2019 Super Bowl Halftime Show: Everything you need to know about Maroon 5’s performance

The 2019 Super Bowl halftime display will be headlined by Maroon 5, the wildly popular radio-rock band led by run singer and master of ceremonies of “ The Vocie, ” Adam Levine. Super Bowl 53, along with the halftime show, takes station at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Ga .
Considered one of the more special shows for a melodious node to take partially in, the Super Bowl halftime show always brings out mass craze on social media and creates major talking points in both the sports and pop culture universes. With the likes of Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Bruno Mars participating in years past, the Super Bowl always brings out the biggest names in the industry .
This class, Maroon 5 will be joined by Travis Scott and Big Boi on stage in Atlanta. In order to make the performance more enjoyable, let ‘s review all the background data you need to know about the Super Bowl 53 halftime indicate .

Who is performing at Super Bowl 53?

Maroon 5:  Led by lead singer Adam Levin, Maroon 5 has constantly sat at the top of the popular charts for over a decade. With well-know classics such as “ This Love ”, “ One More Night ” and “ Moves Like Jagger ” to go along with recent hits “ Girls Like You ” and “ Wait ”, Maroon 5 appeals to a big array of listeners. This will be the bands first Super Bowl halftime performance.

Travis Scott:  Coming off a wildley successful year of music in 2018, Scott is one of the most well-known names in the rap industry. You probably ca n’t go to any prevention or stadium in the area without hearing his song “ Sicko Mode ” being blasted through the speakers. A native of Houston, Scott is very involved in the sports scene for his hometown teams and can constantly be seen sitting courtside at Rockets bet on .

Big Boi:  Joining the other two on stagecoach, Big Boi represents the Atlanta helping of this Super Bowl perfomring trio. A native of the city Super Bowl 53 will be played in, Big Boi is most long-familiar for his time spent in the rap duet Outkast alongside André 3000 .

Why is Maroon 5 performing at Super Bowl 53?

This year ‘s Super Bowl halftime show has not come without a little controversey between artists and the NFL.

Maroon 5 Canceled Their Press Conference
On Tuesday, the NFL announced the the ring will not be holding the customary press conference prior to Super Bowl 53 on Sunday. There was no clear reasoning given as to why the conference became a no-go, but the band had been getting some heat over the past few weeks for accepting the gig after other artists turned it down due to conflicting views with the NFL .
Travis Scott and the NFL will donate $500,000
region of the agreement between Scott and the NFL is that the two will come together to donate money to charities, including the Dream Corps.

Where to Watch Super Bowl 53 halftime show:

Super Bowl 53 between the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots will be aired on CBS this year. The Super Bowl can besides be streamed through CBS or watched through the network ‘s app .

When to Watch Super Bowl 53 halftime show:

Kickoff for Super Bowl 53 is set for 6:30 p.m. ET, but most likely wo n’t begin correct then and there. If the first half remains reasonably standard you should expect Maroon 5, Travis Scott and Big Boi to take the stage near 8:30 p.m. however, you would be better off to have the game in the background than to take my news for it .

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