From Eminem Adversary to Punk Rocker, Machine Gun Kelly’s Downfall Was His Rebirth — afterglow

In the sport single, “ Bloody Valentine, ” the knocker sings about his desire to “ play make-believe / And process this nox like it ’ ll happen again ” with Megan Fox. As opposed to rapping angrily about drugs and violence, “ Bloody Valentine ” is about his passion for his relationship which has given him a reason to look advancing to the future. similarly, in “ Concert for Aliens, ” MGK acknowledges by struggles and mentions some of his unmanageable youth : “ I heard you never graduated from high school / ( … ) I know you wanted me to go to law school / I dyed my haircloth, pierced my nostril. ” But, difficulties aside, the song is about moving beyond the turbulence to “ get my life back late. ”

In addition to signaling the beginning of a more plus genial headspace for the knocker, Tickets to My Downfall marks the end of his rap career and the begin of his kindling rocker status. For the album, he finally shed his typical melancholic spitfire in prefer of a much lighter, optimistic tone, with the benefit of having seasoned kindling rocking chair Travis Barker in his corner. As a easy punk rocker record, Tickets to My Downfall can not rival the absolute anger and energy of emo icons like My Chemical Romance or Blink-182, but it can hold its own as an MGK pop-punk experiment and reinvention. The sound is unpolished : The tempo and beats per minute of most of the tracks feel very alike, and his instrumentals can sound generic. At times, the album can feel more like a tribute to the 2000s classics like Fall Out Boy, Green Day, Paramore, and Good Charlotte, as MGK adopts the signature emo stress in “ Bloody Valentine. ” not only is Tickets to My Downfall MGK ’ s tribute to his punk icons, it is a tribute to his partner and his life-changing class in 2020. In an interview with NME, he explained that, “ Tickets is basically my diary, because I did fall in sexual love during the induce of this record, and I did become a better person. ” While 2020 could have easily been the knocker ’ mho personal and professional fall, he mused, “ I think the universe catch on to me wanting to make a change. It was like : ‘ Maybe we won ’ t make this a world ; possibly we ’ ll make this ironic. ’ rather of the fall, go ahead and have the biggest rise of your f-cking life sentence. ”

Punk rock is a writing style that rejects the mainstream and extends its arms to the losers and the misfits. He already has the look and the attitude down, so with some more practice, MGK may be able to add some more originality to his tribute of the writing style and create his own unique sound. Tickets to my Downfall is nothing that fans of the punk rock rock genre haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate seen before, but for MGK fans and the rapper himself, it is revolutionary. It marks the end of a disruptive period of time in the rapper ’ s life, as his newfound romance and writing style of music have reignited an optimistic expectation and rage for his art.

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