If person had told you at the begin of 2020 that the year was going to be spent largely at home and by and large on-line, you ’ d credibly have laughed it off. however, in arguably the most challenging year of our life, that ’ s precisely what happened. thankfully, we ’ re fans of the King of Pop and that means that no matter where you are in the earth, you ’ rhenium part of an active agent community that create and prosecute and will find ways to celebrate no matter how challenging .
therefore 2020 has actually been the year of message as far a Michael Jackson is concerned and we ’ ve been treated to some great ( and some not so big -History 25 merch ) products, videos, podcasts and more. Though the official celebrations for HIStory 25 were largely non-existence, Michael ’ s fans ensured it would not pass by unnoticed. hera ’ s our top picks for Michael Jackson 2020 – Year in Review .

Thriller appears in the top 10 vinyl sales of the ten in the United States at number 6, having sold 334,000 copies between 2010 and 2019. In 2019 entirely, 88,000 copies of Thriller on vinyl were sold across the U.S.

A copulate of Louboutins designed entirely for Michael to wear during This Is It go on display in Paris France at the Palais de la Porte Dorée as part of an exhibition focusing on the world-famous interior designer christian Louboutins. The aglitter shoes offer a elusive nod to Michael ’ s Triumph/Off The Wall look and were displayed as if Moonwalking .
Bad in Wembley and Dangerous Live in Bucharest are once again made available for streaming on YouTube through Michael ’ s official duct in an effort to encourage the ‘ stay home ’ arrange given to countries around the world .

After 11 years at the Lyric Theatre, Thriller Live closes its doors for the final time. The show had been scheduled to complete on April 26th 2020 and leave the Lyric to find a fresh home. however, the UK-wide lockdown as a result of the pandemic saw the picture close earlier than planned .

The Estate opened their purse and donated $ 300,000 to Corona Virus relief efforts in Michael ’ s name. Broadway Cares, Three Square Food Bank ( Southern Nevada ’ mho largest hunger-relief arrangement ) and MusicCares each received a $ 100,000 contribution .
The Estate passing ‘ Heal The World 2020 ’, a new short film to accompany Michael ’ mho 1992 hit of the lapp list. The film focused on the Covid-19 pandemic and was produced to unite Michael ’ second fans virtually during an about ball-shaped lockdown .
In reception to the publish, fans ensured ‘ Healtheworld2020 ’ trended two weekends consecutively. As of December 2020, the short film has 4.3 million views on YouTube .
View the video here

As a resultant role of the pandemic, MJ The Musical ’ south introduction is once again delayed to September 2021. in the first place planned to open in Chicago in the Summer of 2019, the launch was cancelled with a plan to head heterosexual to Broadway in early 2020. After three rescheduled dates, the decision was taken to push to September 2021 .

Michael dominates Smooth Radio ’ s All-Time Top 500 Songs with the most entries by a solo artist. With 20 entries, Billie Jean and Man In The Mirror placed inside the Top 10, with George Michael being the merely other artist to do thus. Averaging four million listeners a week, Smooth Radio removed Michael from rotation in 2019, however, this poll as voted by the public, ensured Michael returned to the station ’ s regular playlist .

HIStory turns 25 and while fans around the universe target the album ’ s monumental condition and dateless appeal, the Estate choose to release apparel and a badge fructify, which by and large amounted to an overpriced, regretful quality, ill designed, late delivered collection .
Ilia Mizani and Pez Jax sat toss off to review some of the products here

Marking the twenty-fifth Anniversary of the album, the HIStory teaser is added to YouTube where it has since been viewed 1.5 million times via Michael ’ s official channel .

It ’ s been over 50 years since the Jackson 5 performed on the Ed Sullivan testify. As partially of a broad library upload, the performances are restored and uploaded to YouTube for future generations to enjoy. You can watch the iconic performances here

Sixteen11 Media Group announces the acquittance of a new bible titled, ‘ The Story of HIStory ’ by Pez Jax. The book charts the creation and passing of HIStory and marks 25 years of the album ’ randomness passing. Including interviews with many people who worked on the album and short films, Jax called upon HIStory Statue sculptor Diana Walczak to help create the cover of the book .
By the end of 2020, the record was released in special gold hardback and boxset editions and has been shipped to over 30 countries around the world .

As a slap in the font to the twenty-fifth Anniversary, respective of Michael ’ sulfur items from the earned run average were placed on auction through Julien ’ s Auction. Taking place from the 15th – 19th June, listings included the three Olodum outfits worn by Michael in They Don ’ t Care About Us, the black trench coat from Stranger In Moscow and the handwritten lyrics to D.S .

Author Damien Shields releases ‘ The Genesis of Thriller ’, a special audio objective that takes listeners into the studio apartment to discover how the world ’ sulfur biggest-selling album was made.

