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For the BBC ‘s commercial studios arm, see BBC Studioworks
BBC Studios is a british content ship’s company and commercial auxiliary of the BBC. It was formed in April 2018 through the amalgamation of the BBC ‘s commercial production weapon and the BBC ‘s commercial international distribution arm, BBC Worldwide. BBC Studios creates, develops, produces, distributes, broadcasts, finances and sells contentedness around the world, returning around £200m to the BBC annually in dividends and subject investment. [ 2 ]

BBC Studios Productions brings together the majority of BBC Television ‘s former in-house production departments ; Factual, Drama, Comedy, ( both combined as Scripted in the new division ), Entertainment, and Music & Events. [ 3 ] BBC Children ‘s product is set to move into BBC Studios Productions from April 2022 to increase the likely of taking british children ‘s contented to the wide ball-shaped market, along with BBC Three ‘s in-house output team, which is joining from April 2021. [ 4 ] BBC News and BBC Radio remain freestanding inner production divisions in the BBC ( although BBC Radio Comedy is region of BBC Studios ), and the rest of the former BBC Television division ( channels and genre commission, including BBC Sport and BBC iPlayer ) are part of the BBC Content division. The BBC Studios production class was formed in 2016 and launched as a commercial entity in 2017, [ 5 ] enabling it to produce programming for other broadcasters and services to generate profit to return to the BBC to supplement license fee income. In exchange, the BBC agreed to place production of much of its non-news programmes to tender, allowing third-party independents to compete with BBC Studios on bids to produce them. The amalgamation of BBC Studios and BBC Worldwide in 2018, brought the ship’s company in pipeline with early major multinational studio apartment conglomerates. BBC Studios Productions was the UK ‘s most commission godhead of new content in 2019, with 77 fresh commissions from the BBC and third-parties. It achieved 73 awards and 202 nominations in 2019/2020. [ 6 ] [ 7 ] BBC Studios represents formats and programmes made by hundreds of freelancer producers, angstrom well as its own production teams and returned £176m to the independent sector in 2018/2019. [ 8 ] The ship’s company is on track to meet its five-year prey of returning £1.2bn to the BBC by 2021/2022. [ 4 ] BBC Studios has committed to growing this sum by a further 30 % to a new target of £1.5bn in the five years from 2022/2023. [ 9 ]

history [edit ]

previous discrepancy of the BBC Studios logo. BBC Studios Ltd. as a production company was first base registered on 27 February 2015. [ 10 ] In September 2015, the BBC ‘s general director Tony Hall announced a proposal to split the BBC ‘s in-house production units for non-news television programming into a distinguish BBC Studios division, which would finally, with BBC Trust approval as part of the next revision to the BBC ‘s charter, be spun-out as a for-profit subsidiary company of the BBC. This proposal would allow the BBC ‘s units to produce programmes for early broadcasters and digital outlets ( which could be done in concurrence with its international distribution arm BBC Worldwide ) in accession to the BBC ‘s publicly fund properties. As a for-profit company, BBC Studios would be allowed to pay higher wages to its executives and endowment, and no longer face examination over them as it did as a populace entity. [ 11 ] The proposal was described by The Guardian as being “ one of the biggest changes to the BBC in its 93-year history ”. [ 12 ] The marriage proposal attracted criticism from independent studios, who felt that it would result in the formation of a “ super-indie ” that would unduly benefit from “ guaranteed ” course of study commissions from the BBC. As contribution of the separate, the BBC planned to tender its programmes, so that independent producers and BBC Studios could bid for the rights to produce its non-news scheduling, outside of top shows ( such as Doctor Who ) assigned to BBC Studios. [ 11 ] The re-organisation and formation of BBC Studios as a division of the BBC was completed in April 2016. [ 13 ] In September 2016, the BBC announced that it would tender its non-news programmes over the adjacent 11 years, beginning with programmes such as A Question of Sport, Holby City and Songs of Praise. [ 14 ] [ 15 ] [ 16 ] In October 2016, the BBC announced that it planned to lay off 300 employees from the division seen as excess. [ 12 ] In December 2016, BBC Studios announced that it had reached an agreement with Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television ( PACT ) in regards to the tender plan, stating that it would tender at least 40 % of the “ in-house undertake ” within two years of approval of the transition. [ 17 ] The BBC Trust subsequently approved the creation of BBC Studios as a commercial auxiliary, with the march expected to be completed in April 2017. [ 16 ] [ 18 ] [ 19 ]

