Taylor Swift’s 10-minute “All Too Well” is longest song to reach No.1

Red ( Taylor ’ s Version ) is Taylor Swift ‘s fresh take on her fourth studio apartment album of the lapp mention. One of the most heatedly predict tracks was “ All Too Well ( 10 Minute Version ) ”, the much-awaited uncut version of the song originally released in October 2012. nowadays, the ten-minute long exponent ballad has broken the record for the longest song to reach No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

It surpassed Don McLean ’ s “ american Pie ” which, with its 8 minutes and 37 seconds, topped the charts for four weeks in 1972.

however, “ All Too Well ” is only the highest of Swift ’ s 26 new entries on the Hot 100. With Red ( Taylor ‘s version ), the singer has shattered her own record for the most simultaneous US Hot 100 entries by a female : 26 tracks from the album made the Hot 100 chart, featuring successes such as “ Red ( Taylor ‘s translation ) ”. It surpassed her former record ( 18 tracks ), achieved with Lover in 2019. With 26 songs appearing among the Hot 100, the studio album besides marks the most simultaneous US Hot 100 new entries – an absolute beginning in the history of the chart since August 1958. merely Drake ‘s 2018 album Scorpion previously topped this total, with 27 Hot 100 entries. however, ‘ only ’ 22 among the Canadian rapper ‘s 27 entries were new that week, allowing Swift ‘s 30-track album to take the pennant.

undoubtedly leading this string of hits, “ All Too Well ” premiered at the top of cosmopolitan charts and curtly reached a astonishing total of streaming sessions on Spotify.

Billboard noted that the 5 minutes 29 seconds adaptation and the expanded one are summed up in one unmarried entry, which reached a total of 54.4million US streams in the week of its debut.

youtube In the by, Swift frequently hinted at a very first and denotative translation of the song, recalling that she went “ on a harangue during a soundcheck ” and her band join in. The session was subsequently cut down to a five-minute traverse, often regarded as one of Swift ‘s best songs.

“ All Too Well ” debuted alongside a short-circuit movie featuring actors Dylan O ’ Brien and Sadie Sink – in the character of a Swift in her early twenties – and Swift herself. The singer besides tried out a new function at the other side of the camera, directing the short movie herself.

Since its premier on 12 November 2021, the short circuit film ( which doubles up as the song ‘s official music video recording ) has gathered 47,023,472 views on YouTube. The sung ‘s lyrics sparked meditation from fans everywhere and spread through the internet like wildfire. “ All Too Well ” smashing a populace read is undoubtedly a huge recognition of Swift ‘s career, but it besides carries a powerful message. These new versions of old songs, a well as the previously unpublished ones “ from the vault ”, celebrate Swift taking ownership of her own voice. possibly “ All Too Well ” more than others expresses a Taylor Swift which her fans feel they have n’t had the prospect to hear before – unedited, untrimmed and free to pour her emotions into a song on her own terms. With the do-overs of her older album ( a six-entry series that started with Fearless, in the first place released in 2008 ), Swift is seen to be re-taking ownership of her music after a dispute with music label Big machine. The newly released Red ( Taylor ’ s Version ) is the most late of Swift ’ second albums to reach No. 1 on the Billboard charts in little over a class.

This achiever follows close after Fearless ( Taylor ’ s Version ), featuring iconic songs such as “ Love Story ( Taylor ‘s version ) ”, and the 2020 releases Folklore and Evermore. recently, a third adaptation of “ All Too Well ” was released on Spotify : the “ Sad Girl Autumn Version ”, an acoustic cover recorded at Long Pond Studio. Whether Swift continues to release “ her translation ” of earlier works or creates newly tracks, one thing is clear – this chart-topping ace will continue to break records for years to come .

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