Hold Up, Beyoncé Is Finally Releasing ‘Lemonade’ On Spotify & Apple Music

It has been three years since Beyonce stopped the world with the surprise free of her sixth studio album Lemonade, which was accompanied by an hourlong film premiering on HBO. While the album is incredibly beloved by fans, there is distillery one thing about it that is reasonably annoying : the lone pour service it is available on is Tidal. That is about to change, though. Beyoncé ‘s Lemonade album will be available on Spotify and Apple Music at farseeing last future workweek, Variety has confirmed, so prepare to get in constitution. Lemonade will ultimately be available on all music streaming platforms on Tuesday, April 23, which fair therefore happens to be the three-year anniversary of Lemonade ‘s release. That means that for the foremost time ever, fans will be able to listen to the album ‘s 12 tracks, including reach singles like “ Formation ” and “ Hold Up, ” on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, or whatever early music streaming military service you use. The across-the-board release of Lemonade besides marks the first time that all of Beyoncé ‘s catalogue will be available for free streaming. At the 2017 Grammys, Beyoncé was nominated in nine categories for her study on Lemonade, making her the most nominated artist at that year ‘s ceremony. She wound up winning two awards : Best music Video for “ Formation ” and Best Urban Contemporary Album for Lemonade as a solid.

The announcement of Lemonade ‘s across-the-board passing besides comes concisely after Beyoncé dropped another surprise album. On Wednesday, Beyoncé ‘s concert documentary Homecoming was released on Netflix, along with the surprise release of a new 40-track live album called return : The Live Album. The newly album contains live recordings of a collection of hits from throughout Beyoncé ‘s long music career that she performed during her iconic 2018 Coachella headlining performance. But it is not all just newly recordings of beloved Beyonce bangers — the live album besides includes two new bonus tracks : the chopped-and-screwed rap track “ I Been On ” and the Frankie Beverly and Maze cover “ Before I Let Go. ” The album besides contains the live interludes from Beychella, Beyonce ‘s live performance of the anthemic hymn “ Lift Every Voice and Sing, ” and evening some sing from Beyoncé ‘s daughter Blue Ivy Carter.

Unlike how she released Lemonade entirely to Tidal, Beyoncé dropped Homecoming : The Live Album across all music streaming services on the same day that her Beychella concert department of commerce of the lapp name was released on Netflix. Hopefully this is a sign that Beyoncé fans will not be required to have a Tidal subscription to hear any future music from Queen Bey.

basically, all this is to say that Beyoncé is probably going to be the soundtrack to your animation for the adjacent couple weeks. not merely do fans have a full 40-track live album to obsess over, but now Beyoncé is besides offering up rid pour for Lemonade for the first time always. Lemonade will be available to stream on all music platforms on Tuesday, April 23, and Beyoncé ‘s Coachella documentary Homecoming is available now on Netflix .

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