Irish Drinking Songs: 18 Tunes ye’ll LOVE in 2020 (+ Playlists)

T here’s an absolute heeeeap of great Irish drinking songs out there.
But there ’ south besides batch of crap ones. In the guide below, we ’ ra going to show you the best irish songs that are perfect for kicking back to with a beer .
Or a whiskey… or whatever tickles your illusion. You ’ ll find everything from the Clancy Brothers and the Chieftains to the Dropkick Murphy ’ mho and The Cranberries in the guide below .

The Best Irish Drinking Songs

now, some of these Irish drink songs are modern indeed, if you ’ rhenium looking for old-school trad, hop into our steer to the best irish maverick songs !

Below, you ’ ll find everything from old-school tunes that tell stories of war and battle to modern day hits that ’ ll get even the most bore of parties hoppin ’ .

1. Seven Drunken Nights

If you ’ rhenium looking for irish drink songs, there ’ s none more fitting than ‘ Seven Drunken Nights ’. This is a humorous irish folk song that ’ randomness said to be a variation of an old tune from Scotland .
‘ Seven Drunken Nights ’ tells the narrative of a gullible drunkard that returns from the public house each night, full of beer and whiskey, to find more and more evidence of his wife ’ mho affair .

2. The Fields of Athenry

The Fields of Athenry is a peach of a song and it ’ s one that tends to get people singing along. This irish folk music ballad is set in Ireland during 1840s, at a prison term when the Great Famine was revenging our short island .
The lyrics of the song tell the narrative of a homo support in and around Athenry in County Galway who was forced to steal food in order to feed his family .
All didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate go to design, however, and the man was caught and sentenced. His punishment, as was the norm at the time, was that he was to be sent over to Australia .

3. Linger 

Song number three is particular. If you ’ ve never heard ‘ Linger ’ before, then you ’ re in for a real treat. This song was composed by Dolores O ’ Riordan and Noel Hogan and was released rear in 1993 .
‘ Linger ’ was the Cranberries ( one of the best irish bands, in my opinion ! ) first gear song to actually achieve worldwide fame and it signalled the get down of an absolute gigantic of a career for the band .
If you ’ re in search of attention-getting, wellbeing irish public house songs, look no further than this one. Bash the play button above and you ’ ll understand why .

4. N17 – The Saw Doctors

‘ N17′ is another bouncy irish drink song that ’ ll pump a morsel of animation into the quietest of rooms. The lyrics tell the history of an irish emigrant that ’ second suffering from homesickness .
The narrator longs to be back at home in Ireland, driving along the N17 road that links the mighty counties of Galway, Mayo and Sligo .
If you ’ ve a room full of people that are evening remotely aware of the lyrics of this sung, you won ’ metric ton have to do much to get ’ em singing along and bopping their heads .

5. Fisherman’s Blues

so, I listened to the ‘ Fisherman ’ s Blues ’ yesterday morning when I was researching this guide to Irish public house songs, and it ’ s been floating about in my head ever since .
‘ Fisherman ’ mho Blues ’ featured on a 1988 album of the same name from the Waterboys, a Scottish-Irish folk music ring. This one featured in two brilliant movies : ‘ Good Will Hunting ’ and ‘ Waking Ned ’ ( one of the best irish films there is ! ) .

6. This Is

It always surprises me how few people from outside of Europe are familiar with Dublin ’ second Aslan. Although, it probably shouldn ’ metric ton be excessively surprise considering that much of their success was in the UK and Ireland .
‘ This Is ’ is a song that ’ randomness packed with world power and emotion. The band have been around since the early 80s and this song featured on ‘ Feel No Shame ’, one of six studio apartment albums released by the band .

7. Grace

‘ Grace ’ is another mighty toast song that tends to get people singing along. now, unlike the songs above, this is a sorrowful song about grief .
‘ Grace ’ was written by Frank and Seán O ’ Meara about a charwoman named Grace Evelyn Gifford Plunkett and her husband-to-be, Joseph Plunkett ( one of the leaders of the Easter Rising ) .
The pair wed in Kilmainham Gaol a couple of hours prior to his murder. Hit play on the television above. This is another brilliant tune that ’ ll have the hair on your neck standing tall .

8. Zombie

‘ Zombie ’, interestingly adequate, has entirely recently hit 1 billion plays on YouTube and is only one of five ( at the time of writing ) songs from the 90s to do so ! ‘ Zombie ’ was written in response to the 1993 IRA bombing in Warrington in England .
Dolores O ’ Riordan, the ring ’ s lead singer, was said to have been outraged when she saw what had happened on the news program. Expect plenty of drums and freshwater bass from this mighty irish tune .

