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anterior to the global release of James Blunt ’ s audacious newfangled album, The Afterlove, on March 24, the artist has a contract to make.

‘ I ’ thousand shitting myself, ’ Blunt confesses cheerfully, tucking into his lunch in a cosy West London public house. ‘ I just don ’ t know how this album is going to be received. All I know is that I love it, and it might be something that lone I love, but I truly think this is one of my most exciting albums. ’

He stabs a blimp and chews thoughtfully before continuing.

‘ It feels very much like a fresh begin for me. They say, “ If you don ’ triiodothyronine change, you die ”. Well, I ’ meter on my fifth album – I couldn ’ t just do the like thing again. But I don ’ thyroxine know how this is going to play out. ’

His trepidation is apprehensible. The Afterlove is James Blunt, just not as we know him.

The familiar soft rock stylings have been replaced by insidious shades of electronica and a dark digital pulse. The album contains drums and bass that, as Blunt brilliantly puts it, ‘ come out of a calculator ’.

There are still acoustic guitars and yearning vocals aplenty only enhanced this time by an challenging sonic foreignness.

‘ I would say it ’ s the least organic album that I ’ ve produced, ’ Blunt says.

‘ In previously talking about albums, I ’ ve always been, “ Oh, well, you know, it ’ s influenced by Fleetwood Mac or Elton John, ” and with this album, I feel like I haven ’ metric ton in truth got any of those things to say. ’

Blunt mops up some onion gravy and grins, he knows the songs are special.

The singer has created 10 snapshots from his extraordinary life wherein love, lecherousness, mistakes and regrets are scrutinized unflinchingly. such is their sense of affair, the hearer about feels as if they are eavesdropping.

‘ I ’ ve played a few of these songs to mates and lots of them have turned round, truly excited, and said, “ This is bang-up. We don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate even have to pretend to you that we like it. We actually do ! ” ’

Truth be told, everyone ’ s got a morsel of James Blunt in them.

Whether it ’ s the deathless ‘ You ’ rhenium Beautiful ’ or ‘ Goodbye My Lover ’. It could be ‘ 1973 ’ or ‘ Bonfire Heart ’, possibly ‘ No Bravery ’ or ‘ so long, Jimmy ’.

After 15 years toiling at the coalface of sensitive song, Blunt has sold more than 20 million albums and as many singles. His debut collection Back To Bedlam is the seventeenth best sell in the UK of all time.

‘ It doesn ’ t make sense, does it ? ’ Blunt puzzles. ‘ It was such a hanker time ago, I about can ’ triiodothyronine relate to it anymore. ’

He feels similarly about his well-documented career in the british Army.

‘ That in truth does feel like another life, ’ he says of his previous incarnation as a captain in the Household Cavalry.

now 42, happily married with a son, James Blunt is in a well place.

With The Afterlove you suspect that he has sincerely found his voice.

‘ But it ’ sulfur taken its time, hasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate it ? ’ he grumbles good-naturedly.

Call it fifth album syndrome but artists know themselves by album Number 5 : Bruce Springsteen The River ; Michael Jackson Off The Wall ; Simon & Garfunkel Bridge Over Troubled Waters ; U2 The Joshua Tree – all one-fifth albums.

For all its beguiling bleeps and ambitious back vocals, the melodies on Blunt ’ sulfur one-fifth are undeniable.

The songs – a disparate assortment of stories plucked randomly from Blunt ’ s conscience – and written with the finest songsmiths of the day, are hard.

The Afterlove ’ s key co-writers were Ed Sheeran and Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic, who has written some of the biggest hits of the last ten with Beyonce, Adele and Taylor Swift.

other collaborators included Amy Wadge ( ‘ Thinking Out Loud ’ – Ed Sheeran, Shannon Saunders ), Stephan Moccio ( co-writer of ‘ Wrecking Ball ’ for Miley Cyrus and ‘ Earned It ’ with The Weeknd ), MoZella ( who has written with One direction and Ellie Goulding ) and award-winning English songwriter/producer Steve Robson.

