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2015 single by Minmi
Hologram “ ( japanese : ホログラム ;, “ hologram ” ) is a song recorded by japanese recording artist Minmi, taken from her seventh studio album Ego ( 2015 ). It was made available for digital download and physical consumption on June 10, 2015 through Universal J—a subordinate label owned by Universal Music Japan—as her third stand-alone single. “ Hologram ” marks Minmi ‘s irregular consecutive recording after “ Ite Itai yo ” to have been written, composed, arranged, and produced by herself. musically, the sung was described by a critic at Selective Hearing as a transition from her signature reggae music styles to electronic dance music, whilst retaining musical elements of dancehall music. Upon its acquittance, the unmarried received broadly cocksure reviews from music critics. Some pointed out the track as a foreground from the album, whilst acclaiming the song ‘s musical composition. minor criticism was outspoken towards the lotion of Auto-Tune to her vocals. commercially, it under-performed in Japan, stalling at count 116 for a exclusive week on the Oricon Singles Chart, marking her lowest-selling release in that region. To promote the individual, it was used for japanese anime television receiver series Jitsu wa Watashi wa ( 2015 ). additionally, she appeared on japanese music television shows Count Down TV and Refreshing!, with her equally well performing the track at the 2016 Freedom Aozora concert venue.

Background, composition and release [edit ]

In June 2016, it was confirmed through Anime News Network that Minmi would release a new song titled “ Hologram ”, which would serve as a have racetrack for the beginning season of japanese anime television series, Actually, I Am… ( japanese : Jitsu wa Watashi wa ) ( 2015 ). [ citation needed ] “ Hologram ” marks Minmi ‘s second base back-to-back individual to have been written, composed, arranged, and produced by herself, following her 2014 single “ Ite Itai yo ”. [ 1 ] [ 2 ] Musically, it was pointed out by a writer for selective Hearing as a conversion from her signature reggae music styles from previous releases to dance-pop and electronic dancing music, whilst retaining musical elements of dancehall music. [ 3 ] It besides incorporates synthesizers and keyboards in its instrumentality, with Minmi ‘s vocals being processed with Auto-Tune and vocoder pyrotechnics. [ 1 ] [ 3 ] “ Hologram ” was released as the singer ‘s third base stand-alone digital individual on June 10, 2015 through Universal J, a subordinate tag owned by Universal Music Japan ; its artwork featured blue, purple, tap and green confetti. [ 4 ] The tag distributed the record for physical consumption as a DVD and CD in Japan, with a digital EP being made available in respective early territories. All formats included the original desegregate of the unmarried, with the addition of B-side track “ # Yaccahaina ” in collaboration with japanese performer Mary Jane. The DVD handout incorporated Minmi performing “ Hologram ” survive at the 2014 Freedom Aozora concert venue. [ 5 ] The accompanying breed sleeve for all three formats portrayed a pink-haired Minmi surrounded by digitally-superimposed confetti. [ 1 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ]

reception [edit ]

Upon its release, the single received positive reviews from music critics. AllMusic ‘s Adam Greenberg, who contributed to Mimni ‘s biography on the web site, cited the racetrack as one of her best employment. [ 7 ] In a similar review, CD Journal staff members pointed out “ Hologram ” as a foreground from her album Ego. [ 8 ] Another critic from the lapp issue commended Minmi ‘s transition to electronic dance music, labeling the recording ‘s product as “ bluff ” and “ spaced-out ”. The review promote acclaimed the singer ‘s vocals and songwriting on the single. [ 9 ] An editor from Selective Hearing enjoyed the track, concluding that, “ In the goal this is a flimsy deviation from Minmi ‘s typical releases, but it ‘s besides refreshing to hear her branch a little act. ” however, the publication negatively perceived the overuse of Auto-tune in the track and felt the represent B-side songs were better than the unmarried. [ 3 ] Commercially, “ Hologram ” under-performed in Japan. It debuted at number 116 for a exclusive week on the Oricon Singles Chart, marking Minmi ‘s lowest-charting release since “ La La La ( Ai no Uta ) ” ( 2012 ), which peaked at total 58. [ 10 ] [ 11 ] As of July 2016, it is her lowest-selling single according to Oricon Style ‘s database. [ 12 ]

music video recording and promotion [edit ]

An accompanying music video for “ Hologram ” was directed by Hideharu Ueki. [ 5 ] It opens with a womanhood walking down a beach front man, with her subsequently holding and letting go of her bikini strap by the pre-chorus. Over the rest of the ocular, she is portray being engaged entirely or with a homo in the water or playing around the beach shore ; several of the scenes recur throughout the music video. The trot appeared on the DVD version of its parent album, Ego. [ 13 ] To promote the single, it was used for japanese anime television series Jitsu wa Watashi wa ( 2015 ). [ citation needed ] She besides appeared on the japanese television music shows Count Down TV and Refreshing! to perform the song, aboard providing an interview in each show. [ 14 ] Minmi subsequently performed “ Hologram ” alive at the 2016 Freedom Aozona concert venue ; diverse other japanese acts, such as Scandal and 10-Feet, were present at the venue. [ 15 ]

Credits and personnel [edit ]

Credits adapted from the compact disk liner notes of “ Hologram ”. [ 1 ]

  • Management done by record label Universal J.
  • Minmi – lead vocals, producing, composing, songwriting, mixing, arranging
  • Mary Jane – featured artist, backing vocals
  • Hideharu Ueki – music video director

Track list and formats [edit ]

All lyrics written by Minmi. [ 1 ]

Digital download[4]
No. Title Lyrics Music Arrangement Length
1. “Hologram” ( ホログラム ) Michiko Evwana Michiko Evwana Evwana 4:05
CD single / digital EP[1][6]
No. Title Lyrics Music Arrangement Length
1. “Hologram” ( ホログラム ) Evwana Evwana Evwana 4:05
2. “Hologram” ( Asashi Kuromine adaptation )

Evwana Evwana Evwana 5:03
3. “#Yacchaina” ( featuring Mary Jane ) Evwana Evwana Evwana 4:20
Bonus DVD[5]
No. Title Director Length
1. “Hologram” ( ホログラム ) Hideharu Ueki 4:05
total duration : 4:05

Charts [edit ]

Chart (2015) Peak
Japan (Oricon)[10] 116

Release history [edit ]

Region Date Format Label
Japan[4] June 10, 2015 Digital download Universal J
New Zealand[17]
United Kingdom[18]
Japan[1] July 22, 2015 CD
Japan[5] DVD
Japan[6] Digital EP
New Zealand[26]
United Kingdom[27]

References [edit ]

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