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I believe that the birdcall is about a relationship that is not going anywhere good ! And she is tired of the lies. But she ca n’t stop loving him. He will always have her center and she barely wants him to be real with her and tell her the truth about what ever is going on, and he loves her besides but he ‘s having all these other find ‘s and it will not be slowly for him to be with out her ! And that ‘s why he gets covetous over nothing that she ‘s even doing. She ‘s thus in sleep together with him that she does n’t want to be with anyone else. That ‘s why he says that about the acid of a window. All the “ pain ” you have to go through with person who does n’t know what they are looking for and what they want to do with there lives and they were opposites attracting to the person who you truly believe that you have nothing in common with but you have been working at this relationship and they equitable ca n’t get enough of how meter will soon hopefully be healing through the lies ! She has already made up her mind that if he does n’t want to be together then she will have to stop her own heart to be able to get by without having him in her life ! They both though attempt to keep up with the pain of it all and the contend with one another but he does n’t want to lose her either ! That is love, the saying love hurts is soooo true. Love makes you feel that you have your numeral one reason for animation and that ‘s what I believe they are saying is that you can have love for person that it does n’t work with but you ca n’t see yourself without having them by your side, on your team. Cause through the pain comes the potency to be able to take the punches ” even if not literally ” getting beat you ‘d feel beneficial you believe than having your center break if, you have had it broken, than you know it is nothing to wish you were actually hurting that way from your lover then having the trust taken from you because they lied to you about what they think and feel for you ! It possibly some type of beloved but if they did love you and would be able to show it, it would mean everything to you excessively just even hear it from their affection once ! But you ca n’t find the answers to your questions about what should happen with your love, is it to be with you or on they ‘re own. He says that he loves you and your all that matters to him and he gets comfort from you ! But than why is he going around behind your back and cheat on on you taking advantage of the sexual love you have for him and merely him ! It ‘s going to be this way for even when you think things are going great things are about to explode and you do n’t know what to do, so you stay with your love and miss them so much that only argue why you would not be available to them is if you pretty much just lay there and take it or leave them with your heart break, and you do n’t know how they can be unlike than one another cause of your pain from it and then right when you get the persuasiveness to leave them for your own life, with peace they do n’t want you to go and then and it seems only then that they can use the parole ‘s you ‘ve been waiting to hear but it does n’t last long, the fight is going to be there and you know that its not goodly but you ca n’t find the answers for what you should do. So you stay and you are happy but not like you deserve to be and you do n’t want you to make the mistake if it was the last time for games and see that you can do better than all this, but like I said the allege is on-key that sexual love hurts ! And you rather be able to make it Work more than always since you ca n’t see yourself with out them even though it is n’t deserving all the active you are dealing with your life is just not going to be the same with out them there fighting for you through this. Sorry indeed retentive but I ‘ve been dealing with this demand thing for 2 about 3 year and I equitable want to believe that he loves me more than what he says or shows, and I do n’t want to be second to anyone but I ‘m placid waiting for him to be viciously honest with me about his latest relationship before ours. I know that he still loves her, I feel more and I barely do n’t know how to let go of what we I thought had ! But I ‘ve heard so much about what they are doing and are happy, but if he ‘s still in love or still felicitous with her why did he ever come on to me ? I ‘m not self-destructive lol but I do feel that my heart has been broken excessively many times and it does n’t matter what happens I good do n’t want to lose the love I at least have for him, we have been with each other every day for the past 3yrs and I will have to take the best from this and see how much more significant he seems to think she is even ! Like I ‘m a nothing. So I guess I should feel nothing ! But why the hell is it so difficult.

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