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I do n’t wan sodium be alone, I do n’t wan sodium be I do n’t wan sodium be alone in the iniquity I do n’t wan sodium be alone in the dark I do n’t wan sodium be alone in the dark anymore ( Hello dark, my erstwhile ally ) here I am, alone again Ca n’t get out of this hole I ‘m in It ‘s like the walls are closin ‘ in You ca n’t help me, no one can I can feel these curtains closin’ I go to open ’em But something pulls ’em closed again ( Hello dark, my old supporter ) Feels like I ‘m loathing in Las Vegas Have n’t got the vaguest why I ‘m therefore lost But I ‘d make you this minor bet If I bet you I ‘ll be in tomorrow ‘s newspaper Who would the odds favor ? ( Hello darkness, my previous ally ) I ‘m then much like my church father, you would think that I knew him I keep pacin ‘ this room, Valium then chase it with drink, one fiddling preference it ‘ll do possibly I ‘ll take it and snooze, then tear up the stage in a few ( Hello darkness, my previous supporter ) Fuck the Colt 45, I’ma need somethin ‘ stronger If I pop any caps, it good be off of vodka Round after round after round, I ‘m gettin ‘ loaded That ‘s a batch of shots, huh ? ( Double entendre ) ( Hello darkness, my erstwhile supporter ) And I do n’t wan sodium be entirely in the darkness I do n’t wan sodium be alone in the darkness I do n’t wan sodium be alone in the darkness anymore ( Hello dark, my old ally ) now I ‘m starin ‘ at the board service menu off a Benzo I can hear the music cover to crescendo I can see the whole fuckin ‘ venue from my window That ‘s when you know you ‘re schizo ( Hello iniquity, my old acquaintance ) ‘Cause I keep peakin ‘ out the curtain from the hotel The music is thus forte, but it ‘s about as though I do n’t hear no sound, I should get ready for the appearance now Wait is this the whole herd ? I thought this shit was sold out ( Hello iniquity, my honest-to-god acquaintance ) But it ‘s entirely the possibility act, it ‘s early, do n’t overreact then something told me relax and just hope for the read to be packed Do n’t wan na hit the stage before they fill each row to the soap ‘Cause that ‘d be wholly wack, you ca n’t murder a appearance cipher ‘s at But what if cipher shows ? Panic mood ’bout to snap and go motherfuckin ‘ nutter at any second ‘Bout to cancel the show, barely as fans below rush the entrance plan is a belong to wreck denounce, cameras in all directions The press is ’bout to go apeshit, bananas on all the networks Commando with extra clips, I got ammo for all the hecklers I ‘m armed to the tooth, ‘nother Valium fall off the bed Hit the land and fawn to the dressing table Alcohol on my breath as I reach for the Scope I ‘m blackin ‘ out, I ‘m all out of meds With them benzodiazepines gone nowadays it ‘s precisely magazines sprawled out on the floor Fuck the media, I ‘m goin ‘ all out, this is war ( Hello darkness, my old friend ) And I do n’t wan sodium be alone in the dark ( yeah ) I do n’t wan sodium be alone in the dark I do n’t wan sodium be entirely in the darkness anymore People start to show up, clock to start the show up It ‘s 10:05 PM and the curtain starts to go up And I ‘m already sweatin ‘ but I ‘m lock in and loaded For rapid fire spittin ‘ for all the concert-goers Scopes for sniper sight, surprise from out of nowhere As I slide the time in from inside the hotel Leanin ‘ out the window, going Kaiser Soze Finger on the trip, but I ‘m a license owner With no prior convictions, sol law says sky ‘s the limit So my supplies infinite, strapped like I ‘m a soldier Got ’em hopping over walls and climbing fences Some of ’em John Travolta, stayin ‘ alive by inches ( Hello darkness, my honest-to-god ally ) Cops are knockin ‘, oh, sleep together, thought I blocked the entrance Guess show meter is over, no suicide note Just a notice for target distance But if you ‘d like to know the reason why I did this You ‘ll never find a motivative, truth is I have no estimate I am good as stumped, no signs of mental illness Just tryin ‘ to show ya the reason why we ‘re then sleep together ‘Cause by the time it ‘s over, wo n’t make the slightest difference ( Hello darkness, my erstwhile friend ) And I do n’t wan sodium be alone in the darkness I do n’t wan sodium be alone in the darkness I do n’t wan sodium be alone in the darkness anymore ( Hello iniquity, my old supporter ) Yeah, we do have some breaking news from the Associated Press right immediately Just gon na bring that up, because we are hearing We have told you that the shot is dead And we have just learned that patrol are saying that the Las Vegas shooter killed himself That is the bartender there at Mandalay Bay And I believe we ‘re going to hear more from here Yeah, we precisely wanted to share that with you You can see behind me here, this is what he looks like now, we did just tell you that police good earlier Metro was telling us that he killed himself inside the hotel room Good morning, as we come to you on the air out We bring you breaking newsworthiness, a school shoot ( crushing news ) Another school shoot ( eleven people dead ) Reports of a phone number of fatalities and this time in Santa Fe, Texas That is fair away Galveston ( that no matchless saw coming ) A mass shooting a southerly California school We are following breaking news this good morning Another madly educate shooting This one in Santa Fe, Texas, that ‘s just outdoor Houston Twenty-six killed and twenty other wounded ( Houston affiliate is reporting ) At least nine people have been killed ( drab words, making it the deadliest shooting in Texas history ) Five people dead The attacker opening open fire outside the church during a good morning worship school term He unloaded the chaotic and panic, making his way inside This, a baneful shooting at a food festival in Northern California Three people, so far, dead Breaking news ( fifteen wounded ) A baneful shoot at a newspaper function in Annapolis ( a gunman opened open fire ) newly released surveillance television shows the moments leading up to a bulk shoot In Dayton, Ohio Authorities say the shooter
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