Flashback: Bruce Springsteen’s Explosive Launch to 2016 ‘River’ Tour

nothing is confirmed at the here and now, but it seems quite probably that Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band are planning to tour Europe next year. The rumor mill went into overdrive during Thanksgiving week that dates were about to be announced, and fans even spotted an ad at a german bus stop for a June 10, 2022 show at Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt, Germany. But this all happened right as newsworthiness of the Omicron variant surfaced, which seems to have delayed the announcement .
The band has been off the road for about five years, which is the group ’ s longest break since re-forming as an active unit in 1999 by a reasonably wide allowance. Their most holocene go was a slightly impromptu run that Springsteen put together in documentation of an extend edition of The River in 2016. The initial plan was merely to play The River straight through at a couple of special, intimate shows in New York and Los Angeles .
“ Bruce said, ‘ It takes a much time to rehearse for two shows as it does for 20. Why don ’ thymine we do 20 ? ’ ” Springsteen coach Jon Landau told Rolling Stone in 2016. “ I fell out of my electric chair. ”

The band wasn ’ t told until erstwhile after Thanksgiving 2015 even though the go was slated to begin in Pittsburgh on Jan. 16th, 2016. “ [ I was ] absolutely delighted, ” drummer Max Weinberg told Rolling Stone. “ In all of my professional engagements, I have what I call the Springsteen Clause. It ’ sulfur inviolable. It ’ sulfur my own version of pull majeure. It ’ s an act of God or Bruce Springsteen. And it works all the time. ”

That “ act of Springsteen ” morphed from two shows to 20 shows to a universe enlistment that kept Springsteen and the band interfering for 13 months. here ’ randomness video of opening act “ Meet Me in the City ” from the tour launch in Pittsburgh. They played The River straight through at every usher of the initial american tour, but they dropped that for european stadiums in the summer. When they came back to America for an encore scat later that year, the sets were wildly unpredictable affairs that sometimes went past the four-hour mark. many hard-core fans said these were the best E Street Band shows since the original River go in 1980–81 .
The last show took place Feb. 25th, 2017, at Mt. Smart Stadium in Auckland, New Zealand, precisely four weeks into the Trump administration. Springsteen stayed busy in the follow years with Broadway, his memoir, and western Stars. The dance band came back together in late 2019 to record Letter to You at Springsteen ’ s New Jersey home and plotted out a 2020 go. But like many 2020 plans, it wound up not happening .
It ’ s impossible to know for sure what ’ randomness going to happen in 2022, but that June 10 prove in Frankfurt is probably equitable one of many gigs they have penciled in presuming Omicron doesn ’ t tip to more lockdowns. If you want to know other dates, scour the bus stop of Europe and look for more posters. There have to be at least a few more towns that didn ’ thyroxine get the last-minute memo to keep those things locked away .

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