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It’s My Life “ is a sung by the Nigerian-Swedish artist Dr. Alban. It was released in February 1992 in Europe and in April 1992 in the US as the first single from his moment studio album, One Love. Produced by Denniz PoP, the sung was a hit in most of the european countries where it was released, peaking at number one in Sweden, Austria, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium and number two in the UK. In France, the song was marketed twice : first in 1992, then in 1993 because the birdcall was used in a television receiver attend for Tampax tampons ( as it was in the UK and other countries in Europe in 1992 ), frankincense giving to the single a moment career. [ 1 ] According to Infodisc web site, about 91,000 copies of the single were sold in France. [ 2 ] The song had enough airplay on US college radio receiver stations to reach the Billboard Modern rock tracks in 1992. “ It ‘s My Life ” was re-released in 1994 in Australia, following the success of “ Sing Hallelujah “. Dr. Alban has stated that the song took five hours to record. In the 2017 bible Stars of 90’s Dance Pop: 29 Hitmakers Discuss Their Careers by James Arena, he explained on the new sound of the song, “ It ‘s My Life ” and another stumble off the second gear album, “ Sing Hallelujah ! “, had wholly different sounds [ compared to his 1990 debut individual “ Hello Afrika “ ], which I wanted to explore at the fourth dimension. I left the “ Hello Afrika ” voice and did “ It ‘s My Life ”, which had more of a pop, attention-getting style. Keeping things fresh was very natural for us. ” [ 3 ]

critical reception [edit ]

Larry Flick from Billboard magazine called “ It ‘s My Life ” “ a fast’n’furious deletion ”. [ 4 ] He wrote that the European rapper/toaster “ has previously been heralded for his hardy dancehall releases. This time, however, he aims for mainstream approval with a jewel of a crush that cautiously skirts the line dividing hi-NRG and rave sectors. Anthemic chants are placed within a percolating tub of keyboard and percussion section effects that will kick during peak-hour sets. ” [ 5 ] Linda Ryan from the Gavin Report viewed it as a “ harebrained creation ”. [ 6 ] Alan Jones from Music Week commented, “ A highly commercial house track, recorded in Sweden, it ‘s basically a West indian accented knock punctuated at regular intervals by a attention-getting refrain. probable clear 10 hit. ” [ 7 ] R.S. Murthi from New Straits Times described the song as “ a righteous declaration of independence ” and added that it shows “ a genuine attempt at astuteness. ” [ 8 ]

Chart performance [edit ]

“ It ‘s My biography ” made a huge affect on the charts in Europe, becoming one of Dr. Alban ‘s most successful songs to date. It peaked at number-one in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Sweden, ampere well as on the Eurochart Hot 100. In addition, the single made it to the top 10 in Denmark, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. In the latter, it peaked at count two on September 20, 1992, [ 9 ] in its fourth week on the UK Singles Chart. It was held off reaching the peak position by The Shamen ‘s “ Ebeneezer Goode “. Outside Europe, “ It ‘s My Life ” reached number two on the canadian RPM Dance/Urban chart, act three on the US Billboard Hot Dance Club Play and number 10 in Zimbabwe. In Australia and New Zealand, it was a peak 50 score. The song was awarded with a ash grey record in France, after 125,000 units were sold, and a platinum commemorate in Austria and Germany, with a sale of 30,000 and 500,000 singles.

music video [edit ]

The music video of “ It ‘s My Life ” was published on Dr. ALban ‘s official YouTube channel in November 2009. As of August 2020, it has amassed more than 106,3 million views. [ 10 ]

track listings [edit ]

  • 7″ single
  1. “It’s My Life” (Radio Edit) – 4:00
  2. “It’s My Life” (Club Edit) – 4:10
  • 12″ single
  1. “It’s My Life” (Extended Club Mix) – 7:45
  2. “It’s My Life” (Extended Radio Edit) – 7:05
  3. “It’s My Life” (Radio Edit) – 4:00
  • CD single
  1. “It’s My Life” (Radio Edit) – 4:00
  2. “It’s My Life” (Club Edit) – 4:10
  • CD maxi
  1. “It’s My Life” (Radio Edit) – 4:00
  2. “It’s My Life” (Extended Radio Edit) – 7:05
  3. “It’s My Life” (Extended Club Mix) – 7:45

Personnel [edit ]


  • Dr. Alban – primary artist
  • Chuck Anthony – background vocals
  • Atari
  • Kofi Benitez & The Girls – background vocals
  • Anneli Berg – background vocals
  • Marilyn Bergman – background vocals
  • Giovanna Bragazza – background vocals
  • Gladys del Pilar – background vocals
  • Toro Paola Choir – background vocals
  • Poe & The Afrikan Conga Association – background vocals
  • Rico – background vocals
  • Bjorn Strom – background vocals


  • Douglas Carr – engineer, producer
  • Björn Engelmann – mastering
  • Anders Hansson – arranger
  • Rene “JM Fax” Hedemyr – producer
  • Denniz Pop – producer
  • Gundars Rullis – engineer

Charts and certifications [edit ]

It ‘s My Life ( Do n’t Worry ) [edit ]

In 2014, a remake of the song was released by Moroccan singer Chawki have vocals by Dr. Alban. The song with better lyrics besides known as “ It’s My Life (Don’t Worry) “ was produced by RedOne and released on RedOne Records. A music video recording was besides shot for the liberation. The single charted in the french SNEP official Singles Chart. Chawki besides released a bilingual English/French translation of the song titled “ It’s My Life (C’est Ma Vie) “ .

Charts [edit ]

Chart performance for “It’s My Life (Don’t Worry)”
Chart (2015) Peak
France (SNEP)[51] 187

References [edit ]

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