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Ophir Kutiel ( Hebrew : אופיר קותיאל ; born April 21, 1982 ), professionally known as Kutiman, is an israeli musician, composer, producer and animator. He is well known for creating the on-line music video recording undertaking, ThruYOU, a self-titled album, and the viral ongoing series “ Thru the City ” including his “ Mix Tel Aviv ” assemble, which went viral on YouTube .

background [edit ]

Kutiel was born in Jerusalem, Israel, and grew up in Zichron Yaacov. He commenced piano lessons at the age of six and learned to play drums and guitar at 14. When Kutiel was 18, he moved to Tel Aviv to study jazz at Rimon Music College. [ 1 ]

While working at a public toilet store in Tel Aviv, Kutiel discovered a college radio station that was playing genres of music that were vastly different from the classical jazz he was accustomed to. Following this experience, Kutiman met Sabbo, another Israeli artist, who introduced him to Afrobeat and funk music, including the sounds of James Brown and Fela Kuti, among many others. As Kutiel ‘s preference for music deviated from his traditional aim, in 2003, Kutiman embarked on a travel to Jamaica, where he researched reggae and worked with Stephen and Damien Marley. [ 2 ]

Music career [edit ]

In 2006, Kutiman signed to german music label, Melting Pot Music, based in Cologne. soon after, his inaugural single, “ No Groove Where I Come From ”, was released, followed by the turn of the hit song “ Music is Ruling My World ” —a collaboration with Karolina of Habanot Nechama. Kutiman ‘s eponymous debut album, which received an 8.2 rat from Pitchfork Media [ 3 ] and a 7 out of 10 from PopMatters, [ 4 ] was released in the fall of 2007. Under the Radar pick Kutiman as one of the “ Artists to Watch in 2008 ”, along with Glasvegas and MGMT. Kutiman has besides won the 2010 ACUM Prize for producing Karolina ‘s album What Will I Do Now? [ 5 ] In the summer of 2010, Kutiman co-headlined a concert bill with DJ Shadow in Tel Aviv, performing with his live band, The Kutiman Orchestra. [ 6 ] [ 7 ] In June 2012 Kutiman released a unmarried and television cartridge holder, “ Dover. D ”. This video, created by Kutiman, documents a street art stick out by Dover D. [ 8 ] Kutiman produced this song and played all instruments, featuring Elran Dekel, run singer of Funk’n’stein, on vocals. This song was featured on Gilles Peterson ‘s BBC Radio 6 Music show [ 9 ] In 2014, Kutiman was nominated for a Webby Award [ 10 ] in the Video Remix/Mashup class for his ‘ Thru Tokyo ’ project, in which he created an suggest musical landscape for the city of Tokyo. He has since been commissioned by assorted cities such as Jerusalem Tel Aviv, Riga, Krakow and New York to create audio/visual portraits of each city ’ south singularity. Following the success of ‘ Thru You, ’ Kutiman released ‘ Thru You Too ’ in October 2014, an on-line music album composed of unrelated YouTube video. He was awarded a 2015 Webby Honoree [ 11 ] for his work on ‘ Thru You Too ’. This visualize led to collaborations with some of the world ’ s most big producers, DJs, and musicians for the ‘ Thru You Remixes ’. It featured nine producers, representing different genres and countries : Garden City Movement, Mixmonster & Kalbata, Jim Dunloop & Grzly Adams, Rejoicer, Free The Robots, Red Axes, Tomgi, La Dame Noir and Copia Doble Systema. In July 2015, Kutiman released Space Cassava, a two-track vinyl featuring deep jazz and flinch. The EP served as a soft launch for Kutiman ‘s label, Siyal Music. The official plunge of the tag kicked off with the release of Kutiman ‘s sophomore album 6AM in June 2016. The eight track album features a more psychedelic sound. curtly after the publish of “ 6am ” in July 2016, Kutiman was nominated and won the Vibe Israel & Shorty Story award for “ Outstanding Content Creator in Israel ” .
In 2009, Kutiman released “ Thru You, ” an on-line music video project, featuring a mix of samples of YouTube video, and the video project received more than 10 million views in around two weeks. Time Magazine named it one of the “ 50 Best Inventions of 2009 ”. [ 12 ] due to the success of Thru You, in October 2010, Kutiman was invited by YouTube to perform at the “ YouTube Play ” grand open at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City. [ 13 ] Two years after the exhaust of Thru You, Kutiman created a modern Thru You -like video recording, titled My Favorite Color, [ 14 ] subsequently attracting the attention of numerous publications, including Wired, [ 15 ] Fader, [ 16 ] and Mashable, the latter awarding the piece its “ Video of the Day ” award. [ 17 ] In a June 2009 Internet radio interview, Kutiman described how he inaugural conceived of Thru You :

