DJ Khaled Explains How JAY-Z & Nas Dinner Plans Led To ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ Collab

former rivals JAY-Z and Nas joined forces once again in April by direction of DJ Khaled ’ s “ Sorry not Sorry ” commemorate that appeared on his No. 1 album, Khaled Khaled. Khaled had wanted to make the collaboration find for about half a decade, but he didn ’ t have the guts to ask them until a celebrity link-up in Los Angeles changed everything .
In a new interview with People, DJ Khaled explained how a dinner with some of Hip Hop and R & B ’ randomness elites gave him the sign he needed to put his pipe dream into motion .
“ Man, it was a pipe dream total true for me, but besides a gift to the world, ” he said. “ Just to be able to put that together was improbable. One day we were having dinner at Tao in L.A. and it was Mary J. Blige, Beyoncé, Nas, JAY-Z, Puff Daddy and more people were there. JAY-Z and Nas are my brothers, but that day, I [ visit ] them together just having the best conversations and it was all laugh, enjoying good energy and good vibes. sol I ’ ve always been wanting to make this record. So I ’ vitamin d seen that and I said, ‘ Man, I can pull this off. ’

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“ It took me I would say possibly four to five years to get the courage to ask. But I knew that day, that is possible, because I felt the love. I asked both of them [ about ] working on this album. And they were like, ‘ Let ’ s do it. ’ The song is motivational and inspirational. That ’ s what I love about it the most, because it ’ sulfur 2021 and these are two of our biggest MCs always to do it. They ’ re talking about motivation, inspiration, and where they ’ ra at in their life. ”

DJ Khaled added, “ I want people to hear that as a historic collaboration. It ’ s besides inspiring to say, ‘ Man, our leaders, they came from nothing and look where they are now. ’ I think that was just beautiful. not lone to get them on the commemorate, but just the lyrics. ”

The James Fauntleroy-featured “ Sorry not Sorry ” peaked at No. 30 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and marked JAY-Z and Nas ’ first collaboration since “ BBC ” on Magna Carta Holy Grail in 2013. Prior to that, they linked up in 2008 on Ludacris ’ “ I Do It for Hip Hop, ” Hov ’ second american Gangster song “ Success ” in 2007 and “ Black Republican ” off Nas ’ 2006 LP Hip Hop Is Dead .
Revisit the “ Sorry not Sorry ” video under .

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