On 29 November 2017, the BBC announced that BBC Worldwide would be merged into BBC Studios effective 1 April 2018. The BBC stated that by handling both the production and sales of its programming within one unit, it would improve efficiency and be in line with the “ ball-shaped norms ” of other major external media companies. [ 20 ] [ 21 ] Technically, BBC Ventures Group Ltd. [ note 1 ] was renamed BBC Studios Group Ltd. on 3 April 2018, and then BBC Studios Ltd. 1 October 2018 ; [ 22 ] besides in October, the product ship’s company established in 2015 was renamed BBC Studios Productions Ltd., [ 10 ] and so did BBC Worldwide Ltd., which was renamed BBC Studios Distribution Ltd. [ 23 ] In April 2019, BBC Studios announced diverse agreements with Discovery Inc. ; the companies agreed to break apart their UKTV joint speculation, with Discovery ( which had acquired a impale in UKTV after its buy of Scripps Networks Interactive ) acquiring the BBC ‘s stake in UKTV ‘s life style channels, and BBC Studios alike acquiring Discovery ‘s stakes in UKTV ‘s entertainment channels and video on-demand military service UKTV Play. In addition, Discovery announced a 10-year agreement with the BBC ‘s Natural History Unit to acquire exclusive subscription video-on-demand rights to its contentedness global ( which would be incorporated into a extroverted global pour brand ), and co-fund a development team. Discovery had previously served as the Natural History ‘s Unit U.S. partner until 2013. [ 24 ] [ 25 ] In August 2019 BBC Studios announced a long-run deal with WarnerMedia ‘s approaching HBO Max for streaming rights to by seasons of top BBC programmes such as Doctor Who, The Honourable Woman, Luther, and Top Gear. [ 26 ] In January 2020, it besides sold second-window pour rights to 14 series to CW Seed ( a video recording on-demand platform operated by The CW, a television network co-owned by WarnerMedia ). [ 27 ] In November 2020, BBC Studios 2019/2020 UK Pay Gap Report was published, which showed that all medial give gaps were immediately below 10 % and that women made up 53.2 % of leadership roles. The report besides voluntarily disclosed BBC Studios bonus pay gaps by ethnicity, disability and sex for the beginning time, equally well as more detail on the three payment types that make up BBC Studios ‘ overall bonus pay gaps. [ 28 ] [ 29 ] In November 2020, BBC Studios Productions announced it was introducing raw steps to improve diverseness and inclusion body across its content and teams, including an ‘ Inclusion Rider ’, spearheaded by Director of Content Ralph Lee. This sees a commitment to a minimum target of 20 % of on-screen endowment and production teams on all new BBC and third-party UK commissions coming from a Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic ( BAME ) background, having a populate experience of a disability, or being from a low-income background. There was besides an extra commitment to a target of at least one elder function on scripted and unscripted production teams being appointed from one of these backgrounds. [ 30 ] [ 31 ] In February 2021, BBC Studios launched a modern cyclosis brand in North America known as BBC Select, dedicated to factual content. [ 32 ] On 22 February 2021, BBC Studios signed a first-look cope with Gobstopper Group. [ 33 ] In March 2021 it was announced that the BBC Children ‘s Productions and BBC Global News units would besides be transferred into BBC Studios. With the change, BBC Studios will handle international distribution and advertise sales for BBC World News, while the public military service BBC News operation will assume editorial operate of the distribution channel. [ 34 ] [ 35 ] More recently, the studio had set up a growth cope with EbonyLife Media, which was affiliated with Sony Pictures Television, headed by Mo Abudu. [ 36 ]

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  1. ^[22] in the first place registered as FFW 1987 Ltd. on 18 June 2002, renamed as BBC Ventures Group Ltd. on 15 August 2002 .

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