The 40 Best Little Radio Stations in the U.S.

WMLB calls itself “ The Voice of the Arts. ” It ’ s surely character enough to own that title—a commercial AM radio place with a playlist that aligns itself as closely with our 100 Best Living Songwriters list as anything I ’ ve hear on air. It ’ south my beginning option for Atlanta radio ( even before they asked me and my Paste compatriots to host an hour-long usher every Friday ), but its 10,000-watt signal merely covers a part of the city. still, it ’ s a powerhouse compared to the radio stations on this list .
On a holocene vacation in Maui, I stumbled across a much-lower-watt place that made driving around the gorgeous island even more of a joy—as long as I didn ’ metric ton venture up or around a batch. It made me wonder what other little stations are ignoring the FCC ’ s apparent decree that all radio must viciously suck. I polled our followers on Twitter and Facebook to find The Best little radio Stations in the U.S .
Please note : all these stations broadcast at 5,000 watts or less and contain by and large original program ( not precisely NPR and PRI shows ). If your om post is missing ( and fits the criterion ), please add it in the comments section .


College Park, Md.
10 Watts
The University of Maryland ’ s student-run station is in truth freeform : the student DJs each platform their own playlists .

Richmond, Va.
42 Watts
In addition to its Pacifica broadcasts, Richmond ’ s Indie Radio plays an eclectic mix of music. As The Haberdasher says, “ Rockin ’ out tonite with lots of different sounds. so if you don ’ triiodothyronine like what you hear right now, check back in 5 minutes. ”


Round Lake Heights, Ill.
96 Watts
Paste proofreader Mick Cullen says : “ The lone low-power FM place in Illinois not associated with a church or school, wholly run ( on the air out and off ) by volunteers. Always something different—comedy, indie rock, blues, club music, fleshy metallic, political and sports coverage, you name it. ”


Ocean Shores, Wash.
96 Watts
Paste lector Jen Hough says of the all-volunteer nonprofit community station : “ Broadcasts local independent music and music from all genres are represented. Non commercial community radio at it ’ s best. ”


Athens, Ga.
100 Watts
The Athens Banner Herald calls it “ the only radio post in the area that will play Pat Benatar right after a Drive-By Truckers song following a wind punch – and all without commercial interruption. ” Reader JJ White says, “ Really wide-eyed choice, always something good—at night specially. ”


Visalia, CA.
100 Watts
Stephanie Barraza says KFSC is the “ alone station that broadcasts local music, indie music and local news. The only other stations around here are mainstream music ( “ country, ” “ rap, ” “ alternate ” and Christian ) that make my ears bleed and my brain explode. ” here ’ s to music that doesn ’ t make your brain explode .


Maui, Hawaii
100 Watts
Driving around Maui with my daughter, I heard The Replacements, Tom Waits, The Decemberists, Vampire Weekend, Beirut, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Motown, jazz and tied Jack Johnson, because it is Hawaii. The lone DJs were the kids of the Paia Youth and Cultural Center, who read all the announcements during the breaks in music.


Rockland, Maine
100 Watts
Licensed by the Penobscot School and serving the Rockland-Camden sphere. Each tennessean DJ takes the scheduling in a completely different management. Paste Twitter follower rockblogsterbdn says : “ Coastal Maine attitude, eclectic scheduling. Love it. ”

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