How many kids does Eminem have? A look at rapper’s personal life

Eminem has made the headlines once again after his 19-year-old daughter came out as non-binary on TikTok. Since then, many are curious to know if the rap legend has any more kids.
Over the years, Eminem has gained a set of praise for his work, and it did not take him long to have a successful career in the entertainment industry .

While the rapper tries to keep his personal life aside from the media, his children have managed to catch everyone ’ s attention. correct from their social media presence to their different personalities, fans have always been curious to know more .

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How many kids does Eminem have?

Eminem is a gallant father of three. He has a biological daughter named Hailie Jade Mathers, and two adopted kids named Alaina Mathers and Whitney Scott Mathers .
Hailie, nowadays 25, was born Eminem and his ex-wife, Kimberly Anne Scott, in 1995. With 2.2 million followers on Instagram, Hailie has already made her presence known on social media. She much posts pictures showing off her deluxe life style .
Eminem is besides a proud rear to his adopted daughter Alaina .
Alaina is the daughter of Kim ’ s duplicate baby Dawn Scott. The rapper decided to adopt her after her mother struggled with message abuse. As per Alaina ’ second Instagram, she is presently in Detroit. With over 25,000 followers on the chopine, she frequently posts pictures that talk about body positivity .
last, Eminem adopted Whitney, who now goes by Stevie Laine, in 2005. With over 15,000 followers on TikTok, Stevie posts videos that showcase their life .

Stevie comes out as non-binary

On August 7, Stevie posted a television where they revealed they are non-binary. The caption for the post reads : “ Watch me become more comfortable with myself. ”
Stevie then goes on to plowshare a series of pictures that shows their transformation. several followers jumped on to the gossip section to praise the young TikTok star. At the time of writing, the video recording has over 31,000 views .

Has Eminem ever spoken about his children?

Eminem has frequently spoken about his daughter Hailie. In fact, he has besides made her reference point in some of his songs.

While the rapper does not speak a batch about his other two daughters, we are sure the relationship between them is healthy deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. Alaina and Stevie follow him on Instagram and documentation him in every possible way .

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