You can listen to this insightful sound recording documentary here

SiriusXM launches ‘ The Michael Jackson Channel ’, a radio place playing nothing but Michael Jackson music for a rigorously express time. The station besides featured a extra playlist titled ‘ The now More Than Ever King of Pop Playlist ’ .

UK Nationwide Radio Station ‘ Smooth Radio ’ host their annual ‘ Top 100 ’ poll to find out who the total one Icon is, according to listeners. With an overwhelm number of votes, Michael comes in at Number one .

Following ball-shaped demonstrations in sexual intercourse to the kill of George Floyd at the hands of patrol, Spike Lee teamed up with the Estate to release a fresh version of ‘ They Don ’ t Care About Us ’ for 2020. Mixing in concert both the brazilian and Prison versions of the inadequate film, Lee besides incorporated footage from demonstrations around the universe, which once again prove just how dateless Michael ’ second music is when used as the backdrop to current affairs .
Watch it here

taiwanese fans celebrate Michael ’ s 62nd Birth Day with the uncover of 10 statues across the state. Created by MJJCN, the statues were installed in big locations including Nanning and Beijing and serve as a fantastic commitment to Michael .

Loving Neverland is released on YouTube as a five-hour compilation of footage and information that details Michael ’ second life, challenges and career in bang-up detail. Compiled by fans Nandita Raghav and Deboleena Aich, Loving Neverland serves as a potent admonisher to what Michael experienced for anyone looking to understand who he was. You can watch it here

finally, and after many years of asking, the Estate decided to do something with Michael Jackson ’ sulfur Ghosts, announcing it would be free to stream on YouTube from 29th October until the 1st November. To mark the Halloween period, which Michael ultimately rules, the mini-movie was uploaded in better quality than has been wide available for many years .

Walmart free a limited edition 2x coloured vinyl of the Jackson 5 greatest hits album ‘ The Ultimate Collection ’. Available only in the U.S, the album was issued through Universal Music .

In what ’ s about annual fashion, more of Michael ’ s personal items were placed up for auction including the 2006 Japan VMAs jacket that marked Michael ’ s inaugural official red carpet appearance since his 2005 trial .
besides on auction were platinum record awards, signed items, photograph, drawings and a boxing glove .

Cirque-Du-Soleil announced that despite being closed for most of 2020 due to the pandemic, Michael Jackson ONE is one of five Las Vegas residency shows to receive a contract extension. in the first place signed as a 10-year with five years guaranteed at the Mandalay Bay, the prove has been so democratic that both Cirque and Mandalay want to keep it going past its 2023 end date. The new end date on the condense extension has not been announced .

On November 16th, the fabled Bruce Swedien passed away. Having worked with Michael as Engineer on all his Epic solo albums up to Invincible, Swedien continued working in the diligence up until his excrete and became an divine guidance to many approaching producers and engineers. Rest in Peace Bruce

Michael once again exceed Forbes number of the Highest-Paid Dead Celebrity. Coming in at number one with $ 48 million earned, he beat Dr Seuss who came in second position with $ 33 million. FYI, Elvis came in 5th .

unable to get in concert for what would have been the fifth installment of the Michael Jackson Fan Convention, Kingvention went digital in a special on-line plan called ‘ KV : global ’. The three-hour program featured exclusive interviews with Dangerous & Invincible Engineer Jean-Marie Horvat and Bad & Dangerous producer and collaborator Bill Bottrell. In accession, there were live performances from London artist Eddi Goma and Michael Jackson ’ s Vocal Director Dorian Holley, a limited wiretap of the ‘ Hector Barjot Show ’ and a newly featurette on Moonwalker Origin Story .
available on YouTube, KV : ball-shaped can be watched hera

To cap off another year of insightful interviews and important software documentation, the MJCast episode 126 was a extra sport TJ Jackson. TJ speaks about growing up a Jackson, working with Michael and how the end few years of negativity have affected his family. You can listen to this profoundly personal episode – here

As if 2020 hasn ’ thymine delivered enough bad news program, the long-awaited destine of Neverland was ultimately sealed as on Christmas Eve it was announced that the ranch had officially been sold. Purchased for good $ 22 million by Billionaire Ron Burkle, the final price was a huge decrease from the fanatic $ 100 million asking price when the property was inaugural put onto the market. however, there is hope as Burkle was a former occupation associate and supporter to Michael, indeed while it may not be a ‘ Michael Jackson Memorial ’, it will hopefully be treated with the regard and history it deserves .
Though we approach 2021 with hope and optimism, it may take a while before we can all be back with our favorite MJ friends ; throwing dancing moves on his birthday and lighting candles on his anniversary. however, with the thirtieth Anniversary of Dangerous and the twentieth Anniversary of Invincible at the tail end of the year, it ’ s probable we can look forward to some excite coverage from a assortment of different places and hopefully so more chart-topping achievements throughout the class .

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