At foremost I took some drummers — before I had the mind about Thru You, I took some drummers from YouTube and I played on top of them — fair for fun, you know. And then one day, barely before I plugged in my guitar to play on crown of a drummer from YouTube, I thought to myself, you know, possibly I can find a freshwater bass and guitar and other players on YouTube to play with this drummer …

Kutiman spent two months working on the Thru You project, and, as Kutiman described :

It took me two months, but it was truly intense. I scantily ate, I fair worked on a calculator and went to sleep … day and night, and night and day … did n’t see any friends, no syndicate … not even the sun .

After disclosing his knead to only 20 friends, Kutiman ‘s project gap virally across the web, racking up more than one million views in less than a week. [ 18 ] After viewing Thru You, capable source advocate, Lawrence Lessig, praised the project for pioneering a new, less-regulated shape of media, state, “ If you come to the Net armed with the mind that the previous system of copyright is going to work good fine hera, this more than anything is going to get you to recognize : you need some modern ideas. ” [ 19 ] Kutiman did not much travel to promote his project but on 19 June 2009, he visited Wrocław, Poland, responding to an invitation from an on-line radio station. In an interview, Kutiman described the interest of diverse media outlets in the Thru You” project, as well as his own willingness to focus on his work:

I got a batch of offers, you know, for gigs and for DJing and for just interviews, but I truly do my best, you know. I do n’t actually like it, honestly – but you ‘re so dainty and kind, so I ‘m having a great time. [ 20 ]

“ Thru You Too ” [edit ]

On 12 September 2014 Kutiman released “ Give It Up “, a first video from the sequel undertaking entitled “ Thru You Too ”. [ 21 ] The “ Give It Up ” gained over a million views in a matter of days. The “ Thru You Too ” included six female vocalists as the focus on of the album. On 23 September the second video “ No one In This World ” was released and a workweek late the rest of the videos were released on Kutiman ‘s YouTube duct and a companion site was launched. The new project was covered by many international media outlets such as Slate [ 22 ] TIME Magazine, [ 23 ] Billboard Magazine, [ 24 ] and The New York Times. [ 25 ]

“ Thru You Too Remixes ” [edit ]

In 2015, Kutiman ‘s popular Thru You Too album was remixed and released as an on-line album in the kind of a web site. A quest to capture Thru You Too ‘s profound impingement led to an original collaboration with A-list international producers who each give their own personal interpretation of the Thru You Too tracks. The international producers each represent a unlike country and musical dash, such as hep hop, adult beat, house, dub, and electropop. The project was released as an on-line album [ 26 ] with an original web site .
This two-track EP was released on April 23, 2017 and featured Sefi “ Ramirez ” Zisling on trumpet, Shlomi Alon on sax, Yair Slutzki on trombone, and mix by Sabbo. The EP was released digitally and on vinyl by Kutiman ‘s own label, Siyal Music .

“ Do n’t Hold Onto The Clouds ” [edit ]

Released on Siyal Music on July 6, 2018, Kutiman took a new musical direction with “ Do n’t Hold Onto The Clouds, ” a 4-track release featuring ambient, electronica, minimalism and raw long time among other styles. “ For me, it ’ second merely slack, ” Kutiman says. “ For the past few years, this is the kind of music I ’ ve largely listened to. I guess I ’ megabyte trying to relax. Or possibly just sleep better ! ”
Commissioned by Greenpeace, Kutiman released “ Antarctica, ” another ambient-jazz fusion piece to help bring awareness to a concerning ball-shaped emergence. In the piece, Kutiman performs solo on keys and percussion section .