Having clocked the writing credits, the music locate Popjustice mused ‘ Imagine if James Blunt ’ s new album turns out to be the best of 2017 ? ’

possibly the most significant contribution to The Afterlove was made by Ed Sheeran, when he visited for a songwriting session in Switzerland.

( Blunt lives in Ibiza but besides has properties in Verbier and London, although he maintains that ‘ my main home is the go bus ’. )

‘ I taught Ed Sheeran how to ski and he taught me how to write songs, ’ Blunt says meanly.

‘ I needed person like him, who is identical squarely, because knowing that people are going to hear it, and I ’ m a very private person, whereas I used to write very open songs, I ’ ve become more cloistered in the way I expose myself.

‘ But I had Ed to say, “ Come on, you need to open up a bit. ” So it was great to have him there. ’

Like Sheeran, John Lennon was fond of saying, ‘ Writing is easy : you sit down with your guitar and precisely open a vein. ’

In keeping with that creed, Blunt ’ s rake is all over these tracks.

‘ I ’ m in a place where I ’ m not trying to hide anything, ’ he says of The Afterlove ’ s nakedly confessional songs. ‘ It ’ south identical outdoors and reasonably truthful. ’

The emotional honesty hits home plate on ‘ Make Me Better ’, written face-to-face with Sheeran, which starts as a dim-witted sexual love song to mother and child before breaking into in a delirious gallop of unbridled love that could crack the hardest heart.

Taking us right back to 1984, ‘ Don ’ t Give Me Those Eyes ’ is the album ’ s centerpiece : an old school ability ballad with a wear ’ t-go-there message and a teetering loom of skyscraping vocal music harmonies.

‘ Someone Singing Along ’ addresses large problems with belittled brushstrokes and has proved to be curiously prophetic, as Blunt predicts, ‘ Some people going to build a wall/Then smash it with a cannonball ’.

Conversely, ‘ Paradise ’ is an ecstatic rush of gladden. ‘ Let beloved be the reason for breathe, ’ Blunt croons in the cascade chorus, setting loose his inner hippie.

Thematically, ‘ Lose My Number ’ is in alike prowler territory to ‘ You ’ ra Beautiful ’, but this SMS surveillance song comes ingeniously disguised as a left-field dance floor hit.

For the sad and defeated ‘ Heartbeat ’, Blunt summons some achingly crank sentiments. “ It ’ s lone luck that I was loved by you at all, ” he observes. Had Bob Dylan written that lyric, critics would be turning cartwheels. ‘ It ’ s the argumentation that I meant the most, probably in the unharmed of the album, ’ Blunt acknowledges. ‘ I hope I ’ ve portrayed person who doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have excessively much of an ego and, I hope, a smell of humility. ’

In his signature reticent stylus, Blunt heralded the arrival of The Afterlove last year Tweeting, ‘ If you thought 2016 was bad… I ’ molarity releasing an album in 2017 ’.

‘ I went to a restaurant the other day in Switzerland that my supporter ’ second just bought and renovated, ’ recalls Blunt, embarking upon a free-and-easy euro-anecdote. ‘ The blackboard outside said, “ If you thought 2016 was bad, James Blunt ’ s releasing an album in 2017. ” They ’ vitamin d used my joke, and they hadn ’ thyroxine even credited me. ” ’

The Afterlove ’ s reflective common sense of self might suggest that Blunt ’ s legendary fondness for a lively evening out has diminished.

‘ I ’ ve had my share of shoal nights, ’ he admits in ‘ Love Me Better ’. ‘ Cos I was scared to get it right/So I was hanging with whoever. ’

Has Blunt, a man presently sipping an orange juice and lemonade, succumbed to the duty of fatherhood and hung up his party boots ?

‘ No, ’ he replies coolly. ‘ I good start earlier in the evening. ’

On-tour revel will doubtless result as Blunt hits the road in June guesting with Ed Sheeran in the States, and then takes The Afterlove tour across Europe until the conclusion of 2017.

‘ I think these will be street fighter songs to take on enlistment with my isthmus because some of it ’ s much more electronic, ’ he frets, adding facetiously. ‘ It would be much cheaper if I could get rid of the band. ’

This extravagant attitude, he improvises amusingly, is at the heart of Ed Sheeran ’ s one-man machine.

