two-toned effect. Emotional and heartfelt lyrics can in truth create a durable impact. rhymed is besides something that can be used to help drive the repetition throughout, and can besides aid in the catchiness. The key to rhyme is to try and be clever. Rhymes with easy words like vomit, hat, sat – won ’ t have a much intrigue as bigger, more complex words like moment/own it. Think of clever ways to create the rhymes to make your lyrics more effective .


Chords and lyrics have to be put in concert in some form or form. That ’ s where having a solid song structure comes in. Clearly being able to map an intro, chorus, verses, and possibly a bridge ( or melodic leap ) outline the overall shape of your song. think of a birdcall structure like this : A = Melody/Chorus, B = Verse, and C = Bridge. So some song structures follow the ABAB format, sometimes like ABABCA. Catchy melodies sometimes bare being repeated multiple times over, so possibly your song structure would go something like BABACA.

There international relations and security network ’ t very any right room to structure your sung, but if it is your first clock time writing a sung, possibly it ’ south easier to keep it simple and start with precisely the ABAB or BABAA format. Songwriting is a learn skill that takes a bunch of practice, so it is a good mind to start with simple chord progressions and melodies, and simple formats with your lyrics. simpleton can besides be great !


not alone does a good sung want to have great chords, melodies, and lyrics, but besides should create some sort of reaction, or evoke a specific emotion. A batch of songwriters craft their music from specific events or experiences that they have had, making it very relatable to others. Think about a certain vibration that you want to give your birdcall. possibly you in truth like the room that hip hop punches with its lyrics or a crop up birdcall that has a bubbly, feel-good type vibration. Play on these emotions and feelings, and use your song to express them so that people will recognize and react to them in a positive way .


One of the last parts of crafting a effective song would be having a certain hook or a riff within the song that establishes its catchiness, sometimes where the “ C ” part of your song structure comes in. This can be explored when you are figuring out your chord progressions and lyrics. You want to have something firm, whether its a allege in the lyrics or a certain musical interlude that can embed itself in your genius. then you know that your audience will continue to hum and have in their heads the following day .


If you want to learn how to write good music, or what rightfully makes a good birdcall, listen to your own playlists. Grab your darling song and heed to it on duplicate. Get on your Spotify and identify what artists, vocalists, or instrumentalists that you idolize. Why do you idolize them ? What songs do they have that you find to be the best ?

When you can break down a sung and actually figure out what chords, melodies, lyrics, or catchy hook makes the birdcall stick with you – you can easily adapt and make something that you can use in your own song ( second ). You can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate create something original without having some sort of charm to draw from. It ’ s not that you couldn ’ t be creative and make something from your imagination. It ’ sulfur fair that sometimes it ’ south easier to start by listening to others and explore why they have such a profound effect. then you will be quick to craft your own stories and anecdotes from your life within your songwriting. Chances are, your own experiences will be easier to write about when you start, but if you need a boost to get you started, think about a deplorable grief from high school, or what falling in beloved for the first time felt like. Start writing those stories and see what evolves from there. Who knows – possibly your story-turned-song will be the adjacent smash hit learn throughout the music industry !

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