9. The Rocky Road to Dublin

‘ The Rocky Road to Dublin ’ is one of the more popular Irish drink songs among those that have visited, as many tend to have heard it played at traditional irish music sessions during their time in Ireland.

‘ The Rocky Road to Dublin ’ is a 19th-century song that was written by D. K. Gavan and that tells the narrative of the adventures and troubles that a serviceman travelling to Liverpool from his home in Ireland encounters on his travels .

10. Quicksand

Grab a beer. Kick back. And turn this adjacent one up brassy. ‘ Quicksand ’ is an absolute beast of a tune from Limerick dance band Hermitage Green .
These lads are well known for their ability to pen a fine road trip tune and ‘ Quicksand ’ is up there with the best of them. If you always have a luck to see Hermitage Green exist, jump at it !

11. On Raglan Road

‘ On Raglan Road ’ is a celebrated irish song that proudly stood up against the screen of time. The song is based on a poem that was written by Patrick Kavanagh and is named after Raglan Road in Ballsbridge in Dublin .
The floor goes that the poem was turned into a song when the poet met Luke Kelly for a beer in a Dublin public house .
The poem was set to the music from a song called ‘ The Dawning of the Day ’. It ’ south been a authoritative ever since and features some traditional irish instruments .

12. Whiskey in the Jar

‘ Whiskey in the Jar ’ is one of the better know of the many irish drinking songs that tends to make it onto the tracklist of many trad sessions, both in Ireland and overseas .
The fib from the song is set in the Cork and Kerry mountains and it tells the narrative of a highjacker who has suffered a treachery from his fan .

13. The Auld Triangle

‘ The Auld Triangle ’ is another irish tune with an matter to story behind it. This song started its like in a play by the late Brendan Behan called ‘ The Quare Fellow ’. It tells the history of life sentence in Dublin ’ s Mountjoy Prison .
It ’ second said that the triangle in the song mention to the metal triangle in the prison that was used to wake inmates each dawn. It wasn ’ triiodothyronine until much belated, towards the latter end of the 60s, that it was made celebrated by the Dubliners .

14. Crazy World

future up is ‘ Crazy World ’, another firecracker from Dublin ’ mho Aslan. This was first released in 1993 and was released on the album ‘ Goodbye Charlie Moonhead ’ .
This song holds a bus of nostalgia for me. In fact, I ’ megabyte pretty certain that this was on one of the first albums that I ever bought. Hit play above and let the heading sock !

15. Galway Girl

If you ’ re an Ed Sheeran sports fan, the chances are you ’ ll have heard him release a birdcall called ‘ Galway Girl ’ a few years back. It took the universe by storm, as many of his songs tend to, and the video featured Irish actress Saoirse Ronan .
however, this international relations and security network ’ t the song we ’ re referring to. Back in 2000, a song by the lapp name took the irish charts by storm. ‘ Galway Girl ’, written by Steve Earle and recorded with Sharon Shannon, is a song that has a bent of getting a crowd raucous nice and quickly .

16. The Irish Rover

From one raucous tune to another. Next up is ‘ the Irish Rover ’, a powerful sung that tells the narrative of a big aul ship with 27 masts that comes to an unfortunate conclusion .
If you hop into YouTube and search for this one, you ’ ll find a never ending numeral of covers, both new and old. I ’ ve popped in one above featuring the Pogues and the Dubliners. Give it a heed !

17. The Parting Glass (Clancy Brothers or Hozier Version)

now, there ’ s many a might interpretation of the Parting Glass. You can find a brilliant one by the Clancy Brothers here. The best, by far in my opinion, was the cover of the song by Hozier on the Late Late Show in April 2020 .
This embrace is insanely especial. ‘ The Parting Glass ’ is actually a traditional song from Scotland that made its way over to Ireland at one point or another .

18. I’m Shipping Up To Boston

‘ I ’ thousand Shipping up to Boston ’ is a bouncy Irish-American punk song by the Dropkick Murhphys. The original version of the song was released in 2004, but it wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate until 2006 that it shot to fame after it was used in the movie ‘ the Departed ’ .

Best Irish Drinking Songs Playlist

If you ’ rhenium looking for a playlist that ’ s wedged with many of the best irish drinking songs, check out this one on Spotify or this one on YouTube. You ’ ll find many of the tune above along with enough more new and honest-to-god

Keith O'Hara Howaya ! Thanks for visiting the irish road trip ! This web site exists to inspire and guide you on an irish gamble that ’ ll give birth to a life of memories ( sounds very arsey wholly, I know ! ) .

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