‘ I think he plays solo on a strictly fiscal footing as he doesn ’ t have to hire anyone on stage, ’ Blunt deadpans. ‘ It is merely the most efficient set-up, for no creative reason other than cost-efficiency. Ed Sheeran ’ s a ace businessman angstrom well as a genius songwriter. ’

Blunt is unconcerned that Sheeran may have stolen his crown as King Of The quixotic Troubadours.

‘ He ’ mho got his own, a lot shinier crown than me, ’ he insists. ‘ I think rather than stealing it, he trod on mine and crushed it. ’

While Sheeran may have become a ace, Blunt still has that birdcall in his cabinet.

‘ One song is all you need, ’ the ‘ You ’ re Beautiful ’ singer shrugs. ‘ If anyone ’ mho ever said, “ Oh, you ’ ve merely got this one hit, ” it ’ s normally the people who ’ ve had none. ’

‘ Actually I always enjoy playing ‘ You ’ ra Beautiful ’ live because I ’ megabyte think, “ Awesome, it ’ s about the end of the concert. about time for a beer. ” ’

Polishing off the last of his hearty public house meal, Blunt – a deeply discreet serviceman who gives very short away outside of his songs – drops his guard for a moment and lets you in, as he attempts to define what The Afterlove means to him.

‘ It ’ s not even a parole, is it, afterlove ? ’ he laughs. ‘ But it sums up so many different aspects of my career. And it ’ s true to where I am in my emotional life. ’

‘ I ’ ve constantly been searching pretty hard, not quite knowing what I ’ thousand after, I haven ’ metric ton quite known what the conclusion goal is, and then it falls in your lick and you think, “ Oh, it wasn ’ thymine that intemperate after all. ” ’

Glad to have got that off his breast, he administers a mighty handshake, grabs his backpack and heads for the door.

Safe to say, James Blunt is no longer shitting himself.

After Back To Bedlam, the tranquillity album that roared, comes rear to basics : James Blunt render, 23 million sales late, to what he does best – starkly honest, emotionally charged, melodically fat songwriting and performance.

not that the musician abandoned those qualities in the four albums from his blockbuster 2004 introduction to 2017 ’ s The Afterlove. indeed, on that last album he enjoyed himself ampere much as he ever had, while admitting with typical candour that things had begun to feel slenderly repetitive.

“ I decidedly enjoyed doing something a small unlike, ” he says of an album on which he dipped his playing fingers into the world of electronica. “ It ’ mho hard when music becomes a job, and you ’ re barely then writing for the sake of it being a caper, preferably than being something that actually moves you. So I think what I was doing was thinking : very well, there aren ’ t specific things I need to write about right now, so I might arsenic well have fun with the music. So I wrote songs that not what you ’ five hundred necessarily expect from a James Blunt album, and I equitable had a good time doing it. And it was a real pleasure to do. ”

It was evenly enjoyable to tour, with The Afterlove keeping Blunt and his long standing ring on the road for 18 months. “ I ’ ve got a very patriotic audience around the world. So It was a bigger go than I ’ ve ever done earlier, and I ’ m in a very felicitous space playing arenas around the universe. So it was an perplex experience. ”

But finally it was time to go home ( albeit concisely – Blunt is not a man for hiatuses, or even long holidays ) and to take a fresh expect at the things that mattered to him as a musician and homo. And as a husband, beget and son. “ This new album is very unlike from that because certain things have happened that I ’ ve needed to write about, ” he begins. “ And it ’ s gone back to not being a job, and not just messing about with music. There are things I identical a lot needed to get out. And that ’ s why it ’ s a very different album. ”

This, then, is Once Upon A Mind : an album that begun last October, two weeks after Blunt came off the road, and on which he worked “ literally every unmarried day ” from then until August 2019. He had to go that hard, and that thick, and that systematically. Because this is the album of his life.

