Joe Rogan Calls Kanye West a ‘Dumb Motherf—ker’ In Resurfaced Clip

Joe Rogan Calls Kanye West a ‘Dumb Motherf—ker’ In Resurfaced Clip

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Joe Rogan lavished Kanye West with praise during a recent podcast interview. But was it just an act?

A YouTube television uploaded stopping point workweek raised that question after dredging up a string of attacks against the knocker. The insults came merely a few years ago, following the knocker ’ sulfur travel to with Donald Trump at the White House.

The four-minute-long trot is largely a compilation of older footage from The Joe Rogan Experience, juxtaposed against some complimentary words that the longtime UFC observer offered West during their holocene discussion on JRE Episode No. 1,554. The time, entitled “ Joe Rogan Being Fake to Kanye West After Trashing Him for Years, ” features a count of interview segments in which Rogan is flat-out trashing Kanye — then lavishly praising him in the more recent interview. The side-by-side comparisons feature some unplayful put-downs. “ Listen, you dumb motherf—ker, ” the New Jersey-born comedian says at one point, “ Ford makes cola cars. ” Rogan offered the words specifically in reply to statements ( concerning Ford automobiles ) that Kanye made during his White House visit. “ What are you gon na teach the people at Ford how to design cars ? Shut the f—k up and make your shi—y slides, ” continued the brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt Rogan, referring to a slapped-together presentation created by Kanye.

In the more recent interview, however, Rogan is shown praising Kanye’s misunderstood genius, while taking his presidential campaign very seriously.

“ You have the courage to have all of these boldface ideas, and to implement them, ” Rogan effused. “ I look at you and I say, ‘ that guy can do f—king anything ’. ” In the older time, Rogan besides suggested that Kanye be forced to pass a ‘ spelling bee ’ before running for president of the united states. In the holocene podcast, however, Rogan compliments the rapper after he expresses frustration between the spellings of ‘ two, to, and excessively ’. other components of the video recording appear to be years old, evaluate by their timbre, and chiefly center on Rogan ’ s ad-lib observations about West ’ s mental health. At the time of publish, neither Joe Rogan nor Kanye West had commented publicly on the YouTube video. furthermore, it ’ s unclear what precisely prompted its creator – one “ Crying Shark, ” whose name is watermarked – to craft the time-consuming employment .

Evidently, however, the content is a byproduct of the comprehensive scrutiny and media spotlight that Rogan’s attracted following his reported $100 million deal with Spotify. To be sure, the 11-year-old Joe Rogan Experience seems to have generated a larger number of headlines since debuting on Spotify (back in September) than during any other quarter-year-long stretch to date.

Activist Spotify employees have taken bearing at the guests and conversations on JRE, going adenine far as threatening a walkout or full-blown rap if they didn ’ metric ton receive direct column supervision. therefore far, however, higher-ups have kept the demands at bay – including during a high-stakes holocene episode, when Rogan welcomed back Alex Jones ( who Spotify banned in 2018 ).

The motivation behind Spotify ’ s $ 100 million “ balancing act, ” attempting to quell team members ’ dissatisfaction without compromising the unfiltered nature of JRE, appears relatively square. A ratings power station, The Joe Rogan Experience could attract a solid count of subscribers to Spotify, and many investors believe that podcasts will generate considerable revenues in the long terminus. furthermore, SPOT has set several all-time-high records this year and presently boasts a per-share worth that ’ sulfur over $ 82 higher than it was during the same time in 2019.

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