Miley Cyrus Says ‘Wrecking Ball’ Feels ‘Like a Lifetime Ago’ on Song’s 7th Anniversary

“ Thank you for all the corroborate you gave me then and of course the love you ‘re continuing to show my artwork today, ” the singer said Time flies when you ‘re swinging on a wrecking ball — precisely ask Miley Cyrus ! On Tuesday, the Grammy -nominated singer, 27, reflected on her strike “ Wrecking Ball “ on its one-seventh anniversary. The single ‘s iconic music video, which has been viewed more than a billion times on YouTube, saw the young star bankrupt from her Disney Channel persona for aroused demolition visuals.

Get push notifications with news, features and more. “ 7 years of Wrecking Ball. My concept of meter is wholly askew. Feels like a life ago … but somehow only yesterday, ” Cyrus wrote on Instagram. “ Thank you for all the support you gave me then and of course the love you ‘re continuing to show my art today. Forever grateful & inspired. ” Cyrus has previously said she feels like she ‘s “ never living down ” the 2013 music television, which raised eyebrows during the star ‘s Bangerz era, which included other bops like “ We Ca n’t Stop, ” “ Drive ” and “ Adore You. ” “ That ‘s something you ca n’t take away, ” she told The Zach Sang Show in 2017. “ Swinging around naked on a wrecking ball lives constantly. once you do that in the multitude that I did, it ‘s constantly. ” In a expression back at her career for Apple Music ‘s Essentials Radio last workweek, Cyrus explained that she had to endure heartbreak herself to write “ Wrecking Ball. ”

Never miss a story — sign up for PEOPLE’s free daily newsletter to stay up-to-date on the best of what PEOPLE has to offer, from juicy celebrity news to compelling human interest stories “ I had to, like, experience grief to get to that song. I had to live it, ” she told Zane Lowe during the episode. “ Again, it was n’t a birdcall that got sent to me on a demonstration and I just go ‘Cut it. ‘ I was living it publicly. And again, getting shamed at that time for the nakedness in the television, and me pushing sexual boundaries, and beginning to experiment, being a pro-weed militant — and it was barely all of it at the time. ” “ But I look at my life, I do n’t like even to say the straddle of my career because I like looking at my life as a wholly from the begin and the end, and I persevere, ” added Cyrus. “ I ‘ve been through my relationship … and perseverance is a word that I relate to, and I ‘m proud of, and glad that it can describe me as a person. ” RELATED VIDEO: Miley Cyrus Says She Didn’t Wear a Bikini for 2 Years After VMAs Criticism: ‘I Was So Insecure’ In September 2013, Cyrus explained her intention for the “ Wrecking Ball ” music television, adding that it ‘s “ much more ” than the nakedness or her suggestively licking a sledgehammer.

“ I think the video is much more, ” she told Elvis Duran at the time. “ If people get past the indicate I make, and you actually look at me, you can tell I look more broken than even the song sounds. … If people can take their minds off the obvious and go into their imagination and see what the video actually means, it is then vulnerable. ” “ If you look at my eyes, I look more sad than actually my voice sounds on the record, ” the “ Malibu ” singer added. “ It was a batch harder to do the video recording than it was to record the song. It was much more of an emotional have. ”

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