How tall is Drake? A scientific investigation based on facts

The cover art for Drake ‘s approaching album, Views From The 6, in which Drake is perched atop Toronto ‘s CN column, is the kind of picture that used to exist only in the wildest dream of the world ‘s meme creators. But Aubrey knows a thing or two about meme inspiration, and you can bet your OVO interlock jersey that when he decided on the album art, he knew fans and enemies alike would get creative with it. on the spur of the moment, there was Drake, sitting on Beyoncé ‘s head, hanging out with J. Cole, and lost in Where’s Waldo ‘s world. now, Twitter user @ HieuHefner has gone and brought mathematics into it, and I swear it ‘s more fun than it sounds, please do n’t leave .
As you can see from this helpful example below, if the bulb at the peak of the CN Tower is about 40-meters tall, and 11 sitting Drakes equals the distance of that bulb, then one sitting Drake is 12-feet grandiloquent. This is a nice reveal on its own, but it raises an matter to and significant question : If Drake is a giant star while sitting, how tall is standing Drake ?

There were two ways to deduce the answer to this doubt, the most obvious of which was Googling it. This line of remember turned out to be bullshit, as Google says that Drake is 6 feet grandiloquent. ( As we have learned from the blunders of other celebrities, no human is precisely 6 feet improbable ; normally, they are 5 feet and 11 and a one-half inches. ) Plus, Drake can not be 6 feet improbable if he is double that size while sitting, and we ‘re talking about Giant Drake here — not casual Drake. Googling celebrity heights : useless and mislead.

The future, less appealing option, was to do mathematics. First, I needed to determine the sitting to standing height ratio of a affluent and celebrate canadian male. This turned out to be more unmanageable than expected, as I could only find data about the sitting to standing altitude proportion of premenopausal women and Dutch teenagers. then I discovered a web site that is decidedly used by substantial humans, called One of the forum discussions involved sitting vs. standing altitude, in which lost souls posted their altitude measurements and asked the public to decide if they were normal. I dug through these measurements to see if I could come up with an average ratio. ( One person claimed they were 20 centimeters taller when sitting than standing, because they had a “ adipose tissue bottomland, ” so I was forced to eliminate their measurements based on insanity. ) This amateur study produced a work guess that sitting height is normally somewhere between 52 percentage and 56 percentage of a person ‘s wax standing acme.

For simplicity ‘s sake, I landed somewhere in the center, and assumed Drake ‘s sitting height to be 54 percentage of his standing acme. If Drake is around 366 centimeters when seated — which is 54 percentage of around 678 centimeters — then, scientifically, Drake is around 22 feet tall while standing. I ‘m no mathematician, but I ‘ve worked very hard here and I feel confident in reporting that this is a correct fact .
Drake is 22 feet tall .

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