Jay Z’s Highest-Grossing Albums Of All Time, Ranked

Jay-Z is one of the most recognizable and lionize rappers of all time. His albums have been successful but which one made him the most money ? Jay Z is quite an accomplished man. On his wrap sheet, the man can include Hip Hop pioneer, commercial enterprise mogul, recording artist, one of the first Hip Hop billionaires, angel investor, movie producer and most importantly, Beyonce ‘s husband. The accumulation of all of the aforesaid accomplishments is what has placed Jay Z at the top of the several Forbes lists and at the center of several Hip Hop fans. nowadays, as we look back at the achievements of numerous key figures in society with the close of another ten, we can well look to Jay Z with feelings of nostalgia .
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In honor of the big knocker ‘s permanent wave imprint in the music diligence, let us take a look at Jigga’s highest-grossing albums of all time, ranked in order. This list will consider both solo and collaborative albums from the artist.

10 Kingdom Come

Units sold: 1.50M
This 2006 release marked the ninth studio album by Jay-Z. The album was released via the rapper ‘s very own read tag, Roc-A-Fella Records in collaboration with Def Jam Recordings. many considered this album to be the equivalent of a “ rejoinder album ” as it was released after a short musical hiatus .
It experienced moderate commercial achiever, but an incredible begin with 680K passing within its beginning week. relevantly, the album received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Rap album. luminary works include “ Show Me What You Got ” and “ Hollywood. ”

9 Reasonable Doubt

Units sold: 1.51M
Any truthful Jay-Z fan will cite reasonable doubt as the knocker ‘s most iconic album. Many besides consider this album to have had a lasting impact on the Hip Hop music genre as a wholly. Through its witty rhymes, singular structure and mafioso atmosphere, fair doubt continue to serve as an divine guidance to up and coming rappers around the global .
celebrated works include “ dead Presidents ” and “ Ca n’t Knock the Hustle. ” The album besides saw appearances of legendary artists including Mary J. Blige, Memphis Bleek and the belated Notorious B.I.G ( rest in peace ) ,

8 The Blueprint 3

Units sold: 1.9M
Jay-Z ‘s eleventh studio album The Blueprint 3 distinguished itself from the others due to its dazzle production. Of the several producers to have contributed to the aforesaid album we include Kanye West, No I.D., The Neptunes, Swizz Beatz and Timbaland — all key figures in the Hip Hop genre .
Upon its release, the album sold 476K copies within its first week and broke a record previously held by Elvis Presley in getting 5 consecutive singles on the charts. noteworthy works include “ Young Forever, ” “ On to the future one ” and “ Empire State of Mind. ”

7 Watch The Throne

Units sold: 2M
This collaborative album has marked history by giving us the musical dynamic we did not know we needed until we got it. Both Kanye West and Jay-Z union hands in the incredible body of work, Watch The Throne. Simply from mentioning the individuals involved, it was fair to expect immediate graph success .
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The stick out features appearances from noteworthy guests including Beyonce, Kid Cudi and Otis Redding. furthermore, hit-songs include “ N**** in Paris ” and “ No Church in the Wild ” amongst several others .

6 The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse

Units sold: 2.1M
Another entry into Jay-Z ‘s blueprint series can be well added to this list due to its tied commercial success. The Blueprint 2 : The Gift & The Curse was the knocker ‘s one-seventh studio album and was well received by the masses with first-week sales of 545K units .
The multi-platinum certified album includes hits “ 03 Bonnie & Clyde ” featuring Jigga ‘s wife Beyonce and “ Excuse Me Miss. ” The project was another to be released via Roc-A-Fella records in collaboration with Atlantic .

5 The Dynasty: Roc La Familia

Units sold: 2.5M
Jay-Z ‘s fifth studio album involved the contributions of the entire Roc-A-Fella kin. The album featured appearances by a batch of Roc-A-Fella signees along with output credits by The Neptunes .
Upon its release, the album immediately snatched the count one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. additionally, it became the twentieth highest selling Hip Hop album of the 2000s. celebrated works incldude “ Change the Game ” and “ I Just Wan sodium Love U ( Give It 2 Me ). ”

4 The Blueprint

Units sold: 2.7M
The original album which started the series, The Blueprint, is featured amongst this list as one of Jay-Z ‘s most successful albums to date. This album is frequently mentioned after reasonable doubt when it comes to Hip Hop ‘s most influential bodies of work. The album was released at an interesting clock time where knocker Jay-Z was warring with boyfriend rap comrades Jadakiss, Nas and Prodigy .
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many consider this album to be a “ revenge album ” as Jay Z ruthlessly delivered a lyrical performance like no other. The album received universal acclaim and is amongst many consider to be the greatest rap albums of all time .

3 Vol. 3: Life and Times of S. Carter

Units sold: 3M
The final album in Jay-Z ‘s volume series, Vol : 2 Life and Times of S. Carter, was iconic in going back to its street-oriented sonic roots. With production from Swizz Beats, Irv Gotti and Timbaland amongst many early producers, the album saw great success with 462K copies sold within its first gear week .
The triple platinum certified album was besides well received by critics and remains one of Jay-Z ‘s highest gross albums. luminary works include the head-bopper “ big Pimpin ” and “ Do It Again ( Put Ya Hands Up ). ”

2 The Black Album

Units sold: 3.5M
Throughout his career, Jay Z frequently released albums and announced it would be his death before retiring. Well, The Black Album was one of them and so a batch of fans hurried to grab a copy right away. And it was the greatness of the album that made them beg the rapper to continue doing music .
The Black Album sold 463K copies within its first week and became Jay Z ‘s highest gross albums. It includes a skid of hits, but most notably, we center the smash-hits “ 99 Problems ” and “ Dirt off Your shoulder. ”

1 Vol. 2: Hard Knock Life

Units sold: 5.4M
The second gear installment in Jay-Z ‘s hardknock serial tops this list of the knocker ‘s highest gross albums a sum of 5.4 million dollars in sales. While the album was released a while ago in 1998, its contentedness is dateless .
The commercially-successful album includes many hits from Jay such as “ Hard Knock Life ( Ghetto Anthem ) ” and “ Can I Get A … ”
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