Dave Grohl Revealed on TV What ‘Learn to Fly’ Is Really About

In continue support of his new best-selling memoir, The Storyteller : Tales of Life and Music, Dave Grohl made an appearance on day speak broadcast The Kelly Clarkson Show, where he revealed what the Foo Fighters hit “ Learn to Fly ” is truly about — want to be a pilot. During the interview segment, Clarkson reserved time to discuss a pair of Foos lyrics that stood out to her in particular and quote lines from both “ Everlong ” and “ Learn to Fly, ” two of the band ‘s biggest hits.

From “ Everlong, ” the host selected the lyric, “ And I wonder, when I sing along with you, if everything could ever feel this real constantly, if anything could ever be this thoroughly again, ” and asked Grohl about its significance. “ That was a long clock time ago, ” sad Grohl, who explained, “ I was in love and one of the things that I loved so much about this person was when we would sing together. It ‘s meant to sort of defend that here and now — all moments are flit, but if you could be in that moment and you think if anything could be this good again. ” Speaking in broader terms, Grohl talked about the conjunction and healing office of music and that lyrics can mean different things to different people, which is part of the magic trick. “ Music is meant to heal, ” he observed. “ One of the things about a sung that you connect with … the luxury of my life is that I can sit down with an instrument and write a song and then go out and play it in front of a bunch of people and they sing it with me, ” Grohl told Clarkson and continued, “ It could be 50,000 people singing the same lyric, for 50,000 different reasons because that lyric means something specific to them. They ‘re not singing it for my reasons, they ‘re singing it for their reasons. even the darkest lyrics, I think they ‘re meant to heal somehow. There ‘s hope — it ‘s significant to be bright. ” When it came to “ Learn to Fly, ” however, Grohl did less pontificating when Clarkson inquired about the lyric, ” Look to the flip to save me, looking for a sign of life, looking for something to help me burn out bright. ”

“ I do n’t want to burst your bubble … at the time I wanted to become a fender ! I wanted to learn to fly — I did ! That ‘s it, ” exclaimed Grohl as Clarkson was left in a humorous state of incredulity and crouched behind her professorship. “ I ‘m blue. It ‘s what I ‘m talking about. I ‘m singing because I want to learn how to be a pilot program. You ‘re singing because, ‘I ‘m so inspired by animation ‘ and whatever. See ?, ” he added in reference to his former comments about lyrics having many meanings, depending on who is listening. In an understudy world, we can envision Grohl and Iron Maiden singer/airline captain Bruce Dickinson criss-crossing the skies, waving to each other through their respective cockpit windows, but Grohl cursorily learned about some of the real-world hurdles to becoming a pilot burner. “ I wanted to learn to fly and then I was like, ‘Wait, there ‘s mathematics involved ? I ca n’t do this, ‘ ” he mused. well, that surely explain why the “ Learn to Fly ” music television is set on an airplane, huh ? It all makes sense now.

Watch the full clip of Grohl on The Kelly Clarkson Show below .

Dave Grohl Reveals What “Learn to Fly” Is Really About on The Kelly Clarkson Show

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