Machine Gun Kelly Tries to Diss Metal Band Slipknot, Gets Dragged

machine Gun Kelly is getting dragged on social media by Slipknot fans following MGK ‘s comments about the metallic band at Riot Fest over the weekend. According to a report card on Loudwire, published on Monday ( Sept. 20 ), MGK was performing on the fourth and final examination day of the 2021 Riot Fest in Chicago on Sunday ( Sept. 19 ) when he threw Slipknot under the bus. Before performing his sung “ Jawbreaker, ” MGK appeared to have dissed the rock ‘n’ roll band. “ Hey, you wan sodium know what I ’ m truly happy that I ’ meter not doing ? Being 50 years old wearing a fuckin ‘ eldritch dissemble on a sleep together degree, talkin ‘ crap, ” he told the crowd. “ so anyhow, what ’ mho everyone ’ s darling candy ? Reese ’ mho Pieces ? ”

machine Gun Kelly ’ s vitriol towards Slipknot may be related to an interview the band ’ s frontman Corey Taylor did earlier this year, in which he appears to have taken aim at MGK without mentioning his name. “ The [ young artists ] that very frustrate me are the ones that they take something that ‘s been around forever and then precisely basically rework it and call it new—even though it ‘s completely derivative, ” Taylor told Loudwire ’ s Cutter’s Rockcast back in February. “ You know the band they ‘re ripping off—they ‘re not evening trying to rip off a bunch of bands ; they ‘re ripping off one band. But the younger generation picks them up and says, ‘This is our bombast, bombast, bombast, ‘ because they ‘re tired of previous people telling them that the music that came before them was dependable. And I do n’t know who ‘s right, but I know both are incorrect, because we should be encouraging everything. ” taylor added that he ’ s not impressed with some of today ’ south rock artists, peculiarly those who were previously in another writing style and then decided to jump into the rock region. “ I ‘m barely as bad. I ‘m the worst old dodo fellow shaking his cane ever. And I hate everything, ” he said. “ I hate all new rock for the most separate. I [ hate ] the artists who failed in one genre and decided to go rock—and I think he knows who he is. But that ‘s another history. ” Slipknot fans weren ’ thymine felicitous with MGK ’ s criticism of the band and started dragging the 31-year-old rapper-turned-rocker. respective people believe that his kill in his ill-famed rap gripe against Eminem back in 2018 was the reason why MGK went into the rock genre. “ person said mgk got bodied by eminem sol badly that he had to switch genres, ” tweeted one sports fan. Another exploiter typed, “ MGK is the biggest jest of a musician literally ever Face with tears of rejoice dudes music sucks then bad he has to resort to starting beef to get some spotlight. Man tried Rap – got ended by Eminem, now he ’ s dissing Corey Taylor. Like, bro, what other genres are you trying to dip ya toes in ? face with tears of gladden Pathetic. ” Others are hoping that Slipknot and Eminem would team up and release a dis track against MGK. “ therefore does this mean we ’ ll get an # Eminem and # Slipknot collab for an MGK dis lead ? face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of gladden they ’ re about to make him leave another genre, get fix for Country Kelly Face with tears of joyFace with tears of rejoice, ” tweeted one person.

“ Corey Taylor and Eminem should release a diss racetrack about MGK since both of them has had to put up with his denounce and because Corey has constantly wanted to do a collab with Eminem, ” said another fan. stopping point workweek, MGK about got into a hassle with UFC champion Conor McGregor at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards. Afterwards, McGregor called him a “ vanilla male child rapper. ” See more social media reactions to Machine Gun Kelly ‘s dis towards Slipknot below.

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