Fall Guys Xbox and Nintendo Switch console release dates

When Fall Guys : ultimate Knockout launched on personal computer and PS4 last year, players on early systems were left out of the brilliantly coloured party, with the developers from Mediatonic opting not to launch Fall Guys on Xbox One or Nintendo Switch .
All that is set to change, though, because Mediatonic has announced its intent to put Fall Guys on Switch and Xbox. This is a classic lawsuit of better recently than never – fans on PlayStation and personal computer are soon to enjoy the jungle-infused renovation that is Fall Guys season 5, but players on other platforms haven ’ triiodothyronine tied had one one go so far !

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The Fall Guys team will have avail in this attempt from the diligence experts at Epic Games. The company behind Fortnite swooped in and bought Mediatonic after Fall Guys ’ massively successful establish, and their feel in bringing games to multiple platforms should come in very handy here .
But when precisely is Fall Guys coming to Xbox and Switch ? And what about other platforms such as fluid ? Read on for everything we know .

When is the Fall Guys Xbox release date?

initially, Mediatonic had intended to release Fall Guys on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S at some luff in the summer of 2021. however, an official Mediatonic web log stake in April revealed that things have changed behind the scenes, meaning that summer 2021 is no long the finish .
The developers said in the web log, “ With so many new opportunities now in our hands, we ’ ve realised that our previously announced Summer 2021 Switch and Xbox free agenda is unfortunately good besides soon for us to include all of the tasty fresh features we ’ ra working on. ”
Microsoft ’ s official Xbox Wire web log even says that Fall Guys will be coming to Xbox consoles “ later this class ”, thus here ’ mho hoping we ’ ll see it launch on Microsoft ’ mho range of consoles in the fall or winter. We ’ ll be surely to let you know when an exact date is announced .

When is the Fall Guys Nintendo Switch release date?

The Nintendo Switch version of Fall Guys is in the lapp military position as the Xbox version – it was planned for summer 2021, but now it has been pushed binding to an unspecified point in the future .
Mediatonic ’ s delay-announcing blog added : “ While we want to launch on these platforms arsenic cursorily as possible, we believe the Switch and Xbox releases are in truth going to be worth waiting for and we ’ ra ace grateful for your solitaire .
The official Nintendo web site says Fall Guys on Switch will be “ available 2021 ”, so we hopefully should silent be able to play the plot on Nintendo ’ s handy household/handheld loanblend console table before the year is out .

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When is the Fall Guys mobile release date?

A chinese entertainment party called Bilibili Inc has reportedly secured the rights to produce a mobile game based on Fall Guys, and the company even has an official web page dedicated to this product .
On that page, you can click to register your interest in an Android or iPhone version of the game, but you can ’ t actually play anything at the moment. And there ’ s no polarity of a confirm release date on that web page .
And there ’ s another furrow to be aware of, besides – it has been reported that this mobile translation, whenever it does come out, will lone be available in China for the clock time being. If anything changes on that front, we ’ ll be sure to update this page .

When will Fall Guys have crossplay?

In the aforesaid web log that announced the stay for Fall Guys on Xbox and Switch, Mediatonic said, “ This delay gives our team some fourth dimension to add features like crossplay, so when we add new platforms, players will be able to stumble in harmony with their pals, careless of their platform of choice. ”
That makes it sound like the day on which Fall Guys gets crossplay will be the lapp day as the Xbox and/or Switch launch, which sounds like a recipe for lots of multiplayer fun if you ask us .
As and when Mediatonic puts any firm dates on the board, we ’ ll be certain to let you know ! Watch this space, and we ’ ll fetch you the latest news as we see it .
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