Video Mashups [edit ]

Kutiman mixes Maroon 5 : “ My Favorite color ” [edit ]

The “ My Favorite Color ” project blends together a bass, jazz-oriented sound that earned positivist reviews from outlets such as Wired, [ 27 ] CBS News, [ 28 ] and TechCrunch. [ 29 ] The television maintains the ThruYou style of using diverse YouTube television clips to form a individual compilation, but the sound is more complex and dreamlike. “ My Favorite coloring material ” features many different clips, including an organ-playing mother, a young singer cantabile in her London bedroom, and an Omaha-based saxophonist performing a free improvisation .

My favorite Band : A tribute to “ Black Dog ” by Led Zeppelin [edit ]

Paying tribute to the influential dance band Led Zeppelin, Kutiman created a piece entitled “ My favorite Band ” —it became the beginning user-generated “ mashup ” video cover of its song “ Black Dog ”. [ 30 ] Using unrelated YouTube video recording of diverse musicians performing “ Black Dog ”, Kutiman mixed the clips in concert to create an innovative cover version. Kutiman ‘s tribute to Led Zeppelin was screened at Flatpack Film Festival as part of the “ Home of Metal ” celebrations. The screening occurred in Wolverhampton, UK, close to an area frequented by Led Zeppelin.

This Is substantial democracy [edit ]

In 2011, Kutiman released his video recording, “ This Is substantial majority rule ”. [ 31 ] The television ‘s intention is to raise awareness by using footage of people demonstrating in the streets and of earth leaders ( by and deliver ) ; the video is Kutiman ‘s undertake to address and respond to events that were broadcast through other social media feeds. Although some of the television sequences were harvested from YouTube, they by and large originate from a traditional media source, official television stations, a raw chemical element in Kutiman ‘s oeuvre. Kutiman generally refrains from making overtly political statements and speculations were raised regarding the entitle of the slice ; discussions asked if “ This is real democracy ” was a character to Mubarak, Netanyahu, Cameron and Sarkozy ; or if it was in reference to the unleash power of the people as they marched, protested, revolted or rioted. [ citation needed ]

Off Grid [edit ]

Kutiman released Off Grid on February 11, 2016, as an on-line album consisting of 96 unrelated YouTube clips. The plan pays court to spare jazz and psychedelic music. Its let go of was accompanied by a web site, www.Kutiman.com. On September 20, 2016, Kutiman premiered his Off Grid display at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. The undertaking was besides featured in Ron Arad ‘s Curtain Call installation in London and Singapore. In July 2017, Off Grid arrived at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco .

Thru The City ( Ongoing Series ) [edit ]

Thru Jerusalem [edit ]

In June 2011, Kutiman was chosen as the “ Artist of the Season ” for “ The Jerusalem Season of Culture ” and he created the video “ Thru Jerusalem ”. [ 32 ] This piece differs from his past mixes, as he himself approached and shot the musicians, preferably than finding them on YouTube. Although Kutiman filmed the musicians himself, he did not provide any steering or direction as they played and mixed the footage himself. In July 2011, the song won First Prize in the global Call for Music Videos of Palestinian-Jewish Duos or Groups presented by the Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue .

Thru Krakow [edit ]

In 2012 Kutiman was invited by the jewish Culture Festival to Kraków, Poland and created second time in his Thru series – Thru Krakow, featuring many festival artists, including : Frank London, David Krakauer, Uri Caine, Paul Shapiro, Cantor Benzion Miller, Raphael Roginski, Mikołaj Trzaska, DJ Funklore ( Tomasz Jurecki ) and the Alaev Family .

Thru Tokyo [edit ]

In August 2012, Kutiman was invited to shoot and record traditional and modern Tokyo, Japan-based musicians and artists to create Thru Tokyo. [ 33 ] The video recording was released in 2013. Thru Tokyo is the third video in the “ Thru the City ” series, following the successful Thru Jerusalem and Thru Kraków. The project was a collaboration with PBS, which broadcast the footage entirely on its YouTube transmit .

