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Jay-Z dropped his first album in four years “ 4:44 ” on Friday
Fans immediately began to question if this was a response to his Beyoncé ‘s 2016 album, ‘Lemonade ‘


Jay-Z dropped his new album “ 4:44 ” at midnight on Friday and sent the Internet into a craze .
The rapper is calling his title path, “ 4:44 ” off the album one of the “ best songs ” he ’ sulfur ever written .
“ ‘ 4:44 ’ is a song that I wrote, and it ’ s the southern cross of the album, precisely right in the middle of the album. And I woke up, literally, at 4:44 in the dawn, 4:44 AM, to write this song, ” he told iHeartRadio ’ s The Beat in an exclusive interview. “ So it became the title of the album and everything. It ’ s the title track because it ’ s such a powerful birdcall, and I equitable believe one of the best songs I ’ ve always written. ”
Fans are questioning whether “ 4:44 ” is a answer to his wife ’ s 2016 ocular album “ Lemonade ” in which she apparently called him out on closely every cut, sparking rumors of infidelity .
here are some of the most intrigue moments from “ 4:44. ”

About that elevator fight

It was the competitiveness seen around the global. The rapper, Bey and his sister-in-law, Solange Knowles, were leaving The Standard Hotel in 2014 following the Met Ball. Solange was caught in leak surveillance footage kicking the knocker, but for years the induce of the scuffle was strange. In Jay ’ s song “ Kill Jay Z ” he addresses that night. “ You egged Solange on, knowin ’ all along all you had to say you was ill-timed / You about went Eric Benét, let the baddest daughter in the populace get away / I didn ’ triiodothyronine even know what else to say. Never go Eric Benét / I don ’ metric ton even know what you woulda done, in the future, early playing football with your son. ”

Jay-Z mea culpa?

In his title track “ 4:44 ” the knocker seems to address Beyoncé ’ s hints from “ Lemonade ” that the copulate hit a rocky patch in their marriage. “ And if my children knew, I don ’ triiodothyronine even know what I would do / If they ain ’ metric ton expect at me the lapp, I would prolly die with all the shame / You did what with who ? What good is a ménage à trois when you have a soulmate, you risked that for Blue ? ”

Inside Beyoncé ’ s baby shower
In accession to name-dropping his first born Blue, he mentions his newborn twins in his apology to Bey .
“ I apologize often philander / Took for my child to be born / See through a charwoman ’ second eyes / Took for these natural twins to believe in miracles / Took me besides long for this song / I don ’ metric ton deserve you. ”

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Firing back at Kanye West?

Kanye West excellently called out Jay-Z while on stage at one of his concerts final year for not being there for him during bully times, and Jay appears to be fire back in his track “ Kill Jay Z. ”
“ You gave him 20 million without thinking/He gave you 20 minutes on stage, was he thinking ? /wrong with everybody ? ’ is what you sayin ’, But if everybody ’ sulfur crazy, you ’ re the one that ’ randomness harebrained. ”
After several months of teasing the album with mysterious metro ads and teaser video clips, Jay-Z on Friday released “ 4:44 ” entirely to TIDAL and Sprint customers. iHeartMedia will besides play the album across 160 stations until Saturday .
On sociable media, reaction sparked a Twitter “ here and now ” with humorous memes and GIFs.

Jay-Z will kickoff a concert tour tied to the album late this summer .

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