Beyonce And Jay-Z’s Collaborations, Ranked

For a decade now, Beyoncé and Jay-Z have held their station the most powerful, successful and closely-watched musical couple on the planet. The two were married in 2008, but even years before that, they were already churning out hits in concert, and no matter who fronted them, the tunes seemed to be unstoppable. Between her albums, his full-lengths and a handful of tracks they ‘ve worked on that were pushed by other artists, the two musicians are credited together on a twelve different songs, a few of which remain some of their biggest hits to date .

With another co-headlining go scheduled for this summer and a brand new joint hit to their names, here ‘s a search at all 12 of Jay-Z and Beyoncé ‘s collaborative works, ranked by where they placed on Billboard ‘s Hot 100 .
Beyoncé – “Crazy in Love (ft. Jay-Z)” – #1
While they may be two of the biggest stars on the planet, Jay and Bey have lone collected one chart-topper in concert, though of class, they have plenty on their own and with other acts. Beyoncé by rights launched her solo career 15 years ago with “ Crazy in Love, ” which featured the hip-hop star, and it went to No. 1 in no time, proving that Bey had what was needed to make it on her own .

Beyoncé – “Drunk in Love (ft. Jay-Z)” – #2
The mighty pair about collected a second drawing card together when Beyoncé surprise-released her self-titled album. The biggest murder from that lauded collection was “ Drunk in Love, ” which stalled just one position shy of the acme, and it is placid the most beloved track from that record. At three-times platinum, it ‘s besides the biggest king Bey-owned lead on this list in terms of certifications .
Jay-Z – “’03 Bonnie & Clyde (ft. Beyoncé)” – #4
Jay-Z recruited Bey, who hadn ’ triiodothyronine even struck out on her own as a solo star ( she was inactive leading Destiny ’ s Child at the time ) to contribute vocals to his song “ ’03 Bonnie & Clyde, ” which was intelligibly created with her in mind. The attention-getting birdcall rose all the manner to No. 4, becoming Beyoncé ’ s first top 10 without her bandmates .
Beyoncé – “Déjà Vu (ft. Jay-Z)” – #4
After collaborating more than once on her first album, Beyoncé brought Jay-Z back for her sophomore full-length as a mononym, and it went well even again. The head B’Day single made it all the way to No. 4, giving her the first gear of three lead five hits from that successful album .

DJ Khaled – “Top Off (ft. Jay-Z and Beyoncé)” – #22
The most holocene partnership between Jay and Bey is actually a DJ Khaled single, and it ’ s already off to a solid begin. The first taste of the brawny DJ ’ s approaching album Father of Asahd debuted at No. 22, giving the two their fifth Top 40 reach together. Most artists are lucky if they manage five top 40 hits throughout their career, but when it comes to this pair, it ’ mho actually slightly surprise they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate already have more.

Jay-Z – “Family Feud (ft. Beyoncé)” – #51
Featured on Jay-Z ’ s critically-acclaimed most holocene full-length 4:44, “ Family Feud ” is an honest front at who he is and what he ’ sulfur done ( at least it hints at some faults ), and it was one of the highest-charting songs from the championship, likely because of the inclusion body of his wife. While it wasn ’ t a true score, the sung did earn a Grammy nomination for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration, though it didn ’ t take home the gold .
DJ Khaled – “Shining (ft. Jay-Z and Beyoncé)” – #57
The foremost of two ( thus far ) collabs between Jay, Bey and DJ Khaled, “ Shining ” previewed the producer ’ south Grateful album, which did end up spinning off a handful of big hits … though none involving the married couple mentioned here. sadly, “ Shining ” only peaked at No. 57, despite the fact that it featured the two titans .
Beyoncé – “Upgrade U (ft. Jay-Z)” – #59
Jay-Z appears on Beyoncé ’ s sophomore album B’Day twice, which was a chic decisiveness on their character, as it ’ second clear the public loves to hear what they create together. “ Upgrade U ” served as a promotional single, so it ’ s not surprise it only rose equally senior high school as No. 59, while other cuts that were by rights promoted lifted much higher .
Jay-Z – “Part II (On The Run) (ft. Beyoncé)” – #77
The lowest-charting of the nine songs Jay-Z and Beyoncé have managed to send onto the Hot 100, “ Part II ( On The Run ) ” might not have been a note smash for the partners, but it is one that has intelligibly stuck with them. The song ’ s claim has now been used to name both of their co-headlining tours, with the following slated to take place this summer .
Jay-Z – “Hollywood (ft. Beyoncé)”
Featured on Jay-Z ’ s album Kingdom Come, “ Hollywood ” had all the makings of a strike single—a Beyoncé feature and production by Ne-Yo—but deplorably, it didn ’ metric ton go anywhere on the Hot 100. Kingdom Come was n’t one of the rapper ’ s more successful full-lengths, therefore by the time he got around to pushing “ Hollywood, ” it ’ s possible that his label and radio programmers had moved on .
Jay-Z and Kanye West – “Lift Off (ft. Beyoncé)”
“ Lift Off ” appears on Jay-Z and Kanye West ’ s collaborative Watch The Throne album, which took their friendship and professional partnership to the future level earlier this ten. The song was not one of the singles that made it onto the Hot 100, but it was one of the better tracks on the full-length, at least according to some.

Beyoncé – “That’s How You Like It” (ft. Jay-Z)”
Jay appears as a featured node star topology twice on both of Beyoncé ’ s first two alone albums, and “ That ’ s How You Like It ” was the merely song out of those four tracks that didn ’ t chart at all, as it wasn ’ t released as either a promotional or a proper individual. The Dangerously in Love cut has faded into the background throughout the years, as the two have given their massive fanbases a set more to listen to when it comes to collabs between the married couple .

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