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James Goldston ( have a bun in the oven 19 June 1968 ) is a british – american diarist, media executive, and former President of ABC News .

early life [edit ]

Goldston grew up in Heston, a suburb in Hounslow, West London. [ 1 ] His beget Jill was a professional movie and television extra. [ 3 ] He recalls as a child being taken to a dart for a James Bond film, in which he made an appearance. [ 3 ]

early career [edit ]

Goldston was the beginning in his family to go university when he studied philosophy, politics and economics at Jesus College, Oxford. [ 1 ]

He then attended the Cardiff School of Journalism where he was trained by academics including british newspaper editor program Sir David English, graduating in 1991 with a PgDip Journalism reservation. [ 2 ] He began his career during bring experience at the Richmond and Twickenham Times, followed by roles at The Surrey Herald and Legal Business. [ 3 ]

Broadcast journalism [edit ]

His first job in broadcast journalism was at the BBC where he began on programmes including The Money Programme, Newsnight and Panorama. [ 2 ] Goldston worked as an international correspondent for the BBC, and was creditworthy for reporting at the time of the conclusion of The Troubles in Northern Ireland, during the start of the war in Kosovo, [ 2 ] and on the Clinton Impeachment. [ 3 ]

television receiver production [edit ]

In 1999 he moved to commercial broadcaster ITV and helped launch the flagship current affairs program Tonight with Trevor McDonald. He became the program ‘s executive producer in 2002 and remained there until 2004. [ 3 ] The show became “ Britain ’ s most watch stream affairs program. ” [ 5 ] Goldston secured significant interviews while at Tonight, including :
Tonight received three Royal Television Society awards in five years during Goldston ‘s tenure. [ 3 ]

ABC News career [edit ]

Goldston departed ITV and moved to the US in 2004 to become a elder Producer at ABC News in New York, [ 3 ] at the time accompanied by his friend and chap subscriber at ITV Bashir, with whom they worked on 20/20. [ 3 ] In November 2005 the duet broadcast a reputation into the BALCO scandal, obtaining a rare interview with the company ‘s founder Victor Conte who had been indicted by a union grand jury in February 2004. [ 3 ] Conte was charged with supplying drugs to 27 high-profile athletes including Barry Bonds and Marion Jones. [ 6 ] The investigation led to the charge of Dwain Chambers, Tim Montgomery, and a number of other high-profile american Olympians. [ 7 ] [ 8 ]

Nightline ( 2005–2011 ) [edit ]

In 2005, Goldston became first british administrator producer of prime clock circulate Nightline under its then host Ted Koppel. [ 3 ] The circulate was “ on the scepter of cancellation ” and courting David Letterman as a potential new host when Goldston took over. [ 3 ] He reformed the course of study by removing the “ single-anchor, single-topic format ” [ 3 ] and lend in a three-person team of Bashir, Cynthia McFadden, and Terry Moran. [ 9 ] He reportedly faced initial criticism from supporters of Koppel within ABC who felt in replacing previous producer Tom Bettag, Goldston was dismantling the farseeing running format of the program, [ 3 ] however the audience promptly gained traction, moving up 14 % among 25- to 54-year-olds in the “ demonstration “, while rival programmes like the Tonight Show With Jay Leno and the Late Show With David Letterman took a stumble in the ratings. [ 3 ]

Good Morning America ( 2011–2014 ) and SVP [edit ]

In 2011, he took over Good Morning America, which at the time had spent years behind its arch rival Today. Within a year in the function, the broadcast overtook the NBC production to claim top descry among audiences. [ 10 ] He became senior frailty president ( SVP ) for content and development at ABC News in 2012. [ 11 ]

President of ABC News ( 2014–2021 ) [edit ]

In April 2014, Goldston became the President of ABC News, reaching the role after fair ten years at the network. [ 12 ] He replaced Ben Sherwood, who was promoted to a elder function within Disney. He was at that decimal point one of two Britons in charge of the Big Three television networks in the US, aboard Deborah Turness who was until 2017 the President of NBC News. [ 12 ] At the time he besides formed a british executive couple at ABC, aboard ABC Entertainment president ( and BBC alumnus ) Paul Lee. [ 13 ] At the time of his appointment, Goldston was labelled as having “ something of a Midas touch ” in the press after taking each broadcast he led ( Nightline, GMA, and This Week ) to the exceed blot for viewership, and with GMA enjoying “ its best performance in 20 years. ” [ 14 ] In 2015, he travelled to the Vatican to lead on the network ‘s interview with Pope Francis, which was anchored by David Muir. [ 3 ] In 2019, he was one of 170 guests at the submit banquet during the 2019 visit to the United Kingdom by President Trump, despite his network being described by Trump as being “ talk through one’s hat newsworthiness. ” [ 15 ] In 2016, a letter was written to Goldston by journalists who were requesting reforms to improve the treatment of black candidates in hiring decisions. [ 16 ] HuffPost sources described that Senior Vice President for Talent and Business at ABC Barbara Fedida intervened to join a confluence on the subject, a merging which the group went on to describe as “ tense ”. [ 16 ] Mara Schiavocampo subsequently accused Fedida of “ racial discrimination ”, but belated agreed a fiscal village including “ a nondisclosure and nondisparagement agreement. ” [ 16 ] In June 2020 Goldston placed Fedida, who beginning joined the company in 1989, on “ administrative leave ” after a HuffPost report which alleged an “ across-the-board history ” of “ insensitive and racist remarks. ” [ 17 ] In reception to her suspension Fedida released a argument through her lawyer describing the accusations as “ grievous and incredibly misleading. ” [ 18 ] She was fired on 21 July 2020. [ 19 ] On January 28, 2021, Goldston in an inner memo, announced [ 20 ] that he was stepping down from his post at ABC News at the conclusion of March. [ 21 ] The Los Angeles Times ‘ Stephan Battaglio reported that the announcement of Goldston ‘s die came six months after the ouster Barbara Fedida. Goldston himself, had been rumored to have been on his way out since Fedida formally parted ways with ABC in July 2020 .

Awards [edit ]

personal [edit ]

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personal life [edit ]

Goldston resides in Brooklyn Heights, New York with his wife Laura and three children. [ 4 ] He met his wife, who is the anchor of BBC World News America, while studying journalism at Cardiff. [ 2 ]

He is a patron of Premier League side Chelsea F.C. [ 3 ]

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