The flagship track, setting out Blunt ’ s emotional stall, is first individual Cold. It ’ s an irresistible celtic haste of a song, yet one whose feel belies the message at the heart of it – an recognition to his wife that the life of a tour musician is beastly on those they hold dearest. “ Cold is very much about that distance that I force, and the repercussions of that. You leave person behind and it ’ mho surely not easy on them. It ’ s not easy on me either, but it ’ randomness hard on the person you leave behind, and leave them with a family to deal with angstrom well, ” he adds, mindful that his two young sons have, already, had to get used to daddy disappearing for months on end. It ’ s a strange riddle as a tour musician. That ’ s your job. But I ’ m a truly hands-on family person. ”

There were early familial pressures, excessively. Blunt ’ south father is ailment, with stage four Chronic Kidney Disease. That catalysed “ thoughts I needed to get out, and is the driving effect of this album. If I was to dedicate the album to anyone, it would be him. “ And that ’ s given me a focus, ” he continues. “ When you realise the deathrate of a parent, and it coincides with having children, you see the traffic circle of biography more distinctly. ”

The cornerstone birdcall about his father is Monsters. It ’ mho childlike, minimal, blunt : “ I ’ m not your son, you ’ rhenium not my father, we ’ ra just two grow men saying adieu, ” sings Blunt in his most feign vocal ever. “ No indigence to forgive, no want to forget, I know your mistakes, you know mine. ”

“ It was a touch I had to get out, but struggled with, ” he admits. “ It ’ s a in truth crafty subject, but the result is precisely what I needed – although it took me a while to find. I ’ ve written lots of songs for this album that didn ’ t quite get there. ”

then there ’ s The Truth, the unfold track : “ There ’ s no escape from the things I ’ ve done, and out of everything I ’ ve lost, now I know that I just need you, ” begins Blunt, an upbeat encomium to his wife that ’ s both confessional and celebratory. “ Yeah, it ’ second taken me a long travel to get here. It ’ randomness been a capital life, done some great things, but I ’ ve found the right path nowadays. It merely felt like a good depart item, saying : ‘ This is the truth. This is how I found myself here. ’

“ And the last sung is called The Greatest, ” he adds of an affectional, embracing shout-out, “ and that ’ s a message to my children : to be the greatest, to be better than me, and better than the world around us. ”

Over the last 10 months, Blunt has slogged it out in studios in London, Los Angeles and Nashville, working with sure collaborators including Jimmy Hogarth, songwriters Amy Wadge and Wayne Hector, producer Steve Robson and fabled mixer Tom Rothrock. But it ’ second all been to his script – to the detail, he cheerfully admits, where he ’ mho probably bugged his output and mixing teams to distraction. “ One thing I learnt from the army is attention to detail. So, I ’ ll be up at three in the good morning, sending madly detailed notes to get it to how I want it to sound. I ’ ve been truly obsessive about this album – because I ’ m then much more emotionally invested this time round. ”

He fears he ’ s drive some people mad, and may have risked doing the same to himself. No topic. It had to be that way. “ every second of it has been worth it. I love the results. This one very means something to me. ”

There was one deeply personal consequence that he wasn ’ thymine able to address in birdcall : the death of his bang-up friend and supporter Carrie Fisher. It was her ceramic pill that adorned the four hundred on Back To Bedlam, and then, as a nod to her, it ’ s spinal column on the disk of Once Upon A Mind. As one of the first people to be swept up by James Blunt ’ s songwriting 16 years ago – he lived with her while he recorded Bedlam and three subsequent albums, Fisher would besides surely have loved the songs on Once Upon A Mind. And she ’ d have appreciated the deeply personal resonances – and the circularity – in Cold.

“ I just filmed the television in Wales, with no top on. The last time I did that was over 15 years ago, in the video for Your Beautiful. This time, I had to suck my stomach in wish delirious. ”

In the film Blunt emerges from the water. He ’ s wearing the lapp trousers he was wearing 15 years ago. He climbs up a mound and finds the possessions from that video, that prison term, that dawn of the career of one of the most successful british artists of the twenty-first hundred : the lapp keystone, like pick, like ring, like T-shirt, like jumper, same coat. then, at the circus tent of the hill, a helicopter takes him away.

“ And I ’ m binding where I started. Writing songs for me and the people around me. And I ’ m free again. ”

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