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About “ The Off-Season ” The Off-Season is J. Cole ’ s sixth studio album and his beginning release of 2021. The LP is named after the common sports term, “ off-season, ” during which an athlete has a break from the regular season but is however honing their skills and improving their game .
On August 7, 2018, Cole released a freestyle titled “ Album of the Year, ” as a promotional individual for the album. Its secrete doubled as the announcement of the LP. In both the SoundCloud and music video recording description, Cole writes :

The Off Season coming soon… All roads lead to The Fall Off

The beginning of the “ Album of the Year ” music video references The off-season :

The artwork for “ Album of the Year ” besides contained references to The Off-Season .
Cole continued to tease the album on November 9, 2018, when he created a Spotify playlist called “ Where the sleep together is The Off Season, ” which, at the time, included many of his 2018 features and a few solo songs ( it has been constantly updated ) .
On July 22, 2020, J. Cole released Lewis Street, a two-track turn that included “ Lion King on Ice ” and “ t h e. c liter iodine megabyte barn. b a vitamin c k. ” While they both were intended to be the contribute singles to The Fall Off, it was revealed days before The Off-Season ’ mho passing that the latter would appear on the LP, therefore making “ metric ton hydrogen e. degree centigrade l iodine m b. b a coke kilobyte ” the spark advance one to the album .
On December 29, 2020, Cole reignited the hope for The Off-Season when he posted a schedule of what he deemed “ The Fall Off Era. ” The calendar begins with two complete events, Cole ’ s celebrated feature run and Revenge of the Dreamers III, and they are followed by The Off-Season. After this album, the calendar lists It ’ s a Boy and the ultimate secrete of The Fall Off.

On April 28, 2021, Bas made a post allege that Cole had completed The Off-Season and that it would be released in “ two weeks. ” Two days later, Cole posted on his Instagram story that he had “ good rode through the city to The Off-Season, ” both proclaiming his exhilaration and confirming the legitimacy of Bas ’ mail .
On May 4, Cole revealed the passing date and artwork for The Off-Season .
On May 7, Cole released the album ’ s second single, “ ​i n thyroxine vitamin e radius lambert u five hundred east. ” Three days former, he premiered Applying pressure : The Off-Season, a compendious documentary about the album ’ s creative process and concept .
later that day, it was announced that Cole had signed a consider to play with Rwanda ’ s Patriots BBC in the Basketball Africa League. This seemed to be the designed climax of Cole ’ s storied work on developing a basketball career, so his reignite journey in the fun correlates directly to the idea and concept of The Off-Season .
On the 11th, Cole was formally unveil as the first base solo artist to grace the binding of SLAM Magazine. In his cover interview, Cole spoke on a few aspects of his life and explained the concepts of both this LP and its eventual successor, The Fall Off.

On the 13th, eight hours before its release, Cole revealed the album ’ s tracklist and manufacturer list. Upon the album ’ sulfur secrete, it was unveiled that it featured vocal music contributions from 21 barbarian, Bas, Morray, 6LACK, Cam’ron, and Lil Baby, amongst others. This is Cole ’ s first alone album since 2013 ’ s Born Sinner to contain officially credit features .
conceptually, The Off-Season is inspired by Cole regaining his mania for rapping and the ferment ethic that it took to do sol between 2018 and its 2021 release. It besides has a direct juxtaposition to what a basketball player would experience in their off-seasons .
however, the LP besides seems to generally be about Cole ’ s path between his two homes, Fayetteville, North Carolina and Queens, New York. The album begins with “ 9 5. s o u thyroxine hydrogen, ” which refers to driving south on I-95, the interstate between the two, and it ends with “ heat content u n gram e roentgen. o newton. henry one fifty fifty s iodine d e, ” which is referring to Hillside Avenue, a street in Queens. interestingly, because the first base song ’ south entitle refers to traveling south, it creates an interest parallel by ending in New York, because Cole would have to travel north to get there from North Carolina .

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