Thru Tel Aviv [edit ]

Following Thru Tokyo, Kutiman teamed up with The british Council and The Space to create Thru Tel Aviv. Mix the City invites people all over the universe to create their own interpretation of Tel Aviv. Kutiman recorded a four-minute YouTube video of musicians that represent the diverse voices of Tel Aviv including Acre-born palestinian musician Ziwar Bahlul. The publish of the television was accompanied by the interactional web site Mix the City. [ 34 ]

Music video [edit ]

In accession to Kutiman ‘s audiovisual collages, for which he has composed the music, Kutiman has besides directed music video. Kutiman ‘s first gear television was an animize music video created for his song, “ Chaser ”, from his debut album. Kutiman ‘s second animated music television was for Hadag Nahash ‘s “ Eze Kif ”. [ 35 ] [ 36 ] In 2010, Kutiman worked with Karolina to create a music video for her song “ Smile 2 Me ”, [ 37 ] which was shot in 150 different locations in Tel Aviv. [ citation needed ] The video recording has been displayed at Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, as function of the Flux Screening Series. Kutiman besides received the ACUM Prize for Karolina ‘s album What Shall I Do Now?, which he produced with Sabbo. “ Light Up ”, Kutiman ‘s video for Boom Pam, a surf rock band, [ 38 ] was voted one of the “ 10 Best Videos ” by City Mouse, one of Israel ‘s leadership websites. [ citation needed ] Kutiman utilized video projections that had been manipulated with respective materials for the creation of the music video recording. The song embodies a semi-Moroccan cycle, 1970s metallic, “ psych-fuzz ”, and is a tuba-driven sung with deep, amuse lyrics .

film : Presenting Princess Shaw [edit ]

In 2015, Magnolia Pictures alongside film director Ido Haar debuted Presenting Princess Shaw, the on-key floor of Samantha Montgomery aka Princess Shaw, an draw a bead on musician, and artist from New Orleans who Kutiman discovered. The film made a splash at film festivals around the earth and received great reviews from New York Times, Rotten Tomatoes, and Rolling Stone. On September 22, 2016, Presenting Princess Shaw won the Israeli Academy Award ( known as the Ophir Awards ) for “ Best Documentary. ” Kutiman and Princess Shaw did a know performance together at the ceremony .

Collaborations [edit ]

musical Collaborations [edit ]

In the early 2000s Kutiman has formed a production partnership with chap musician Ronen Sabbo. They produced respective Israeli artists, including Karolina, Ester Rada, Roni Duani and Shay Gabso. The copulate besides released a few reggae-inspired singles and an album entitled “ Better Days ”, based on recordings the couple made in 2004 in Jamaica with local anesthetic vocalists such as Turbulence, Norris Man and Milton Blake. In 2009 Sabbo & Kuti produced Karolina ‘s album “ What Will I Do now ? “, winning the musical musical arrangement award by Association of Composers, Authors and Publishers of Music in Israel ( ACUM ). In 2013 their production for the Ester Rada single “ Life Happens ” became the singer ‘s breakthrough hit and the most play song on Israeli radio station 88fm, while Karolina ‘s 2013 single “ Shadow of the Palm Tree ” which they produced was the 8th most played song on Israeli radio & television receiver, according to ACUM .

Commissioned Collaborations [edit ]

Kutiman has been commissioned by Fiverr, Jerusalem Season of Culture, Mix The City/Thru Tel Aviv and Google ( at the Guggenheim Museum ) to create original pieces, maintaining broad creative freedom .

Fiverr : “ Inner galactic Lovers ” [edit ]

Kutiman created an master sung and video for Fiverr. He tapped into Fiverr ‘s community of musicians to create the Futuristic/Soul tune “ Inner Galactic Lovers ”. [ 39 ] Kutiman virtually assembled 24 Fiverr musicians from a twelve countries for a musical collaboration. The virtual throng school term consists of individually videotaped music performances orchestrated under his guidance.

discography [edit ]

  • No Groove Where I Come From 7″ (Afro Kats) October 2006
  • No Groove Where I Come From! 12″ (MPM) November 2006
  • No Reason For You 12″ (MPM) March 2007
  • Music Is Ruling My World (w/ remix by DJ Day) 12″ (MPM) June 2007
  • Kutiman CD/LP (MPM) November 2007
  • Dover D (B.M.usic) June 2012
  • Space Cassava 12″ (Siyal Music) July 2015
  • “6 AM” (Siyal Music) CD/LP June 2016
  • “White Monkey” (Siyal Music) 7″ April 2017
  • “Dont Hold Onto The Clouds” (Siyal Music) cassette/LP July 2018
  • “Antarctia” (Siyal Music) February 2019
  • “Wachaga” (Siyal Music) digital/LP/CD July 2020

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