Montréal’s electronic producer Hologramme releases dynamic single & music video “Dream” • When We Dip

Welcoming listeners to 2021, Montreal ’ s emerging electronic manufacturer Hologramme delivers his first single and music television of the new year. His latest single “ DREAM ” expands on both his electronica and atmospherically driven sound with the accompanying music video directed by Alexis Belhumeur​, setting the dismissal apart from his former works. Incorporating a game, stylized and spirited human storyline on Montréal ’ s alternative young culture with strong art focus, “ DREAM ” is an demonstrative detour from his previously visually centered clips, farther setting the tone for modern and excite applications for his productions .

Symbolizing a new get down, the veil we lift on the by that shows us something we thought to be dead, compassion, kindness and love, the handout is home to the core tenants of Hologramme ’ s signature sound. Contemplative and euphoric, the birdcall delivers the warm nostalgia Hologramme has become known for, though “ DREAM ” sees the artist take us under neon lights with a strong and anthemic chorus, blend with power, intensity and ferocity which flows into this anthemic and unite fib.

With the ocular universe playing a key function in his artistic identity, Hologramme recently expanded his creative team with the arrival of conductor Alexis Belhumeur, who has penned the artist ’ south post new music video. The ocular commission is comprised of a contemplative and uninitiate beauty that highlights a youth who seeks homo warmheartedness, celebration and familiarity. If this dystopia acts as a balm in this changeable menstruation, it is with certainty that Société Holographique de Montréal promises us a busy year in which music will serve as human warmheartedness.

Clément Leduc, artist behind Hologramme and fall through of Société Holographique de Montréal, finalized a distribution conduct with ​The Orchard​ ( Sony Music ) at the end of 2020 alongside a co-publishing bargain with ​Gum Club Paris, therefore strengthening his presence in Europe and the Americas through licensure and publication of his works within the kingdom of manner and film. Making its ’ populace premiere this year at Sundance Film Festival directed by Clint Bently, Jockey will be the first gear sport film to apply music from Hologramme to their film scores. Scored by Bryce and Aaron Dessner, the motion visualize will feature cuts off of Hologramme ’ s 2019 album Felicity. 2021 marks a class of expansion for Hologramme, with the launch of his pronounce set to release and support the works of others within his growing collective. To be released under his own imprint ​Société Holographique de Montréal​, Hologramme is besides announcing a modern EP to be released in bounce including six new songs, five of which sport well-known artists from the Montréal scene .
2020 determine Hologramme passing two eclectic singles “ Alaska ”, “ Préface ( Printemps ) ” and his ‘ Geist Im Gast ’ remix EP of his 2019 album Felicity, which featured official remixes from circus tent names in French and Canadian electronic music including Lunice and Fakear. With a full 6-track EP in store this give and the addition of newly artists to the label, 2021 is set to be a firm class for the Montréal based producer .

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